For Sale: Salomon SNS Profil racing skate bindings
For Sale: 1 pair of used, Salomon SNS Profil Racing Skate Bindings They are in great condition, and contain no electrical shorts, or termite damage, blown-head gaskets, uncertifie...

Re: marathon report
> I don't know about the Mac world these days, so I can't speak to the way > your email or newsgroup app works. Yes, language is evolving. A client > in the computer world i...

Lahti 2001 World Championships - 30k video
I got back into skiing this fall and discovered Janne's fantastic website full of video from the past two World Cup seasons. Does anyone have a copy of the video he posted back in 2001 of th...

Jenex Aero 100SR Update
I have less than 90km. on my new Jenex Aero 100 SR's and the the tire cord on the rear tires are showing through. I weigh 175lbs. and I was hoping to get much more tire wear out of this new ...

Re: marathon report
On 30/5/05 12:07 am, "Marsh Jones" <[email protected]> wrote: > Nicely done! > > I love reading 'real life' marathon reports. Much more ...

Re: marathon report
Very nice work to finish with 8 seconds to spare on the qualifier. If you come to Boston be sure to let me know. We'll cheer for you! Rob Bradlee --- 32 degrees <kal...

marathon report
Lacking any stories about ski races lately I thought I'd share this one... Traverse City Michigan - Unique spot for a running marathon. You start right next to the high school ...

Northeast Weather
Strange thing happened to me today while roller skiing. I SAW MY SHADOW!! Fitzgerald

So... Who's still skiing?
Hi Everyone, We got a small cold front moving through Colorado the past two days, so I got up at 5AM and raced up to the old standby Brainard Lake for what could be the ...

What to pick for my next pair of classic skis?
Zach, Nathan, Eli, et al: Over the past two years, I've fallen back in love with classic technique, and made pretty serious improvements in my technique. I bought a new pair of...

I have to carry all the ski's with heavy duty carrying strap
My friends said I could ski with them if I carried the ski's no problym with my Strap-It I carried six pairs of ski's I had a frozen smile --- MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20050...

FS: Pro Ski S2 roller skis
For Sale: Pro-Ski S2 roller skis $155 w/ Solomon Profile skate bindings $130 w/o bindings + whatever the cost of shipping is These skis are in good condition. The...

Max O2 records
Aftenposten reports this morning that one of the young skiers on the norwegian team, Espen Harald Bjerke, had extremely high max O2 numbers a couple of weeks ago, when the entire team was te...

Re: when you push too hard...
On Tue, 24 May 2005, Terje Mathisen wrote: > gr wrote: > >> Sounds like exercise induced asthma and it is fairly common. Try google >> for lots of inf...

Warm and cold skis
How different should a person expect skis labelled as warm or cold to be? Would a person skiing for recreation be at a great disadvantage if they were using a warm ski on cold snow? Pet...

Nordic Skater/Roller skis
Check this site out. I am not affiliated in any way.He has a lot to offer. Fitzgerald

when you push too hard...
Sometimes when I am going (skiing, biking, running) the whole nine yards for a decent time (like, 20+ min) I end up with a werid feeling as if I have an air bublle in my lungs. Then it turns...

pushing with both legs at the same time
In my skating I've begun playing with overlapping the timing of my leg-pushes -- so I start actively pushing with my next leg while I'm still finishing the main push with my current leg.

Help with Giro Link from SkinnySki Newsletter
I lost the English language broadcast link which was posted in the latest SkinnySki newsletter and can't find it anywhere ... does anyone have it? Thanks

One reason for Norwegian Success
Here is one reason the Norwegians have been so successful. Maybe the US should go to all red suits. Any other counties wearing red suits?

Will There Be Crust Skiing In The Sierra During Early June?
I've never been to the Sierra and I want to do high alpine crust skiing during the first two weeks of June. Any C.A. folks know if it's possible this season. Also any recommendations where t...

RMD On-Snow Camp June 17-19 with USST's Pete Vordenberg expanded to seniors and masters
Crested Butte On-Snow Camp June 17-19 with US Ski Team coach Peter Vordenberg and Subaru Factory Team's Nathan Schultz extended to Seniors and Masters The Rocky Moun...

Roller board?
Doug Garfield speaks of the ski specific strenth training in roller boards. However I am not sure what he means by roller boards? Are they those boards that...

Re: GPS reliability
> Ouch, Andy! > > Please don't email and post at the same time, at least not without > noting that you are doing so! Terje, Sorry but I'm not quite s...

Re: GPS reliability
On Tue, 17 May 2005, Terje Mathisen wrote: > Andrew Bolger wrote: > >>> For orienteering however, the position data obtained inside forests >>...

Re: GPS reliability
> > > > For orienteering however, the position data obtained inside forests > aren't even close to accurate. :-( > > Terje Are orientee...

"On Mars, the craters anchor the low pressure system that dominates the southern polar ice cap, and keep it in one location," Colaprete said. The low-pressure system results in ...

Re: GPS reliability
On Thu, 12 May 2005, Bob wrote: > vertical uncertainty of GPS is about 5x worse than lat/longitude, too. The > best sport tracking systems use barometer/altimeter to genera...

GPS reliability
I haven't seen this discussed in awhile and wondered if there is a general sense on the reliabiility of the various GPS devices, and are there favorites, especially since we ski, run, bike a...

Re: Why not test again? Re: Tyler Hamilton
On Wed, 11 May 2005 [email protected] wrote: > The article says there's a real thing where a mother's blood or a > twin's can mingle with one's own---so that one is carry...

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