Fischer RCS: wrong ski for beginner?
As mentioned before, I just started skating.( While looking for skis a shop had a greatly discounted...

Hip Flexors. OUCH
We had a foot of snow in the Tug Hill region of NY last weekend, and I managed to get out for about 2 hours of easy classic skiing. The snow has since melted, but my hip flexors are still VE...

I wonder what Alsgaard had to say
From article on mediocre to poor Swedish team results this year - "Braten also want the national team skiers to be more resp...

Hard wax terminology
What specifically do the Extra and Special refer to with hard waxes (e.g., special red, blue extra)? Swix and Rode use them in their basic lines. Gene

Awesome places to ski in North America...
Hi there, My partner and I (who live in relatively snow-impoverished Australia) are planning a trip for next winter to the US and Canada, and we're trying to sort out where the ...

home remedies: wax remover
Any household-style, effective, non-petroleum based solvent solutions to getting wax off of skis? JF --

gps recommendations?
I am going to update some trail maps of a local park, and have seen examples of gps units and software that talk to topo maps and merge waypoints to the map, etc. What are these features c...

Salomon Rep
I skied at ABR in Ironwood, MI over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was on the trail with Mike Brumbaugh when we noticed a guy skiing on the new Salomon skis. I asked him how they were. 'He sa...

rough draft 2 evaluate/criticize
. . . about this time last year, I fiddled around with some RSN designs. Previously, JP posted an inquiry (Any progress on R.S.N. skisuit or jersey?), regarding what was going ...

Demoing for the Beginner skater.
After several days on my friend's 15-20 year old skis and boots I've decided I like skating enough to purchase new. I live in a small town and the only place that has equipment to rent is an...

First Ski Pics of the Season
Went for a short afternoon ski yesterday (11/26/05) in the local park with my 8 year old and the two terriers. Not much snow (none left after today). But it was good to be on even a skinny ...

New WR in 100m Sprint---should be longer?
I see that a Coloradan set a new WR in the 100m Ski Sprint---in W. Yellowstone. Under 12 seconds. Cool. I don't follow the ultrashort events all that much, but offhand it seems to...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 26 Nov 2005
I skied today on Cottonbrook Road in the southwest part of Stowe. Conditions were fair to good. Cottonbrook Road is a good place to go for early season skiing, because, as a well-graded u...

What about kneecap problems?
My knee problem isnt with my ACL, it's that the cartilage on the back of my kneecap has deteriorated. The result is days with pain, days with a noisy knee motion (literally can hear it move)...

Found some photos of Vasaloppet
I found this collection of photos of the 2003 Vasaloppet. Actually the "öppetspår" version. A bit OT but the same person also has phot...

Fischer Pacer "skate" skis...
Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has skied on Fischer Pacers, and can comment on their performance or lack thereof? Cheers, Chris

a tough one to swallow
seeing Alsg=E5rd on TV with a swedish uniform at Beitost=F8len and also Norways former national team coach, Braaten (early 90s) wearing a swed uniform. now that he is swedens coach....

Salomon skis
Hi all, Have anybody tried the Salomon skis ? Particularly the top of the line, Equipe 10 or 9 classic. The price is comparable to Fischer RCS, Madshus Hypersonic and Atomic RC:11

HELP: Profil binding dias-assembly
Hi guys, Need some help. I recently purchased a pair of Salomon Prfil automatic bindings from a warehouse clearance for my daughters skis. These bindings are mounted on store di...

New langlauf/cross country ski's
Hi all, I want to buy my first pair of cross country/langlauf ski's. I am interested in these newer nordic ski's where you can ski in the loipe or out of it. Particu...

Alpina SP 15 vs SP 45?
Hi, I have tried some Alpina SP 15 boots in size 48 that seem to fit pretty ok, a little short, but wide enough. I have some Alpina SK 2004 in size 48 that are too narrow. <...

info on Mount Megantic please
I see that Mount Megantic has more snow than most other areas of Quebec at this time 23 Nov........has anyone skied there? Are there any other cross country ski areas nearby? ...

Norwegian Birkie seeding
While following a link on skinnyski about an organized trip to Norway from the Twin Cities next March at the time of the original Birkie, I noticed the seeding placement table http://www.birkebeiner.n...

Roto Brushes
If a person was to only buy Two or Three Roto Brushes to start out. What type of brushes should a person get. Toko(red Creek) Hard #7 & Soft #3. Then how would you use them.

Aero bearings
How does one change bearings on Aero 150? Do regular ABEC bearings fit? How do I remove those plastic bushings to push the bearings out?

re: Any progress on R.S.N. skisuit or jersey?
. . I think maybe there once, were several semi-projects going. The long version of my "last season" escapade, is below. What happened? With the hats and jerseys? Well, th...

Red creek
Anyone know of the Red creek and Swix roto brushes are interchangable. Can Red Creek/Toko be used on Swix shafts and Swix brushes on Red Creek shafts? Jay (corkin) Wenner

Yet another ACL question
There has been lots of talk about ACL injuries on RSN but most people who had ruptured ACL had surgery and reconstruction. In my case, the surgeon/orthopedist says i ...

Any progress on R.S.N. skisuit or jersey?
Just wondering. Somebody had a great design they worked up last year. I could find out but just wondering for now. JP

CBC Pre-Olympic Broadcast Plans Include Canadian World Cups
"CBC Pre-Olympic Broadcast Plans Include Canadian World Cups Cross Country Canada and CBC Television are pleased to announce that CBC will provide National coverage of the Nordic Worl...

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