Minnesota Finlandia Survey
If you know anything at all about the Minnesota Finlandia, please take a few minutes to complete the survey and help the Finlandia improve their race. Anyone who completes the survey will h...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week........................
Our politicians loved talking about it this week, but they won't do anything about it. Get the details from The Expert: http://www.ExpertHumor.com/ <...

questions about waxing
hi. i have never waxed skis before except with the liquid stuff. i skate ski have rs 11's. i have always had sierra nordic wax my skis once a year. usually ski royal gorge california

Zardoz NotWax
Hi all, Does anyone have much experience with using Zardoz's NotWax? I'm particularly curious about its performance in soft, wet snow (typical conditions here), and any com...

Mounting pilot skate bindings on NIS plated skis
Hi all, I'm led to believe that standard profil or pilot skate bindings can be fitted to skis that carry the new NIS binding plate system. (a) is this true? (b) ...

British Skiing
We've had a lot of introspective discussion this season particularly on the current state of US nordic skiing and the dedication of racers struggling to stay on the scene. I'm no longe...

Storing Klister?
Has anyone found a way (short of sticking the tubes in a freezer) of storing klister over the summer without it escaping and getting over your entire life?

2007 Vasaloppet
OK, I'll be a geek and start the 2007 Vasaloppet thread as therapy for my post-Vasaloppet blues. There are already 3,234 skiers registered for next year (5,000+ for all races that...

Klisterless skis
When I headed out to go skiing today my son suggested I try out the new Peltonen Zeta base skis he has on loan from the shop where he works. The base looks a bit like it was roughed u...

Using a household clothes iron to iron on ski wax.....
Ok, it's almost time to put skis away but I am hoping someone will invite me to ski with them at some out of the way snowy paradise.......in lieu of that I will wax my new skate skis to put ...

Let's Start A New Group
I'm slightly peeved that there is no group for speed skiing... Let's Start One for all of us who is interested in this extreme sport.

World Cups in Asia
John Forrest Tomlinson Wrote: > On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 03:59:07 +0000, doogiski > [email protected] wrote: > - > the sprint races from Chang Chung?- ...

Seefeld - Leutasch in Austria
I had fun skiing a day at Seefeld and a day at neighboring Leutasch -- northwest from Innsbruck near the border with Germany. But it didn't strike me as the best place in Europe. I liked Leu...

nordic walking
Anybody pursue this as off-season or all-season exercise / training? I'm a complete newbie as to the technique. I saw that Katrin Apel (biathlon) has a video out, except I don't speak Germ...

World Cups in Asia
I know that the World Cups in Asia were a big success for not onl Canada but also the US in sprinting. I was wondering if Janne capture the sprint races from Chang Chung? And also if t...

Natrons vs. Hamilton, Round 2
Nathan Schultz made an interesting post about Tyler Hamilton and his doping habits on www.teamfsx.com. The response in the comment field has been fairly hostile. Unless you suppo...

Natrons vs. Hamilton, Round 2
Nathan Shultz made an interesting post about Tyler Hamilton and his doping habits on www.teamfsx.com. The response in the comment field has been fairly hostile. Unless you suppor...

A slightly longer ski trip: The North Pole in winter!
http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=141951 Ousland framme på Nordpolen Torsdag ankom Børge Ousland og Mike Horn Nordpolen. De er de første som noen gang har gått distansen...

Feedback Sought on LL Bean Woodies
I just picked up 3 pairs of LL Bean's skis (made by Kharu) that are wood with p-tex base (cost of the skis at the outlet was less than value of the profil bindings premounted on the skis). <...

Grip physics?
Hi All, I have been thinking about grip, and kick and how my technique and size play into my performance in low-grip conditions. I am heavy (100kg, 225lbs) and do not have g...

Old skis
Anyone have thoughts about what makes a ski wear out. The obvious would be that the edges get round, the bases get scratched and are no longer flat. I have a ancient pair of Fischer air cor...

Question about storing skis
When I wax my classic skis for storage do I have to wax the kick zone? THanks, Kuan

New skis, old bindings
I'm about to buy a new pair of skis, long thin type for set tracks, probably not waxable. I'd like to take the bindings from the old skis (which have the bottoms beat) and put them on the...

Read Torin Koos' Trond Interview Part 3
Gene: read it & you will see that, far from your erroneous assumption, Trond has given Pete Vordenberg his full backing & complete endorsement. You have been a complete jerk this ...

Last Biathlon World Cup on OLN
OLN Thursday 23 March 1700 - 1800 Eastern Standard Time Ski Exuberantly, Hank Mammoth Lakes, California

binding off axis on new skis
Hi, I just bought a pair of skis. I noticed that on one of the skis the tail of the binding sticks out little bit off the ski (~1-2mm). The skis is 44mm in the middle thus if well...

Summer skiing!
http://www.fortumskitunneltorsby.se/ I can't wait. That's going to be fun. And they have a test facility for technique and performance measurement. I wonder what would happe...

Checking the results of the 30k Sovereign Lake (BC) Loppet, I was surprised to find someone DSQ in the results. In a citizens' race such as that, what are typical ways a person might be d...

Steira forced to stop.
In the newspaper today: The norwegian womens new trainer forced Steira to reduce the speed in order to help Bjørgen win the world cup. In my opinion, it would have been better if she had c...

Trond Lays it Out
Very good interview with Trond Nystad on fasterskier.com this morning. Probably going to piss off quite a few people but maybe that is what we need. Trond says most don't know w...

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