First Thoughts on New V2 9000 (Classical Rollerski)
Jenex is offering a "9000" series rollerski that has a 100 mm ratcheted wheel up front and a 900 series wheel in the back. Shaft is effectively longer than 900 rollerski. The setup I ...

First Thoughts on New V2 9000 (Classical Rollerski)
Jenex is offering a "9000" series rollerski that has a 100 mm ratcheted wheel up front and a 900 series wheel in the back. Shaft is effectively longer than 900 rollerski. The setup I have h...

Rollerski clinic
I know SkinnySki are good putting out pictures and stories from many events. This is a small pictorial/text from a recent rollerski clinic in Norway

Birkie Bed in Cable?
Missd out ( I snoozed so I losed) on bunking with a friend for Birkie. He's at Bob's Bear Den in Cable. Anyone know of any places close by to that? I spoke to Bob and he doesn't think...

Just bought some woodies!!!
I just got a nice looking pair of wood xc skis at a local charity sale and was wondering what I don't know about prepping and using them. Before I put gunk on the bottom do I need to prep/s...

Fischer Classic Skis
Nathan, Sell me a pair of your Fischer Classic RCS skis from the last three years... I weigh 75kg... Jay Tegeder "Stick around this sport long enough and you'll beat ev...

New issue of "Out Your Backdoor"---now available!
I finally have the new issue of "Out Your Backdoor" in the house. It's my first full-color cover issue. 82 huge pages of diverse outdoor culture media. This is an independen...

How to contact Jenex? Email bounces...
The "feedback" email on the Jenex site bounces. Anyone know a good address? Thanks, Jeff Potter

Wanted: Salomon Race 9 Skate boots size 46
If you have a (well-stretched) pair of Salomon Race Skate 9s in 46 (UK 11/US 11.5) around that still have some good skiing left, please e-mail me privately. Original bumblebees preferred, b...

Hartjes boot fitting report
Jamie Hess of Nordic Skater in VT has now sent me three pairs of Hartjes pilot skates, the 2003 and 2005 in UK 11 and the latter in UK 11.5. Two return shipments and $25 later, all I can ...

Janne's video server down for good?
I started downloading all the race videos off Janne's FTP server after reading the post that it was going to be shut down. Only got about half downloaded using a very slow connection. Connec...

Flying with Skis
My daughter is packing to go to college for the first time and I'm wondering what experience people have had flying Delta with skis. She's flying from Fairbanks to Albany (FAI to SEA on...

Purchasing ski clothing in Canadian funds
I am looking to get skiwear for the upcoming ski season. Any web places that deal in canadian funds, and do not require credit cards? Thanks, Micheal

Saku Suverull International Competition for Skiers last weekend
Thanks to Zach's site, 2.7K skate rollerski prologue, then 3K/6K runs and 12K/20K skate rollerskis for women/men the second day, all at Otepaa. ...

Fabric Care Question
All of my nice (expensive) ski and bike clothes have care labels that state "TUMBLE DRY LOW". The dryer in my apartment has no "low" setting (it's a G.E. SpaceMaker unit), only 2 knobs, one...

New skis: I must do it right this time! (Was: new tools for this coming winter)
I want a new pair of skate warm RCSs, and I *must* do it the absolutely perfect way this time. This means: No lame hand squeeze tests (my 1998 skis); No lame "Oh, this is out last...

new tools for this coming winter?
. . . I was simply curious, and strictly speaking hypothetically & day dreamingly, if per chance, a person was going to buy a new pair of performance track skis (either skating or c...

Swix Ski Suits
Does someone know if Swix ski suits tend to run large or small compared to other brands of suits, tights or even regular clothing? I'm trying to figure out if I would fit in a medium or larg...

Gunflint trail versus Devil's Thumb next winter?
Hi, folks! My friends and my wife usually over rule my nomination for an x-ski destination. Last year we went to Mt. Ste Anne again and it was too warm, believe it or not. The las...

Combi ski recommendation?
Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could give me some thoughts on combi-type skis? I'm contemplating buying pure skates, but will probably get a little more use out of sk...

The mouse that killed my doublepole - a warning
My problem is slightly off-topic, but it's going to have a major effect on my ability to use a ski pole, so I'm sounding the warning: I've been having problems with my shoulder - it's ...

Summer Birkie Fever
Got a case of summer Birkie fever. Want to do it classical as I did 10 years ago. Have there been adequate provisions made for classical skiers in recent years? (Probably 4 hour ...

Nathan on Fischer Swix Team Not Subaru Salomon Factory Team
I was banking on Nathan Schultz going with Andy Gerlach to the Subaru/Salomon Factory Team. Does this mean I won't get his old Fischer Classic skis? Jay Tegeder "On the podiu...

Calf muscle rehab
My summer activities have left me with a partial tear in my right calf muscle. Can anyone recomend rehab practices that worked for them.

New Program
Check out info here:

Bargain Fischer Cruisers!! Has Fischer Nordic cruising cruiser skis for $74.93!! (in 184 cm length (180-209lbs) (I am a little ...

Fischer S-Bound & Atomic touring skis
Just wondering if anyone can confirm (or deny) a suspicion that the Fischer S-bound series and the Atomic Sierra, Rainier & Chugach are in fact the same skis with different brands/artwork?...

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