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double-push skate by ski racers?
I just heard a report from a good source (but not a ski racer) that some cross-country ski racers have been trying out double-push technique with skis on snow. After they got good at it, the...

Italian Custom Nordic Clothing now available in USA!
If anyone is on a Nordic Ski Team we are now importing GSG Custom Nordic Wear.-racing Suits, vests, jackets and pants 100% Made in Italy! GSG has been producing cycling and nordic wear for o...

new elpex wheels
Does anyone know where I can get a hold of the new long life Elpex F1 wheels? Thanks, Rick F.

Capital/Beach rollerski group
Does anyone know anything about this rollerski group that used to be active in the DC area? Peter Kristensen was the organizer. I have tried to contact them on old links but they are no lo...

new Swenor Skate Elite
does anyone have experience with this new model??? SWENOR have been quality skis for years and I look forward to...

Rollerski how-to video...
Anyone have a learning how to rollerski video they no longer need?

Biathlon coaching position available
MWSC Biathlon Development Coaching Position Available The Maine Winter Sports Center seeks to hire the best and the brightest individuals to be a part of an empowering Team. The role ...

Heres news of the rumoured 'explosive' EPO. Nothing to do with ski wax.

Info for British Skiers
Just passing on info for skiers who may not be part of the official scene. GB Rollerski series 2005 Snowsport England nordic race training week at B...

Jenex 100SR - 400km. report
Just this weekend I put four new tires on my 100SRs. The old ones, three of them anyway, went 400K. There is a bit of cord showing on the center of one of the tires and so, though they are s...

FS: The Ultimate XC Ski "Dream" Machine
For Sale: The Ultimate XC Ski "Dream" Machine (just a little joke) "The Dolomites of Italy - A Travel Guide" By James and Anne Goldsmith, with Giovanni Rizzardi, Gernot Mussner, Paolo ...

xc near ottawa?
I'm trying to plan a xc vacation for next winter. We're used to going to Royal Gorge but since Wilderness Lodge burned we're looking for a new place. Can someone describe the xc skiing nea...

Riding the MS Tram??
Any regulars riding the Tram this year? Just curious, maybe see ya on the road, Mike

Exer Genie
Does anyone know where I can still get one or something similar (i.e., reasonably priced device for upper body workouts that uses friction resistance, not stretchy cords) thanks i...

Rollerskis For Sale
It's not snowboarding domains or a cheap ski vise, but I have a pair of Jenex V2 750 skate rollerskis to sell. I bought them in 1998, but have put only a couple hundred kilometers on them, m...

Ski / Snowboard domain for rent - $300 US / 248 Euro / 387 CHF
Hi, I have the following Ski and Snowboard domains for rent. Prices are per month. Minimum rental is 6 months. Ski domains for rent... $300 US / 248 Euros / 387 CHF <...

Yeah, I'm Still Here
I've been getting tons of emails recently from RSN regulars asking me where I've been. I still check the group daily but have been very busy traveling. Here's a list of what I've done so far...

Classic vs Combi boot flex (and boots FS)
My suffering feet have finally demanded the next size up in all my ski boots and tennis shoes, starting with Salomon combis and race skate 9s for rollerskiing. The combis are the red/black ...

FYI: FA -- Skis, Boots, poles, wax and more
Noticed on ebay someone from upstate NY bailing out of cross country skiing after one day: Fischer SCS skates (192), S9000 skate boots (46), Toko C161 poles, etc.

for sale: XC ski vise $5.00
For Sale: $5.00 Ski vise for XC skis. There is a very, brief, short description below (picture link at the bottom), I'm mobilizing and getting a head-start, with the winter 0...

Nordic Ultra-tune
Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had a stone grind here since Nat Brown sold it to the Waechters...still the same quality? Jim

Triathlons look like fun, but I am not a swimmer, and swimming workouts seem to involve too much logistic issues. I am sure most of us run and bike in the summer and ski in the winter....

east bay rollerskiing 2
I ventured to the other side of the East Bay hills today in search of alternatives to the Bay Trail for rollerskiing. I ended up on the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail (http://www.ebpa...

Sisu skis or Elpex pneumatic skis?
Does any out there have any experience with Dale Niggeman's Sisu roller skis with the integral boot or the Elpex pneumatic-tired roller skis? Randy

Use your helmet and save your melon
With all the rollerski chat happening lately, thought I'd post a reminder resulting from a fall I took today. Don't know how I managed to do it, but I took a mistep at speed and fell flat o...

V2 Aero brake on Elpex F1 (or Marwe)?
Anyone have any experience with mounting/using the calf-activated V2 Aero brake on another brand, such as the Elpex F1?

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