Aero 137.5 roller skis?
Dear group: In constant pursuit of the holy grail of roller skis, I've tried a few modifications on my Jenex 150s. I just had to buy new shafts for my old riveted original m...

failure of Aero 150 frames?
No failure yet, but the frames are 4 years old, with 10,000+ k on them. Has anyone's Aero frames failed? I am wondering if I should get new ones. I know how a flat Aero feels like (you don't...

artificial classic tracks for summer training. Even though it's assumed that this groups speaks all Nordic languages, here's what the text says, in brief: "300 meters of ar...

Pursuit rollerski...
Does anyone have any feedback about Pursuit freestyle rollerskis? Just saw them on Ebay.

More on the State of U.S. elite-level cross country skiing
Many who read here are aware of the open discussion that occurred recently on about the state of and perspectives for U.S. elite ski racing. Dick Taylor has belatedly added ...

salt tabs
I see salt pills or tabs mentioned on rec.running occasionally ... usually in conjunction with longer endurance types of events. Whats the deal - are they supposed to help you retain water?...

XC Skiers and Inline Skate Racing
I'm pretty much an "only recreate in the wilderness" type of guy. But I've got to admit ... looking at the pictures on of folks racing the inline marathons in St. Paul and Dul...

Need to find insurance for xc coaches
Hi Everyone, My insurance company (K&K) just dropped coverage for cross-country skiing and so I need to find a new company that will cover accidents and liability for co...

Tegeder Crushes FrontRunner and Birkebeiner
In what was later described as a humiliating defeat, Jay Tegeder crushed the FrontRunner (Greg Worsnop) and Birkebeiner (Pete D'Arienzo) in an athletic competition. Sure, they beat Jay in th...

Fischer versus Atomic touring skis -advice needed
Hi all! I am new to the group and I hope to get some advice on some new skis for this season. I ski in Australia so the type of snow we see is wetter than you would fin...

I've read some older posts on the forum about using custom orthotics. I am in the process now of getting some made by a podiatrist. I have developed achilles tendonitis from cycling. I am to...

Help Sissel!
Help us promote the music of Sissel, the nordic goddess of music! Go to Follow the directions on that page to request Sissel's song "Wait ...

OT - Chippewa Triathlon Race report
For those not located in the upper Midwest, USA, I apologise if this is a bit provincial/Minnecentric. The Chippewa Triathlon ranks up with the Birkie in my favorite race list. -Mars...

Alaska August camp -- anyone been there?
I am thinking of going to this camp on Eagle Glacier near Anchorage in August: Has anyone been to it or heard about experiences?...

PS to "Where best to train and study?" Thanks for help
This is a postscript to an old thread. Apologies in advance for the length of this post. I posted on this board as a "newbie" about one year ago, with a request for advice for my...

Re: For UK based skiers - New club in Midlands
> > Do you find places in Scotland with permanent skiing conditions during the > whole winter? I always wondered why I never hear about Scottish skiers. Not really. ...

Ram Pass...Where in Alaska Is It?
Saw some great photos on about a skier hiking to Ram Pass for his last ski of the year. Can any AK skiers share exactly where it is?

Re: For UK based skiers - New club in Midlands
> 300m? Isn't that very short? It's about 1/3 of the hill I use for interval > training. In my opinion you will need at least a track of 3 km, preferably > 5-10 km. What we nee...

For UK based skiers - New club in Midlands
In case anyone is interested I am passing on a plug for a new club - email me for contact details. Midland Nordic Ski Club Founded in 2005 and based at the Tamworth Snowdome...

Article: Early Specialization in Elite Nordic Racers: Fact or Fiction
Came across this recent article (first one) at

100SR: wheel alternatives - tests
Related to concerns about rapid tire wear with the 100SR skis, I took three sets of Ski Skett 100mm wheels out today to see how they felt. I had previously used a pair of the "slow" rubber w...

Re: Mpeg Races hit the end of the road?
My son, the network engineer, tells me that this could all be set up for rather less than we've been discussing. One clear option would be to offer the current season's races on line, and th...

aero 150 for sale
Looking to sell a pair of Aero 150s. Tires in good shape. Email me if you are interested, [email protected] Dan Vargo SLC,UT

Initial 100 SR Experience
I think first impressions of a roller ski are important. In time most anything one uses can be adjusted too, and poor technique can become efficient. Plenty of folks love their ill fitting...

Marwe 610 Binding Installation
FITZGERALD Wrote: > > AFA creaking,how much do you weigh? > Fitzgerald > I weigh 190lbs. Finn Sisu said my weight would not be an issue with th ...

Re: Mpeg Races hit the end of the road?
On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, sknyski wrote: > Yeah, the server could be way under $1,000 (p4, 2 * 200gb HDD, 1gb ram, > linux) but it's the bandwidth that would kill you. ...

Marwe 610 Binding Installation
Jim Howe Wrote: > I purchased the Marwe 610s from Finn Sisu. I ordered them predrilled fo > Salomon Profil bindings. I noticed when I mounted the bindings that th > holes...

Marwe 610 Binding Installation
I purchased the Marwe 610s from Finn Sisu. I ordered them predrilled fo Salomon Profil bindings. I noticed when I mounted the bindings that th holes had been drilled further forward of...

Re: Mpeg Races hit the end of the road?
Let me add my thanks to Gene's. It's been great, and it will be great if there's a way to save it. Thanks! Erik Brooks Seattle ----- Original Message ----- ...

Wheel wear - what's good?
The discussion about excessive tire wear on the 100srs has, as these things are apt to do, brought to mind how much I don't know. Wheel wear, for instance...90km on a set of wheels is unacce...

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