random skate-and-classic ski races?
I just got an idea while posting a reply to Ken's ramblings on skating. Are there ski races where skiers choose skating vs classic randomly? Should be fun.

10 seasons back : quick introduction to skate skiing
A 1996 perspective in the Seattle Post. I came across this nice article when searching for reading food to understand skating technique better. As I'm so new to XC skiing, it's good

Ski fitting question
A simple question that I hope has a simple answer. Father and son both want the same ski for the same conditions, same trails and races, e.g., an Atomic RSII for soft cold snow; both are 5' ...

another way to train for skating on a bicycle?
I was doing a long hill-climb workout on my bicycle, got bored somewhere in the second hour, stood to get thru a steeper section -- and found myself using different muscles to help: my Hip ...

SkiBrokeback.com: A Day With Brokeback Mountain Ski Patrol
SkiBrokeback.com: A Day With Brokeback Mountain Ski Patrol March 12. 2006: By Robert Dully, Wyoming Ski Times Staff Writer http://www.skibrokeback.com/ 4:45am. Ski patrolman...

skiing in Mora/Salen
these people still have snow. Whats up with that? is this normal? I just checked the vasaloppet website (www.vasaloppet.se) and in the lower right corner they have a picture of the start a...

OT- Bicycle tour in Norden 2002
A bit off-topic, but there is some snow and it happens in Nordic countries! I was on a bicycle tour in Norway and Sweden in 2002 and still haven't "published" the story! I'd thought...

Janne G - video solution ?
Hi Janne, I have seen a variety videos over on youtube.com. I like that service / website. It's easy. This seems to be the simplest way to get videos out there Ho...

Non-standard rollerski designs, your opinions/idea's?
Since I've been researching what rollerski's to buy or even which to have made (budgetary reasons) I've recently come across these : http://www.rolec.ch/ and these : <...

Still on snow
Great skiing at Steven's Pass nordic today. 2 inches of fresh snow on a 100 inch base, track set 35km. Feels like winter, looks like winter. JC

ski poles question
Hi all, just got back from Kaprun in Austria, where me & my partner went skiing for the 1st time & very much enjoyed it. We did a learn to ski course & both got on very well indeed, & w...

Home based Internet research Jobs
Home based Internet research Jobs We are now hiring home based workers to complete simple online research assignments. No selling - no recruiting - no adplacing For details visit <...

Gear recommendations?
I'm a competitive cyclist currently living in Texas, but I've lived in Iowa and Canada, so I've had some experience with the xc skiing skate technique. I was shocked to see a guy out with r...

where to skate ski this saturday sierra nevada?
i figure this may be my last weekend to skate ski. i live in sacramento. royal gorge has possible rain forecast. i have never skied in rain... questions - royal gorge is closest to my h...

Birkie '07
Hot off the presses, seed times for those of us that do not qualify for the elite wave... http://www.birkie.com/registration/waves_seeding.html Dave

Becky Scott officially retires
Not unexpected news. Becky Scott held a press conference earlier today and officially announced that she is retiring. She'll still be involved with skiing of course through her her posi...

DIY polar HRM battery replacement
The battery on my polar heart rate monitor seems to have died, after ~550 hours of use. Polar expects you to send the monitor in for replacement but at this point it's off warranty anyway. ...

Kick Scooters and Ski Technique
I tried a cheap knock off Razor kick scooter (Target for $20)just for fun yesterday and found that it was pretty fun. More importantly it isolated and amplified some of my skiing inadequaci...

skate ski design
i am wondering why skate skis are designed with (when unloaded) a pocket in the middle. i can see why you would want a pocket if you were putting kick wax in there but skaters are putti...

Stop Press News!
Hell freezes over and Magnar Dalen becomes head coach in Finland! No, April Fools' Day was almost two weeks ago... Anders

Carl Swenson won Lapponia skiing week (60 + 50 + 80 km)
Hi ! Again a nice week of skiing, two sunny days and one with a snowstorm to ski against ending in sun shine as well... Something to memorize again and something from which to ...

Jenex Aero 100SR Wheels Pulled Off Market.
Last spring I wrote about my Aero 100SR wheels wearing out after only 70km. I got no where with the company after calling them. Their mantra over the years to defend all the Aero tires prema...

Jenex V2 100 SR wheel update
Finally have broken enough rocks in my chain gang and saved enough pennies to purchase new rollerskis. Talked to Jamie at NordicSkater and found out that Jenex has pulled the microcellular ...

vancouver 2010
Anybody in Vancouver area want to put me and a pair of skis up for cheap during the next Olympics? I don't think I can pay $800 a night in a hotel. You did say 'Come play with us.' I heard...

Trail reports - Oslo region - big enough?
all this good talk about big xc ski resorts. Asiago, Anterselva, Jura, Seefeld... I found this link showing how many traks there are around Oslo http://www.skiforeningen.no/markad...

Peter Larsson at Sapporo
I watched the race and when he was leading coming into the fina straight he fell. I thought he was going to get up but he just lai there. Then when the camera panned back to that same ...

Gearing up with the Glycemic Index: Using the GI to enhance athletic performance
Hello everyone and sports fans, In 2004, SportMedBC partnered with USANA Health Sciences to create the Total Sport Nutrition program (TSN). This program is the first-of-its kind to approa...

Anyone purchase DVD's from xczone.com/xczone.tv?
I've emailed them three times and called once and haven't yet got a reply. My credit card has already been charged. All I want to know is when my stuff will get from Ontario to Minnesota. ...

Rollerski harassment
I have just started rollerskiing in my neighborhood and find that a lot of people are giving quite a bit of harassment. Most people will just stare like crazy when I pass or give the thimbs ...

End of ice/snow season
( a bit OT, since it deals mainly with ice skating, which may become my preferred winter sport!) Nova Scotia had the warmest weather is 100 years. So the skiing was poor this...

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