Looking for used BC skis
I've just got access to a place in N. Michigan with miles of woodlands. Looking for a pair of used BC skis (190) that I could used to plod around. Anyone have anything in their g...

FA: Nordic Track Pro Ski Computer Pulse Monitor

improving classic technique
I raced classic x-c in college and took essentially a 25 year lay-off, entering my first race in twenty-five years last winter, after having skied twice previously last season. I somehow ...

Rollerskiing in New Jersey....
I am commuting to work in New Jersey starting next week. I'll be in Hunterdon County close to Somerset at an airport called Solberg-Hunterdon. The area is close to Round Valley State Park. ...

Per Elofsson
Any recent news on Per Elofsson? Is he actually trying to make a comeback or is he milking his sponsors as some Swedes say? Now that Alsgaard and Inge Braaten are coaching the Swedes, maybe ...

Books on Skinng
Can you guys recommend any books on ski training? Last year I got Torbjorn's "How to Why to When to" and have found it to be a good resource. Over the weekend I read Momentum. In

Heat Box
I am considering building a heat box for waxing in hopes of reducing the amount of time of I spend waxing skis this winter. One quesiton I have for folks that have used them is whethe...

Dressing for all weather
It is the end of September, and here in Northern Ontario in Canada, I have about a month before it starts to Snow. About 2 months before it stays. I will be replacing my skis this year...

skiing in Salt Lake City
I am flying to SLC to a meeting, in February, the week before the Birkie. Is there any skiing near the city, that would not require renting a car?

Stinky boots
What is the best way to clean stinky salomon skate boots. Rollerskiing has made them nasty. I'm assuming the dryer is not the way to go. Thanks

Hills to Rollerski up in the Northeast?
This time a year, I'm always reminded how hard it is to get a satisfying workout rollerskiing on the flats. Wondered if anyone knew of paved roads you can rollerski on that are all up. The...

Anyone have experience with Nordic Walking?
Was wondering if anyone has experience with "Nordic Walking". Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Sy -- Please post and r...

Skate wheelwear on Ski Skett Nords.......
After almost 3 months of skating on a pair of Ski Skett Nords equipped with rear polyurethane and front rubber wheels, I have a wear pattern on all four wheels on just the right side. I aver...

roller skiing in SF
Here is a link for a Presidio Map. http://www.nps.gov/goga/maps/pdf/map-prsf.pdf I used to roller ski out & back loops, beginning at the Mason Street Marina Gate, by the St. Franc...

Elbow troubles
I've had to lay off skiing/rollerskiing/weight lifting for more than 6 mo because of elbow tendon troubles. I'm not sure if it was weight lifting or skiing that caused the trouble...

Buying Skis in So Cal?
I was thinking of getting the Fischer Nordic Cruising Jupiter skis fro REI for $129. I'm a beginner weighing 160 pounds, so I'm leanin towards the medium 174cm length. http...

rollerskiing in San Fran?
I recently moved to San Fran, and I am looking for a decent place to rollerski which would not involved too much driving. Golden Gate on Sun days is no good since it's only 2 miles in and ou...

rollerski up Stelvio
I was driving up from Bormio to Passo dello Stelvio, and I saw this guy with rollerskis and poles. He had reached the (only) moderate section of the climb, so he had gotten into a little kic...

Seacoast NH Ski Clubs
Hello, We live in the NH Seacoast and are fairly hardcore recreational skate skiers. Last winter we ran across a ski club out having a great time. The club was a couple of Dad's trying ...

New Company Serving Bike and Ski Communities
Hello everyone, I'm starting a new company related to the Bike and Ski Community. The comapany name is; Excellent Products Outstanding or EPO for short. Among the products are;

ot: the best beer pong/beirut player in the world
this site is arguably the best on the web: http://www.challengethechamp.com

Well, da Chequamegon was last weekend, and it was another great weekend for racing. Nice and warm in the mornings, and perfect temps for racing Sat. (I had to go home Sat.) A numb...

FA: V2 910 / 920 Rollerskis (2 sets of wheels)
Comes with speed reducers and profil bindings. Please see Ebay item #: 5244872497

Royal Gorge Not Well Known
I drove to Lake Tahoe area this past weeks. The water was nice. I took on conversation with locals about Royal Gorge, pretty much no one knew about it. For example when I was at Kings Beach,...

OT: Take refuge
If you're out in the backcountry and get caught in a sudden storm you'd take refuge in a cave or some other shelter and just wait for the storm to pass. At that moment you'd be called...

>> San Francisco ski & snowboard community group @ www.skipal.com
For those who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our grass-root community effort activity & social group at http://www.skipal.com/ pass our link along to your fr...

Swedish classic in 32 hours
The Swedish Classic consists of 4 long distance events: 90 km ski (Vasaloppet), 300 km cycle, 3 km swim and 30 km run. One has 12 months to complete the series. But these gu...

skiing crashes? (Was: My crash)
Has anyone had serious accidents while actually *nordic skiing*? I can't recall crashing with consequences, even from kid years. All crashes I've been involved in, or know of, involved off-s...

New 05/06 ski discussion
Alright, I'm in the market for a new set of skate skis. Fast ones, tha is! Currently have my eye on the new Rossi S1 or 2, or the Atomic RS11. I hear that Rossi (and ...

Buying Skis in So Cal?
I live in the Los Angeles area, but have a cabin in the local mountains where it snows in the winter. Alpine skiing and snowboarding are th most popular winter sports, while nordic sk...

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