Jay T Solves His Birkie Problems
Here are the steps I need to follow to ski faster in the American Birkebeiner. 1) Lose a few pounds Jay Tegeder "Stick around this sport long enough and you'll beat eve...

Jay T Solves Norwegian Nordic Ski Team Problems!!!
Here are the steps the Norwegian Ski Federation must follow to restore Norway to the top of the cross country skiing world. 1) Get rid of all the old guys... 2) Hire Inge Br...

Jay T Solves U.S. Nordic Team Problems!!!
No, I didn't give the nordic team a ton of money. That would be hard since I don't have any. However, here are the steps I've come up with to fix the cross country ski program. I'm sure the ...

Folk ski festival in Russia
We are glad to offer you to take part in People's Ski Holiday, which is taking place 2006 March, 18th in Moscow. People=E2=80=99s Ski Holiday combines different ski and biathlon contes...

dumb question but i need to know! (re ski poles strap adjust legnth)
i bought some swix ski poles (the least expensive carbon ones) and they have a cool wrist strap (padded) but i cannot figure out how to get more strap to enlarge the wrist strap. i can ...

XC in Scandinavia in April
I=B4m looking for a place to go skiing in Scandinavia. Time is about MID APRIL. Does anyone have recommendations? I think it=B4s too late for Oslo/Lillehammer? I would ...

How to bring excitement (drama?) to XC...
OK, we've discussed the merits of massed-start vs. interval. One of the main factors involved is excitement. In a given season I think the same characters will occupy similar plac...

ski rentals for Tour of Anchorage race
Folks, I am going to Anchorage this weekend to participate in the tour. Its my first cross-country ski race. I am very surprised and disappointed to know that there is hardly any ...

Doping and Plato: Appearance vs. Reality
there's the PURE skier, and the DIRTY one. but there are two kinds of dirty skiers, aren't there? there is the one who 'appears' pure, and the one who get's caught. it would seem ...

Biathlon World Cup 4 on OLN
Oberhof Biathlon World Cup OLN Thursday 2 March 1700 - 1800 Eastern Standard Time For those asking for more by Bob Papa and Chad Salmela, here it is. ...

Best US XC results at Olys? Kikkan...and Hakkinen's 10th & 13th!
Offhand it seems to me that the biathlete Hakkinen did the best for the US at the Oly's this time with a 10th and 13th. But of course I never heard of him til today. I noticed tha...

NBC afterthoughts
I actually liked Al Trautwig's commentary. He is very pleasant and I think he truly enjoys xc racing. He has been doing it a long time now and I think he has a pretty good handle on things...

To get bigger gaps in big events: just make courses trickier!
If anyone thinks the timegaps are too close in the major events, one easy way to spread people out more would be to test them even harder---by making the courses trickier. ---Or m...

Skiing Uphill at Alpine Ski Parks
I know it is ok to do at Trollhaugen in Wisconsin but I just called Sundown Mtn in Dubuque and was told no. I just got some Salomon X Adventure gear and I love not having use the lift chair...

Best Ski Center Sauna in Northeast?
I'm on a mission to find a true finnish sauna experience (i.e., getting whacked around with a birch branch, jumping in a lake, etc.) and am trying to find a public place that provides the ri...

Kickwax grip for crust skiing? I'm slipping!
OK, crust skiing is a breeze for skating. But what about for classicking? I'm finding I can't get very good grip. It's also easy to have all wax stripped off by the snow.

Lake Placid Loppet & NYS Championships
All - NYS nordic ski racers spent the weekend at The MacKenzie-Intervale Jump Complex, racing freestyle and classic on a challenging 2K loop at the Empire State Games. ...

What does it take to win the marathon?
Watching the 50K race yesterday was an eye-opener. The top 20 were within a minute of the winner, and the top 45 (more than half) were within 3:30. In marathon running, there is a much more...

During the scant coverage of the 50k skate race yesterday, the NBC announcers kept referring to the cloud of suspicion that hung over bronze-medal winner Botwinov. Is this simply because he'...

New Salomon boots (redux)
Had a chance at the Birkie to demo the new Salomon carbon classic boots, the black pilots. I had been skeptical in the previous thread (1/27), but these are quite an improvement, much more s...

Ancient ski history question
Anybody know when actual gliding skiing started? I suspect the really old versions were mostly snowshoe replacements. gr

Breathable Mitts?
Any suggestions for large size breathable mittens, preferable with some insulation of their own, and big enough to mix and match with inner gloves or mitts for various temps. I got so...

Mora vasaloppet snow report
Whats the weather looking like? I see 15 deg F as a race temp for mora...... Old snow? new snow? icy? anyone help in Sweden?? JK

wanted: 165cm+ pole and/or profit grip/strap
anyone in the usa/canada have a 165cm or longer pole, swix ct3 or comparable/better, and/or a swix profit grip/strap (R or L) they want to sell? i checked brokenski.com and ebay and didn't ...

Wild new iceskate-like skiboot/binding?
Check out the iceskate looking boot/binding on the Swede in the 3rd photo down at this link: http://www.teamtoday.org/Stories/tabid/391/ctl/Details/mid/763/ItemID/583/Default.aspx ...

OK, so who was anyone at the Olys? I still can't tell! No Nat'l ID on hardly any suits!!!
ARGH! I followed some of the Oly XC events but even now looking at the 50k pics I still can't tell who any of the skiers are or which teams they are on. Like probably 9...

Birkie Skiers
Congratulations to all the Birkie skiers that frequent the news group. Whether slow, fast or somewhere in between, my hats off to you!! Cold/flu crap kept me home this year. Mi...

a cross country skiing question
with the popularity of cross country skiing particularly here in the new england area how come this country is not able develop at least one x-country skier who can be competitive with th...

USST:Order vs. Organization
So, it seems a little disappointing. USSA gave some extra moola, but they probably were anyway. We had one exciting performace, maybe two, but they were not in the long-distance events. T...

Trip report - Craftsbury, Vermont - 25 Feb 2006
I skied today at the Craftsbury Nordic Ski Center. Conditions were generally good, with the exception of a few well-marked icy spots. There was a big collegiate race today (relocated from...

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