Re: Trails and litigation
On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, SkiFit wrote: > Fortunately, Canada still seems to be free of a lot of the liability > problems that face the United States, but this make me very angry. I ...

Re: Not all Norwegians are awesome skiers
On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Lars wrote: > Bones heal, > Chicks dig scars, > Pain is temporary, > Glory is forever. So... is this an old Viking rowing so...

Trails and litigation
Fortunately, Canada still seems to be free of a lot of the liability problems that face the United States, but this make me very angry. I don't get to this area very often, but there are ob...

Not all Norwegians are awesome skiers
>From Yahoo news (thanks to Rob Bradlee Traditional Easter ski break leaves Norwegians battered and bruised Tue Mar 29,12:00 PM ET OSLO, Norw...

birkie waves
Birkebeiner 2005 basis 2:04:14 Wave one up to 40% up to 2:55:09 Wave two 41% to 57% 2:55:10 - 3:16:17 Wave three 58% to 72% 3:16:18 - 3:34:55 Wave four 73% to 88% 3:34:...

can we ski royal gorge after it closes?
RG closes 4/10. do they chase you off the trails after that?? TIA.

electronic waxless skis? Eddie Luban

Storage question
Last Wed I cleaned and waxed two pairs of skis with hopes of a Thursday ski. The wax was a thin ironed in coat of swix HF10. I did not scrape, and did not end up...

Birkie Waves
Anyone hear anything related to Birkie Waves for 06? I seem to recall they are planning a bit of an overhaul of the waves and seeding for next year. In looking through the graphs that were ...

A number of years a go a friend said he was going to try using a screw from a hardware store as a rilling tool. His plan was to use an old pair of skis to practice on to figure ...

Re: Norwegian Sissel to Perform Rare USA Concert in Utah
--0-835179964-1112106434=:46028 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii What on earth are you talking about:

Sharpening Rollerski Ferrules
Hi, I have a question about sharpening rollerski ferrules. Whenever I try to use my current poles / ferrules, I have horrible slipping problems. The concrete is fine acctually, it...

Binding Canting and Sole Planing in XC?
Hi, Has anyone here ever adjusted their skis by canting the bindings, or sole planing? I see lots of information on it, but only for downhill. XC skis,bindings dont see...

Fischer RCS skatecut 2003 stiff/med?
Hi, How I know what is my ski's stiffness? I mean are they stiff or medium? There is something codes, for instance on the top 187/N17 and in the base 28 V3.

ski sizing help needed
newbie here...I am 5'10" 140 lbs looking to purchase a pair of Madshus Lillehammer MGV skis. per there website, I should purchase a 200cm ski. A local shop advises something smaller like a 1...

"Tahoe grind"
Does anybody have the contact info of that place in Truckee, CA, where the locals go to? The one which offers the "Tahoe grind"?

OLN Biathlon World Cup & Still Skiing
All times eastern 3/30/2005 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM 4/6/2005 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM 4/13/2005 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM We're still skiing. Another foot of snow ...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

XC Skis on TV
Folks, FCSP = Fox Collegate Sports (Pacific) a digital cable channel Winter Universiade 2005 - "Cross-Country Skiing: Men's and Women's Sprint Finals" FCSP, Tue Mar 29 ...

Twisted knees
OK.... I twisted up my knees on Friday (thus ending my skiing season for this year), making a turn at the bottom of a hill, pretty steep, but not real fast (in fact I didn't really know I ...

Does anyone know how to get stuff posted on the web site,,,,,,,

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Re: Solda, Swix, Toko
--- Nick Faulkner <[email protected]> wrote: > Actually the black stuff in BD is not really moly, or graphite. Its a > > bit of a different additive. Som...

Re: Struggles going upshill
On 25/3/05 9:02 pm, "Camilo" <[email protected]> wrote: > > "Ken Roberts" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:Y4k0e.443016$w62.182...

Re: Solda, Swix, Toko
--- Gene Goldenfeld <[email protected]> wrote: > "[email protected]" wrote: > molybdenum? There are factions that swear by either, and is more a ...

free starbucks coupons
Hey want a free starbucks giftcard? take 30 seconds and complete a simple survey and they send you one i did it and they really do send it http...

Norwegian Sissel to Perform Rare USA Concert in Utah
An Evening with Sissel Sissel Kyrkjeb=F8 (the Norwegian phenom and voice of Titanic) will perform a rare solo concert in the de Jong Concert Hall at Brigham Young University on

Re: Who is still skiing?
Skied last night on the "Weston Glacier". The Weston ski track has closed, but their patch of manmade snow endures high above the scenic Charles River. We had an inch of fresh snow W...

Re: Kalamazoo Nordic Does Europe
On 25/3/05 11:00 am, "FrontRunner" <[email protected]> wrote: > Nordic Norm (John O'Connell), Birkebeiner (Pete D'Arienzo) and the > FrontRunner (Greg Worsnop) all wen...

Re: How bad off are ya with bad skis, wax, grind?
On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, Rob Bradlee wrote: > I think you're on to something here Jay. For some reason everyone > wants to wax warm. I'm always getting questions, "The temp i...

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