Re: cera F vs Toko HelX
Yes, the Helx must be dry. For those in a hurry, we recommend using a rotocork. Using a rotocork you can spray on, rotocork, buff. Voila. Sounds like there are quite a few pure ...

Rex grip tape
This was mentioned by Gene Goldenfeld in a thread on Start Grip Tape. I hope that those who are trying it will keep us posted on application and results. Leland

Re: fluoro grip waxe
Toko was the first company to abandon fluorinated kick waxes for the very reason you describe - it is hard to get good enough grip with them (but they have awesome glide). Instead of fluoro...

Re: cera F vs Toko HelX
--- Mitch Collinsworth <[email protected]> wrote: > Yes, that's one of the things I always liked about Streamline. It > had the advantage that I could toss it o...

Re: cera F vs Toko HelX
On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 [email protected] wrote: >> --- Mitch Collinsworth <[email protected]> wrote: >> >>> My question, at least partially re...

New Year's Day ski ?
There won't be any skiing here tomorrow except on melting man made snow. The temperature got up to 55 F yesterday and it's almost 50 F now. Maybe I could head for the beach with my rock skis...

fluoro grip waxe
Somebody please tell me again why I should use fluoro grip wax. My experience with it is that I get great glide and practically no grip, in all conditions. Is there a Secret Method to appl...

Re: Toko grip
Yes, I think you should rotate in the thumb shelf at least 10 degrees. I have mine about 30 degrees! It depends how you like to hold your arms. But it feels more powerful to me to have my...

Re: Web sites and books on Race Organizing
thanks! --- [email protected] wrote: > > Rob Bradlee wrote: > > Hi all, > > > > I need to learn all about organizing large size ski ...

Re: Web sites and books on Race Organizing
thanks. I've been reading the NENSA organizers handbook and it seems to have most info I need. But I'll definitely be using you as a resource. The part I'm dealing with now is just gettin...

Re: cera F vs Toko HelX
--- Mitch Collinsworth <[email protected]> wrote: > My question, at least partially related to yours is, what's the > difference between HelX and good old Stream...

Re: cera F vs Toko HelX
On Thu, 30 Dec 2004, 32 degrees wrote: > Ok, some UNbiased answers. > > Who is faster... cera F or Toko HelX ? > > Let's say 34-35 degrees (1 deg C)...

cera F vs Toko HelX
Ok, some UNbiased answers. Who is faster... cera F or Toko HelX ? Let's say 34-35 degrees (1 deg C) and humid (95%). Old transformed groomed snow. JK B...

XC skiing in Acadia NP or White Mountains
We want to spend a week in February XC skiing and snowshoing and are thinking about going to Acadia NP (Maine) or the White Mountains (New Hampshire). What weather and snow conditions can we...

check out interior BC super snow
Even though I'll be heading to Finland this weekend.....I did notice while doing my research that the interior of B.C is having a sensational year for snow. One of my old favorites 100 Mi...

Tahoe weather forecast thru NY's eve
Rest of Today Very windy. Heavy snow. Snow accumulation 1 to 2 feet. Tonight Very windy...heavy snow. Snow accumulation 2 to 3 feet. Friday Brisk...heavy snow. Sno...

Re: Fun!
Is that a stocking hat, are they back in style? I've used to have one when I was about the same age back in the 70's Tim

Recovery training
I'm wondering if there is a rule of thumb on how long it takes to get back to the same level of fitness after some time off. I was off the month on November and after a month of "recovery t...

Advice for big skiers?
Hi There, I'm interested in buying my first pair of skate skis. I've been doing classic for about 6 years now and I've really come to love it. I am seeking advice on brands/models of ...

Toko grip
Sorry about the multiple posts, but I also read about having the Toko grips offset by about 10 degrees. I noticed that the tab slot on my poles are directly in line with the basket and not o...

Toko Pole Baskets
Have had a problem twice now with the new Toko poles. I have the C232 pole with the larger baskets and use them when the snow is soft. During the last two snowfalls, when I use the poles the...

FS: Assorted XC gear
Assorted spare gear collecting dust. Will sell individually or put together a package for yourself and save a few $$. Boots ------ Three pairs of XC ski boots fo...

From the front lines - High School Ski Camp - 2004
Load the bus. Drive 3 1/2 hours to Giants Ridge, unload the bus. Ski, eat, ski, whine a little about the cold, ski, eat, ski, sleep - a little. Repeat for 3 days. Go home. What a way ...

Oops for today
So.... last night I did the "right thing" and applied Nikwax to my boots to waterproof them so I would be ready for a warming trend ski today. I load up my gear and drive 50 minutes to the ...

Re: Getting ready to buy our own gear.
Brian's advice to go to Paco's is spot-on. They know the terrain, know skiing, and work with all sorts of skiiers. As far as your wife's feet, she's probably going to have t...

Just having fun locally xc skiing classic style -- first on Sunday breaking trails through a county park and going along a railroad bed, then through the woods, and again today on groomed tr...

Getting ready to buy our own gear.
About 2 years ago my wife and I discovered cross-country/nordic skiing after a rather unsatisfying snowboarding lesson. Over the last 2 years we've gone maybe 12-15 times using rental...

Web sites and books on Race Organizing
Hi all, I need to learn all about organizing large size ski races. Any recommendations on web sites or books that will tell me all I need to know? Rob Bradlee

Re: classic XX question
Hi Robert- Glad my hackneyed advice worked on the straights-- I don't remember giving it to you (it fades in the mists of so much repetition!) Anyway, here is a tip that is m...

Re: Skating Elitism.
--- Ken Roberts <[email protected]> wrote: > But in Skating competition the USA team has not closed the gap > against the > best in the ...

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