Okay boys ... who skied the lowest temp today? Is there any glide at all at -30 F ?? jw milwaukee

Latest Master Skier USSA report: hammer over technique
No posts here yet about the latest Master Skier report from Pete. Oops, or is it the Team Today website reports? Maybe it's both. Anyway, I recall recent USSA reports to the effe...

Keski Breakdown Thus Far
Just checked out registrations for Keskinada. Interesting numbers, yet without seeing the age group breakdowns it's hard to hypothesize why classic and skating enrollment is neck to neck.

Mpeg Races: Biathlon Still uploading
Hi all i'm starting to be a little confused over what and when i uploded things right now but i'm shoure that there are some more in Beitostolen and Ostersund so if you are intrested ha...

FS:Adidas Nordic Glide
I have one pair of Adidas Nordic Glides size 44/10US NIB for $65. These are the blue, red and silver ones from the mid 90's.Please e-mail w ??'s <<[email protected]>>...

Re: Most important aspect of skiing - opinionated RSN poll
Although I agree with Marsh's vote for the double-pole, I think he forgot to include the correct answer in his poll, which is: "All of the above"!! I'll be working on them all thi...

Most important aspect of skiing - opinionated RSN poll
Since we have had lots of mechanics discussion, but no poll questions, here goes: What aspect of technique is most important to being a Masters Racer (and why)? Examples: ...

race against the ski lift machine
I beat the downhill-resort ski lift in an uphill race. My sister was taking her two daughters for a day of downhill skiing at Hunter Mt Ski Bowl in New York for the mid-week Ladies spe...

Mpeg Races: cycling TDF
For you that double with cycling in the summer or just have an intrest in two wheels and pedals, try this:

Mpeg Races Biathlon
Updated a little more with the mass start. I'm going to put up more of this as soon as i got them out from the vcr. World Biathlon Cup 2004 in Ostersund (Östersund) ~500kbit in Xv...

new poles?
I am looking to buy a pair of new poles for classic xc, and like the newer strap style, but at least with Swix, there is not enough room to use the Profil strap (spelling?) with a lobster ...

cheap good shoes
Take a look at They have all sorts of brands and shoes, and ship internationally. I particularly like the Ecco brand. gr

FS: Touring, Nordic, Telemark skis for less! - any White grass skiers
I have two pair for sale: Black Diamond Aurora -200 cm, 1.5 camber with a Black Diamond cable binding. 74/60/64 $140 Wood core ski, nice solid ski. (compare to Karhu or other touring s...

Skiing at Milwaukee downhill areas?
I'm headed back to my hometown of Milwaukee for Xmas; any chance of skiing downhill areas there with my nordic skis? chris ne iowa

Where to buy inexpensive shoes online in Europe?
Hi, I want to order running shoes by post order since they are incredibly expensive at local stores in Finland. Do you know any sites where to buy shoes at good price that deliver...

[SELL]Walking Poles, Hiking Poles, Trekking Poles
SmartCue Group International Incorporated ( develops, produces and sells highly warp-resistant WALKING POLES. Our products have found a great and growin...

pole length
With boots on, and standing on skis, they went to my upper lip approx. was under the impression the height of the pole was determined whe standing in the boot only, and not on the ski...

Start Grip Tape Review
I got to try the new Start Grip Tape for the first time today. It is a roll of klister like stuff you apply as kick wax for classic skiing. It is supposed to have a very wide temperature r...

Re: a little leg move from Carl Swenson
Hi Ken- When are you and Sharon coming out? She might be a little disappointed in her powder fix if you're coming out this week. After having a nirvana-like October and November,...

Avalanche Beacons Forsale
Friends are updating their avalanche beacons so I am making a posting for them. 5 ea. PIEPS 457 "Opti-Finder" (457 kHz) $150 (including shipping in the US). 3 ea. PIEP...

Jenex Deluxe Riller For Sale
Had a buyer for this, but he was a no show at Lake Placid this past weekend. The riller handle comes with two ball bearing drums and cases. One coarse the other medium. Gives a really nice b...

Mpeg Races: No Ramsau
I have to inform you all that there are not going to be any Ramsau at all due to the fact that Eurosport,NRK or SVT did not send this races, and i did not find out that TV3(N) actually ...

Mpeg Races: Biathlon
More Biathlon, not all are there yet, still uploading. World Biathlon Cup 2004 in Beitostolen (Beitostölen) ~500kbit in Xvid encoding, with audio in 64kbit mono mp3, English commentato...

Mpeg Races: Biathlon
I have start to empty my magasin of videotapes to digital video so here comes some of it. World Biathlon Cup 2004 in Ostersund (Östersund) ~500kbit in Xvid encoding, with audio i...

Favourite xc ski areas
Of all the places that you ski, is the one that you normaly ski at the one that is your favourite? I live in North Bay ON Canada. In the area, there are 2. The one that I li...

Re: new management at Lapland Lake, NY
On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Bill in Schenectady wrote: > [various gripes deleted] > > My favorite cross country resort by far is Garnet Hill. The place > could be...

a little leg move from Carl Swenson
I finally got into the "knee drive" move in skating: Drive the knee down toward the tip of the ski. I didn't get it until I analyzed a video clip of Carl Swenson legs which Andrew...

Good weather for Keski training.
So, at 8:00 AM, around the start area for the Keskinada, temperatures were a brisk -32C. Pretty much good training weather. Get used to what it will probably be like. :-) ...

Double Birkie anyone?
You won't see me there, but just wondering if anyone here will be participating?? jw milwaukee (Finally looking like it may snow here ! )

MN high school races at Elm Creeik (MN) versue Troll Hollow (WI)
I am not familiar with the facilities at Elm Creek in the Twin Cities, but can someone familiar with the MN high school scene please tell me why races are not held there as opposed to Troll ...

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