I'm th FIS question
Sorry, I didn't mean to anony-post. I set my newgroup thingy up wrong. If anybody knows how to get a hold of the race coverage (for instance, I would pay for home made DVDs), then pleas...

Television coverage of FIS World Cup?
Anybody know where to get the races that OLN, those bastages, used to carry? I am jones'n for some real racing and of course there is nothing on my 500 cable channels of merde.

wanted:used pulk for towing child
I'm looking for a used pulk set up for towing a child. My preference is the Ziffco Towboggan or the Wilderness Engineering Kindershuttle, but I'd certainly consider others. Anybody have ki...

Silver Star vs. Sovereign Lakes Nordic Center
Hi All- As usual, I (and many other Seattle-area XC folk) spent last week up at Silver Star, with the occasional trip over to Sovereign Lakes Nordic Center just down the hill a s...

Used Classic Roller Skis
We are looking for a good pair of used classic Roller Skis.

Proper flex and length for skate skis
Getting ready to shell out major dough for a high school racer, I'm concerned that he gets skis that are pretty well optimized for him. I'm familiar with the test methods with the paper unde...

what to wear when skiing or not
so much talk here on USENET about what Norwegians wear when skiing and this comes up: http://pub.tv2.no/nettavisen/sport/article308616.ece she placed 5th in U23-Worlds i Salt Lake City ...

Re: Need kids equipment
On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, sendyourspam wrote: > would like 160-170cm skis. prefer NNN with size 37 boots (5 to 5.5) > > live in northeast. Northeast wh...

Need kids equipment
would like 160-170cm skis. prefer NNN with size 37 boots (5 to 5.5) live in northeast. let me know

Peltonen ski site
Looks like the Peltonen site has come back from the dead (under new ownership): http://www.peltonenski.fi/ They no longer list any US distributors, here's hoping that they can eve...

tar five
Royal Gorge trip report: first time on waxable skis (ever in my life). Unbelievably beautiful conditions. Crystal clear. Air temp -5C at 9am; Storm the previous day dropped ~4 inches. O...

Re: Does ski lenght still matters?
On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, Camilo wrote: > When my kids were growing, I always vacillated between trying to find a > super good deal and just getting the right gear regardless of...

Re: best Scandinavian cross country areas?
On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, David Dermott wrote: > skiing- up to the Stampesletta sports fields and the laneway to > Birkebeineren Motel. Groomed trails start at the Birkebeineren...

Re: Family X-C Skiing in NY
Well I'm curious. What is new at Salmon Hills? I love skiing there myself but bringing the family there is problematic. What else is there to do there besides ski and tube? How doe...

Re: Visu skis??
On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Serge wrote: > Estonian made products are of very good quality and, generally, > great value for the money. > Besides, skiing is Estonian natio...

OT? Translation of Swedish words (maybe ski-related)
I would be most grateful for a bit of help. I am trying to translate a Swedish ski-ing article. Which is tricky, as I don't speak Swedish, although I do have some Norwegian. I have...

Wanted to Buy or Sell - Single Classic Madshus Ski
Broke a ski last winter and I am looking to either buy a match or sell the single ski. The single ski I have is a Madshus TXC 232 Classic Dry Snow Cap ski, red with blue accents...

Who says Thais don't cross country ski....
Who says Thais don't ski.... Cool article at http://www.overlanderskiclub.com/skitosea1.htm Not to mention a pretty extensive website for Stake Lake Nordic http://www....

Re: Snow in VT before Christmas ?
Oleg, New England weather is notoriously unpredictable. Chances are good that you will have snow in VT, but not guaranteed. However, Mountain Meadows, right at the base of Killington,...

Snow in VT before Christmas ?
Hi, I am thinking of going for some XC skiing to Killlington/Rutland,VT area a week before Christmas (say, staring Dec. 18) Do you know if there is a good chance they w...

Untrendy ski trip in Lillehammer?
I found this article from a Bergen newspaper (Feb 7 2004) by Svein Kvalheim: "http://bt.no/utskrift.jhtml?articleID=231324" En utrendy skitur i OL-land - "An un...

Is Are-Duved good for nordic skiing
Continuing to research my trip in January I came upon an area I know nothing about...but good snow now. Are-Duved in Sweden. The seem to have very good prices for small cottages and apar...

Re: ok, who cooked a turkey and got a workout in???
--- Linda & Alan Shelvey <[email protected]> wrote: > it was 60 degrees in vt. this morning! no skiing here, but the Same here in Mass. I got in a 50 minute run with...

Does ski lenght still matters?
I have been offered a pair of Fischer 187cm Classic SCS for one of my kids. The flex is right, however I'm not sure about the length: my daughter is 5'-1" (155cm). I am from the old school...

Re: Jacket recommendations for Norway over Christmas
On 25/11/04 7:27 pm, "Gareth Crawshaw" <[email protected]> wrote: > > "Terje Mathisen" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected]

ok, who cooked a turkey and got a workout in???
it was 60 degrees in vt. this morning! no skiing here, but the temperature was too tempting to pass up a bike ride! the turkey was pounded into the oven by 9 and i was on my bike by 10. ...

Mpeg Races Gellivare
World Cup 2004 sprint in Gellivare in Xvid(free Divx5) VBR, mp3 audio. ftp://avari181.mt.luth.se/pub2/Gellivare-04/ http://avari181.mt.luth.se/pub2/Gellivare-04/ Gellivare.a...

Auction Winona Lodge NY Ski Area
When: 10:00 AM December, 04 2004 Where: Auctioning Winona Lodge Winona Lodge is being sold by www.Brzotek.com(See web site, then Sat. Dec. 4 - 10 am link) Dire...

Family X-C Skiing in NY
Salmon Hills (that John speaks about in the message below) will have their Grand Opening Celebration Saturday and Sunday, December 11 and 12. You will get to meet the new owners, Hans and ...

English snow
> This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible. --MS_Mac_OE_1779651_351783_MIME_Part C...

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