used waxing equipment?
Hello, Are there any used stands with profiles for holding skis while you wax them available on ebay or a x-country ski website somewhere? Also, if I have to buy new, can so...

waxing brushes
Hello, According to Steve Thatcher's Ski Waxing 101, I need three brushes: a brass brush, a horsehair brush, and a white nylon brush. At the ski store, I saw a combination brush ...

Adidas ski boots at XC World champs?
I noticed A LOT of the top skiers (Frode Estil included) wearing a darker solid color (dark blue or black) with three white stripes on it... Are these adidas? I've NEVER se...

double poling technique
<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>Hi all,</DIV> <DIV class=RTE> </DIV> <DIV class=RTE>This is my first posting on this mailin...

RE: If I got Hakki tires, would I be cool?
Volvo and Hakka's .....that's a match made in heaven. ;-) -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of [email protected]

More Birkie Pics
They aren't up yet, but Competitive Image ( will have his Birkie photos up shortly. If you aren't familiar with Paul's work...

RE: view from (the back of) the elite wave
This was really bad on some of the small rollers at Mora (at least from my point of view in the 35k) can't imagine what it would have been like in the later Birkie waves.....

Great Birkie pics! Any Birkie video?
Man those pics at at super. They're in the Birkie Coverage section. Ya know, I bet that citizen events might make nicer videos than the WC stuff because, man, the sk...

Any news on Vandel skis? I see 'Vandel' got 5th in Birkie
Hey, where'd that inline skater or French guy (which one?) go who liked Vandel skis? I still wonder about those things. I see that a French guy named Vandel got 5th in the Birkie. In the coo...

Birkie Wax
In talking with folks after the race and looking at some posts here, it looks like the wax choices were all over the place but the strange part is that most people said they had good if no...

Alpina TR 40 boot? Any good? --Better than 20 or 30?
I see that I can get a pr of Alpina TR40's from Al's Sports online for $80 (reg. $115). I don't know as I need a removable plastic cuff, tho. Are the 40's actually better than the 20 or 30? ...

Cool new Swede suits---look like my RSN design!
I see that the white Swede team suits (I think that's the team) have a general design scheme like the curvey line suit design I created for Team OYB or Team RSN or Team NSR or whoever. ...

Re: If I got Hakki tires, would I be cool?
I live in Minneapolis and recently our winters have been very mild. Anyway, I bought 4 Hakkpelitta 10 185/70R14 for $376.50 (M & B) in 1994 when my '92 VW Passat had 28k miles. I no...

view from (the back of) the elite wave
(sorry if this gets posted twice) it was a new experience for me this year, skiing with the masses and just hoping to maintain top 200. i'm used to being a little further up in t...

Rangeley Lakes Loppet
Has anyone here done this race? I'm curious about what the course it like. I've heard it is rolling, not super hilly. One friend described it as flat, which I find very hard to believe. Bu...

Birkie Photos
Photos up at In the OO set, Frontrunner is shot 122, Pete is 159, and Jay W (yellow suit) is in 77 at the back of a long train and in a couple of others before that. Any oth...

Biathlon World Cup continues on OLN
--=====================_2858890==.ALT Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed Note that we get two-hours worth this Wednesday. Times are Eastern Standard...

Mpeg Races: Mens 50k
World Cup 2005 XC-skiing Oberstdorf in 500kbit quality and Xvid encoding, with audio in 64kbit mono mp3, English.

A question to Janne G
Thank you, I understood you : -- ViktoriaK

WC Sprint Relay
I hadn't seen anyone else post about the WC Sprint Relay that happened on Friday. The Canadian Men's Team of Kershaw and Grey finished an amazing 6th place in a time of 14:29.4 (t...

first skating race any suggestions? (tahoe-truckee)
i am doing an 18 miler next weekend. i was planning on taking it really easy so as not to bonk. have spent the last 6 weeks getting ready for it physically. i figured i would take ...

Tour De Ski
Early breakfast in the dark, skied in the forest all morning, lunch in an ancient scottish hostelry watching the World Champs 50K on Eurosport. 4 Nordics clustered round the screen, 100...

A question to Janne G
Also I wanted to ask if somebody who have biathlon races mpegs from las season could upload them -- ViktoriaK

Re: So, w/ global warming, are the summers nicer up north?/ Kyoto
Over here (Britain) someone noticed that we signed the Kyoto Treaty last week and were rewarded with a nice dump of snow this week. Who says international agreements do no good? andyb <...

Jay T's Birkie '05 Report
I've been getting tons of emails from fellow RSNers asking for my '05 Birkie Report... First, some background information; My training has been pretty bad this winter. Had we reci...

Mpeg Races: the 30k
My disks did not have unlimited storage and when they got full the machine stopped the video, strange.....;-) You have to do with my own taped copy from Swedish tv, sorry. World ...

Re: Congrats on great Birkies, everyone!
On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 [email protected] wrote: > Whoa, I see that 7th overall, Mike Lewis of St. Paul, had bib#2444. Uh, > isn't that Wave 2? No longer. I assume that ...

50km world classic champs
mass starts are so cool....... it makes for such an exciting race.... and now a Norwegian sweep is possible. splits at 30km below..... Personally, I'm pulling for Odd-Bjoern Hjelm. or M...

Alone with snowballs
What to make with snowballs when one has anybody on whom to throw them? Answer on Stef

.com - Ski and Snowboarding Domain Names For Sale
These .com Ski and Snowboarding Domain Names are For Sale. Click on the Domain Name you are interested in to see more information and the price. Why not use one of these dom...

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