Kuzmin No-waxing thesis
Zach may be too busy to post his response to the Kuzmin paper on steel scraping being better than waxing. The paper's abstract says that stonegriding and waxing are not as good as an altern...

Universal Klister Conditions
Heard a rumour that the some fast skiers at the Noquemanon used Universal Klister. How did Universal work, anyone ? Secondly, when does one grab the Universal Klister versus...

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Colorado (Denver area) XC areas
Hope not to make anyone who has as little snow as we do here in upstate New York too jealous, but we're heading off to Colorado to find snow towards the end of next week. I'm wond...

Need to test Video Clips
Hi All... Our cross-country ski club just posted a video clip on its website and I would like to solicit the groups opinion on whether or not the file size needs to be modified....

New Salomon Boots
I see the past couple races that Salomon has released there new boots a they usually do for the Olympic year. I don't know what the specifi specs are but the appearance is a change. Je...

FS: Kids Ski Equipment
The kids have finally outgrown their skis and it's time to clean out the basement. I have the following items for sale: Trak Rallye t-1000 skis 150cm with SNS bindings One pair of 100...

Lapland lake conditions 1/29/06
Hi to all, Skied Lapland Lake trails today. Ski report from their site stated "100% operation" and" very good ski conditions". Around noon, I noticed many people leaving in ...

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another newb question
Took the new skis out on the trail today. I'm not familiar with waxless skis but I think there's something going on here. The skis are Alpina Tempest, beginners setup. When I would ski, i...

Carl Swenson Interview on NPR

Newell's Sprint
I just finished watching the Oberstdorf sprints and they were excitin as always. The mens sprint was especially interesting with the las 100m. This is an excellent example to show litt...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 28 Jan 2006
I skied today at the Trapp Family Lodge trails in Stowe, Vermont. Conditions were poor to fair at lower elevations, fair to good at higher elevations. Very warm today, resulting in variab...

Hello to the group, We are planning our famliy vacation for next month. Given the poor winter we are having in New Hampshire and Vermont, we are looking to Canada. How is Mont-Trem...

The Marcialonga website reports that German racers Teichmann and Schluetter may race the big 70km event on Sunday: http://news.marcialonga.it/x-net/marcialonga_it/www/wo_news/Storage/0000021...

Noque Report
Hi Everyone, I posted some info on the Noquemanon conditions and wax prediction (for what it is worth) on my blog at www.teamfsx.com. -Nathan www.teamfsx.com www.n...

skate ski-flex/technique characteristics question
I've been skating on a pair of trab's this winter with pilot bindings. Yesterday I switched to some Germina 901 skis with profil bindings and noticed that I had a much harder time (than on t...

Oberstdorf Sprints
Janne G wrote:- Yuo get it in Swedish, tonight (my time). Janne G- Thanks Janne, also does anyone know if there was a torrent of the Nov Mesto sprints way b...

1 Ski and 1 Snowboard website For Sale - - - CHEAP
Hello, I have a couple fully developed websites I am offering for sale. They are: http://FranceSkiReport.com and http://FranceSnowboardReport.com ...

XC is more popular than alpine?
Check it out (what sports NBC veiwers want covered). As of today nordic skiing is more popular than alpine! http://cf.wnbc.com/ny/sh/con_surveycontest_display/sur_results_nt.cfm?conten...

Stowe Derby
I thought I'd put in a plug for a local race. I myself don't race, and I have no connection with the organizers of the race. But I don't recall any mention on this newsgroup of the Stowe...

Fixing gouges in waxless skiis?
I (classic) ski mostly back country, ungroomed trails where conditions vary widely and are often marginal at best. My 5 year old Fisher SL's are getting pretty tore up and the bottoms have...

3D trail maps
Friend of mine saved a few overlays in Google Earth which allows to see x-c trails in 3D. He posted some of them at http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php?Number=286195&page=5 O...

Harry Eldridge JOQ/ESGQ Races - Lake Placid - Jan 27-29
All - The Harry Eldridge JOQ/ESGQ Races and the SLU Carnival are ON for the weekend of January 27- 29, 2006. The races will use a loop very similar to the same course as used in...

Russian Rocket makes Olympic Team

tips for proper classic technique
http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=300869 if the language is OK

Oberstdorf Sprints
Does anyone know if a .torrent was made of the Oberstdorf sprints. I'v look on the tracker but I don't see one. I don't see any except th pursuits. Cheers Ada -- <...

Rottefella-Fischer partnership
I found this Swedish article (Jan 23 2006) http://www.skidsport.com/shownews.asp?ID=4320 After a bit of digging (the Rottefella site has a horrible FLASH- based navig...

Where can I ski in East Germany?
I'll be in Berlin in February and would like to get away for a long weekend of XC skiing. Where can I go? Can I rent skis there?

Swedish Vasaloppet
I'm planning on going over for the Vasa, held on March 5th this year. Wondering how many Americans out there are making the trip? Best, Stuart Stevens

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