KV+ Poles?
I searched the archives, yet found only a few old messages -- anyone have any recent feedback on these? The stats/price seem almost too good to be true: http://www.reliableracing.com/de...

Lake Placid: Cross Country skiing begins tomorrow
All - Just received this offical press release - New York's first ski area to open Oct. 29: Verizon Sports Complex in Lake Placid to offer cross country skiing, ...

FA: Nordic Track Pro Ski Computer Pulse Monitor

Atomic RC11 multis
Has anyone used the Atomic RC11 Multi classical skis? pictured / described here: http://www.sierranordic.com/home/index.php?site_config_id=28&page_selection=756&aid=2852592005102711304...

where's the snow?
Reports are in of snow in NY and NH and of course AK. Where else are people skiing at this point? Weather forecast for Truckee, CA on wunderground puts the snow level as low as 65...

The Elofsson story has ended :-(
So now it's official, Per Elofsson has put the skiis on the shelf for good. He could not come back from his long rest/rehab period. http://www.langrenn.com/cparticle282889-1743.html <...

Kimberley, British Columbia
Kimberley, BC... A hidden mountain paradise surrounded by an undisturbed combination of wildlife and natural serenity. Nestled in the heart of the Ro...

Natron's Nordic Thanksgiving Camp Contest
Nathan Just curious... I was wondering what happened to the contest?

Mt. Van Hoevenberg!
All - We've got snow and we've got a crew out with the lightweight grooming equipment! Right now it is ski at your own risk, but there will be someone there to process season pas...

Magnar Dalen Wax
Another (kick) wax company: Skiwax Magnar (Dalen), http://www.skiwaxmagnar.com/eng/default.asp Note the prices - ~$65-70/cannister US pre S/H - and note the "Waxing with Magnar" secti...

First day on ski.
Yesterday I had my first day on ski. Only 5 cm snow, but frozen at the bottom, so it was OK, no stones. -5 degrees C. Intervall training 5x1 km. -- Terje Henriksen Kirkenes...

skates for sprint skating
A racer from Sweden used skates (skate-skates) with Pilot mounting adaptors in the sprint series in Dusseldorf. The setup looks like this: http://www.skisport.ru/news/photos/b/2127_b.j...

Roller Ski Plans
Anyone have a copy of roller ski plans in any format that I could use as a basis? Adam

Why black?
When seing snippets from the Swedish TV broadcast from D=FCsseldorf online, I couldn't help getting curious on why the Norwegians where dressed in black with only some logo on the thigh and ...

Andy Newell quote
Thought you folks might like this one. From the the Monday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the "quotables" section: "We push our bodies above and beyond what is even considered healthy....

Dryland Training
Hello everyone, I look forward to the great help here once again. What I need are some suggestions for training sessions for DRYLAND Training. Basically keeping in mind to try...

Garnet Hill 8 Inches Of Snow!
Skied Garnet Hill today. They received 8 inches Saturday night. Skied a classic track in around Mountain View, Apple Way, and down to Rodgers Rd. Lots of branches down from the wet snow, but...

Any suggestions as to "What are the most scenic palces to skate ski in Michigan" - thanks
Any suggestions as to "What are the most scenic palces to skate ski in Michigan" - thanks Jay

Club-level training and racing in Norway?
I am looking for a bit of help from anyone who knows something about the ski-racing scene in Norway. My son is due to start work in Gaustablikk Skisenter near Rjukan in December. ...

NIS compatibility
I know that older boots will work on the new NIS bindings. But is there a way to install the new NIS bindings on non-NIS skis? In other words is there a way to install the "b...

Snow For Up State New York.
Awoke to 3" of snow in Warrensburg, NY and I'm heading out to ski on the local soccer field. Trying to get my travel wax scraped off my rock skis before it warms up. Can't wait!

Adirondack Ski packages and accomodations
Ski Gore Mountain, West Mountain and Hickory Hill all from one very convenient location! The North Country Lodge, located in Warrensburg, N.Y. features clean, comfortable rooms that will mak...

Marcialonga Skiers Have Good Taste
Here's a summary of a survey done at last year's Marcialonga, Italy's Worldloppet race: From http://www.worldloppet.com/news.php?id=764 : Last year 385 competitors were drawn an...

Arrowhead 135 Ultra
If you are into real adventure and don't want to travel to Alaska, check out the Arrowhead 135 this coming February. This is the second year for the event. www.arrowheadultra.com...

World Cup Ski Camps for $199 Canadian
Is this a good deal? World Cup Ski Camps for $199 Canadian, and check out the World Cup races at the same time! http://www.sovereignlake.com/programs/Ski%20Camps%2005.htm

Banff Mountain Film Festival in Duluth
The Duluth Cross Country Ski Club is proud to be a local host for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour! Join the Duluth Cross Country Ski Club as the Banff Mountain Film Fe...

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS, IT'S AMAZING - "It_really_works1.txt" 10.6 KBytes yEnc
THIS REALLY WORKS this is amazing! give it a try! Turn $6.00 into $42,000...read this to find out how!!! READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I found this on a bulletin board and...

FYI/FS: Salomon Race Skate 9 boots new in various sizes on ebay
http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Salomon-Racing-Skate-9-X-Country-Ski-Boots_W0QQitemZ8711324161QQcategoryZ36266QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem US sizes 8.5, 9, 9.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5 Euro sizes 42,...

First post of season! OT: scabby nostrils! (Yeah!)
Here's my first post of the season (hooray! and it's a gross one!): I've had crusty, scabby nostrils (on the inside) for over a month now. They each also got a painful zit-like thing t...

Swap Ski Gear Online
I just found a cool place to buy and sell outdoor gear called http://www.geartrade.com . Geartrade is an online outdoor gear swap. There's a bunch of used gear, but most of the gear on ...

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