Lost gear bag & shoes at Birkie trail
We were the Fischer reps last weekend at the manufacturer's demo, held at the 'OO' trail head of the Birkie trail. I had put my gear bag and shoes in the log cabin. When I went to leave at t...

2005 2006 world cup web videos are here, no joke
ftp://mpeg-races.kicks-ass.org/ You still need the DivX codec Thank you to the new Janne G. God bless you. Is this your fine work Janne G ? I am now watchin...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 18 Dec 2005
I skied today at the AIG/Stowe Mountain Resort and Trapp Family Lodge cross-country ski areas in Stowe. Conditions were consistently very good. All the major trails were open, groomed an...

Becky is ahead!
My daughter just phone from Canmore. Becky Scott has a 10 second lead at the 1/2 way point in the 15 km World Cup Race. Go Becky!! Scott

Width of Classic Tracks?
Does anybody know if there's an official width (center to center) for classic tracks in races around the world? In looking at the recent Kuusamo videos it seemed like the tracks were notabl...

What is the order of brushes when finishing for a race?
Does anyone know what the order of brushes used is when finishing bases for a race? I used to be told that after scraping off the wax of the day, you were only to use a white nylon brush an...

snowmaking at royal gorge?
Donner pass areas still don't have enough snow, but Royal Gorge claims to be making snow. Does anyone know how good the skiing there is? Rock skis? Last weekend at Kirkwood was perfect (not ...

All- in- one/universal waxes?
Had my first day on my new skate skis yesterday and unfortunately I had too warm of a wax on (Toko Sys.3 Yellow) and felt glued to the snow. Probably should have used red. I'm a rookie skat...

Finding replacement straps for old poles
I have an old pair of Exel Avanti carbon fiber poles with quick releas straps that I really like. The straps are wearing out and I'd like t get more. Does anyone know of a source for...

Canmore 10K
Julia's back or should that be Julija. She looked right at the camera and smiled at me. We've not seen that smile for a while now.

Far-Hill network back to normal
For a couple of years the network at Far-Hills was very limited because of a land owner who had fenced his land. A new park has been created and the network is back to what i...

Hi Kathy, Myra tells me that you have taken on leadership of next Tuesday's races at Como and, since they are really going to happen this year, you will need help. Let me know what I...

World Cup Races
Anyone interested should head over to FIS-SKI.com and you can see live updates and splits at 1.7K, 5K, 7.8K, and finish. No pictures but you get to "see" the action unfold. Dave ...

Should All Skis be Waxless?
For those who don't get the MimniSkinny newsletter. http://www.sighs.com/srn/000814.html hth g.c.

Funny Ski Pictures
Great Christmas pictures/cartoons at http://livetobe100.org Vickey http://SnowboardSex.com

Re: Sovereign Lake World Cup report
The surprising news is that there were five women in the A Final for the sprint. In the semi final Sara Renner and Hilde Pedersen tied for second place. Hilde was in the lead at the fini...

How the XC biz should sell its stuff...
How do Scandi countries sell and use ski stuff? I'd think that many many regular skiers are using 10+ year old equipment. It seems like the US side of things doesn't like such market b...

sore thumb joint - older skiers
Got a question for older ( 50 + ) skiers like myself. Is a weak,sore,aching joint at the base of the thumb a common problem with older xc-skiers? I have had this condition in my left thu...

Who's got the best snow?
Here it is a week and a few days before Christmas............who has the best snow now in North America? Just wondering Mark

Hi - Where are the most scenic places in Lake Placid to skate ski?
Hi A bunch of us are going up to Lake Palcid , NY in Febuary. I was wondering where was the most scenic places to skate ski up there? Thanks, Jay

It has snowed
Let there be skiing. Jay (hey, this is news around here) Wenner

Creating Champions ...
In case you somehow missed it, be sure to check out "Creating Champions" from Team Today. This is big project that got kicked into high gear this summer and it's finally come to fruition...

Sovereign Lake World Cup report
My wife and I travelled to Silver Star last week to ski and watch the world cup races, but I ended up getting a bit more involved than I could have imagined. A friend of mine had volunt...

small travel iron for base prep?
Hello, can a recreational skier who doesn't need to do base prep that many times a year get away with using a small travel iron to prep the skis? It's a small travel iron made b...

Canadian World Cups
What a great bunch of racing the Canadians have put on, eh. Must be some of the most exciting racing in years. Fistfights at the sprints. American skiers leading exhibition sprint heats. Thr...

Anyone for MPEG videos?
This link was posted on the X-C.com website not too long ago, here: I think this will make some people pre...

Re: Fischer Pacer "skate" skis...
>I'd be interested to hear what you think of them. I got the impression >they were aimed at the low end rental market, too, but as they're being >flogged pretty cheaply around the p...

Snow at last
Had a great dump on Friday. Spend 4 hours skating this weekend at the Weston (MA) ski track. Feels really great! -- Andrew Hall (Now ...

New Star Hydrocarbon Glide Wax?
I went to order a bunch of Star hydrocarbon glide wax and found that Star now offers just two temperature ranges in that product. I was a bit miffed as I am used to the four temperature ra...

keeping your feet warm
I notice that when it gets realy cold, my feet get cold. I cannot fit thick socks in my boots, and I cannot fit 2 pairs of socks on. I wear cotton socks. Any suggestio...

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