Re: Question on Comparing
On 30/10/04 4:16 am, "Diva" <[email protected]> wrote: > After you learn how to xc ski decently (classic) and are good at > keeping your balance on long skinny skis, is it a l...

Swix Warehouse Sale Nov 4/5/6
If you are in eastern Mass, Swix will be having a warehouse sale Thurs (12-6), Fri (12-6) and Sat (12-6) at 600 research dr, in wilmington, ma 01887 (mapquest for directions) those 3 days. C...

What to drink after workout to avoid colds?
I just now got my second cold of the dang fall season. But I jumped on it this time and hopefully it won't last as long as the first. (Fresh OJ, zinc lozenges, Zicam lozenges, Zicam nasal-ge...

CANSI Level 1 Haliburton Dec. 18
According to CANSI's latest newsletter, the Level 1 instructors course will be held in Haliburton, Ontario the weekend of December 18. Is anyone interested in sharing driving from Toronto. ...

Twin Cities question
Hi: I'm traveling to the Twin Cities next week to visit. I'm wondering if anyone can steer me to someplace that I could do some good hill walking or ski walking? I'd rather do something l...

Fischer Centrix Pursuit and Salomon Skiathlon boots
Hi All- The marketing and sales of these boots (especially the Fischers) is a bit of a puzzle to me. I can easily find all the other Fischer Centrix boots at a variety of retail a...

Duluth Spirit Mtn
I was wondering about the status of a private lodge and golf course development project that potentially threatened a very nice cross country ski area on public recreation lands near ...

Re: versatile ski choice?
> > I'm an intermediate alpine skier with a few days out in some rental > nordic gear. I'd like to do more this season with my own gear. Welcome! This l...

Question on Comparing
After you learn how to xc ski decently (classic) and are good at keeping your balance on long skinny skis, is it a lot easier to downhill ski? I have no interest in downhill, but I was just ...

Shameless Self Promotion: Schultz/Nystad Thanksgiving Ski Camp Nov 26-28
Hi Everyone, Shameless self promotion alert: Knut Nystad (Head Nordic Coach at Denver University) and I are running our 3rd annual Thanksgiving ski camp at Devil's Thumb Ranch...

Re: How do we build our sport?
--- "Sly D. Skeez" <[email protected]> wrote: > 5:15 am I get up > 6:30 am Leave for work > 5:10 pm Get home from work Here's your problem, Jay. ...

versatile ski choice?
Hello! I'm an intermediate alpine skier with a few days out in some rental nordic gear. I'd like to do more this season with my own gear. I was able to buy a pair of Salomon Esc...

Lake Effect, & Sunspots
Interesting site showing the Lake Effect zones in the Great Lakes region: I found their comments about the 70's interesting:...

Tahoe Ski Cabin Needs Couple $1490 4bdrm 3ba in Tahoe Donner
Join our awesome ski-snowboard cabin from Nov 20, 2004 to April 19, 2005. It is in a convenient part of Tahoe Donner and close to all North Shore Tahoe ski areas. The 2500'sq cabi...

Hickory Hill Ski Area Closed for Good?
The rumors have certainly circulated for some time now but does anyone know for certain whether H.H. in Worthington is not opening for the 04-5 season?

Re: blades advice??
> Since I trust this group to give good advice (the ski usenet group seem > iffy to me) I am crossing the boundary, yet staying on topic somewhat > and ask the following a...

yeah, I'm a consumer
I saw three interesting catalogs recently. One was from LLBean on winter outdoor activities. They had a really nice selection of clothes for skiing and other stuff. Well done. A...

Re: How do we build our sport?
--- Nathan Schultz <[email protected]!REMOVETHIS!> wrote: > Here are some general questions to get the ball rolling: > 1. What skiing causes do you support and how ...

How do we build our sport?
Hi Everyone, I've been passionate about this silly sport for many years now and one of the themes that has frustrated me constantly is the lack of resources that we need...

Re: Compressed Interval Block Training - Good or Bad?
--- "Sly D. Skeez" <[email protected]> wrote: > make a big difference, with old seals being faster.) Also, when the > temp drops, the skis get slow. If you lea...

2006 Vasaloppet planning advice
A co-worker and myself have tentatively decided to make the trip to Sweden and race the 2006 Vasaloppet. Other than making sure to register ASAP after the 2005 race is over, I'm seeking any...

blades advice??
I have been xc skiing for 4 years or so (and am quite hooked!), and have noticed that often the downhill ski areas have snow where the woods and xc areas do not. With this in mind I a...

FS: Adidas classic & skate boots
I have two pairs of Adidas Negano ski boots for sale. One classic, one skate. Both size 46 and in excellent condition. The skate boots are 4 years old and classic 3 years. Used sparringly l...

Time for new xc training gear? How about a raft ... !
Recently there was a post on RSN about backpacking / xc skiing. I thought readers might be interested in a training / hiking trend that has gained a lot of popularity in Alaska the las...

garage graphics is back (RSN Logo)
Hello to all, Garage graphics is back. I started doodlin again. I think I am going zero in on one of these ideas, and try to hone & polish it. I thought someone in Upper Manageme...

XC ski equipment market place
I have a couple of pairs of ski boots for sale and was wondering where are the online marketplaces for such items would be. Appreciate if you could post urls. Thanks. Tony <...

Death of backpacking related to xc?
I note an editorial at the Mountain Gazette website that's commenting on the (recent I think) big change in direction at Backpacker magazine. Apparently it's not going to be about backpackin...

The "Official" Unofficial New York State Masters Nordic Team Championships
All - The Peru Nordic Masters Ski Pool (the World's Most Notorious Nordic Ski Team) announces the 2005 Gaun...

Jacket recommendations for Norway over Christmas
I'm off to Norway over christmas for my first bit of Nordic skiing - it'll be a change from walking which is what I normally do... So what I'm wondering is what sort of conditions can I ex...

Fischer Centrix Classic Boot - On-Snow Review
I had used my new Centrix classic ski boots a couple of time roller skiing. I mostly double poled so it wasn't the greatest test. But I did appreciate the support these boots had. So I lo...

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