RE: Trollhaugen (Dresser, WI)
Rumor had it he was expanding from 2.5k to 5k this year. Didn't see any mention in any of the current glossies that Troll is sending out though. -----Original Message----- From: ...

Nat Masters maps
Nevermind....I just checked the site.

Course maps for National Masters
Anybody know when the course maps for the January '05 Nat Masters will be posted? TIA e.

Shadow skiing - poor man's video
The sun is just right right now to pick up a pretty good shadow on some of my trails. It's pretty interesting to try and pick up things like bucket-butting and other little tidbits. It d...

Catalog number two !
The new Reliable Racing Supply winter sports catalog arrived today, that's number two for me (Eagle River Nordic was the first). Not sure what I'm gonna order yet, but usually get something...

Re: syncopated rhythm in skate
So I went out to Elm Creek this morning to do a 2hr ski, and try out some of this. It does work, but takes work. As I was lazily v2-Alt. on the flats, I began to bend the ankle and get

Re: syncopated rhythm in skate
OK, I'm not a coach, or even a really fast skiier*, but here are my 2 cents on this... After seeing references to "slumping your shoulders" to achieve Pete V's "C-shape" torso, an...

ski pulk, sled, child carrier
Ski pulks are a great way to literally get the kids off your back. They are great for hauling groceries into a snowbound cabin, bringing firewood back to the lodge or to take your kid...

So, who's skiing?
I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up yet. Last week, we had 3 days of excellent skiing up on Rabbit Ears Pass near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They got about 17 inches. U...

RE: Informal survey: What skis are you using?
>Peltonen had some financial trouble a couple years ago and I don't know if they're being sold much in the US or not, but Finn Sisu >would be the people to contact about that. <...

Trollhaugen (Dresser, WI)
I've driven by Trollhaugen Ski Area a couple of times this summer. They've been moving a lot of dirt just west of the x-c ski trails. Some of it is supposed to be for new x-c trails, but I'm...

Ski for Light International Week Seeks Volunteers
(*Apologies for any duplications.) Hello, Please share this information with others who you think might be interested. Thanks, Jennison Are you an...

Re: syncopated rhythm in skate
Nathan Schultz wrote: > The reason this is so hard to get is because it requires tremendous >balance and control. In order for you to be able to initiate with the push &...

Re: Team RSN?
Nathan wins the design contest!! (First prize: that very suit, but you have to actually wear it in a race ;- ) PS-- better to have tomatos in the back than in the fron...

RE: Creek fishing is a TOUGH workout
>Makes me want change my exercise routine and add stuff like carrying a rucksack around and hopping over things and to start >throwing boulders again. My best workout in the...

Informal survey: What skis are you using?
Just curious, after a 14-year hiatus from citizen racing, about what makes/models of skis people are using. I notice that Eagle River Nordic is down to 3 brands - Atomic, Fischer, and Madsh...

OT: Creek fishing is a TOUGH workout
My brother and I did a little creek fishing for salmon this past weekend. We were both WHIPPED afterward. All it seems like you're doing is moseying along and peeking thru shrubbery now and ...

syncopated rhythm in skate
Lately I've been playing with the timing of my weight transfer / torso swing in my V1 and No-Poles skate, from two perspectives: (A) to put a delay into the middle of my natural side-to-side...

50K Club Back In Action 9-26-04
Maybe it is because we're all getting older. Or, maybe we're just busy doing other things... Either way, this was probably the latest start the 50K Club ever got before a ski season. However...

Re: Ankle Fracture
On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, m and m wrote: > I'm getting a kayak from a good friend and high school coach of mine! I'll > be able to get my heart rate up. Hope I can double pole in tw...

Re: Anyone else not getting Silent Sports?
On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Jeff Potter wrote: > Anyone else having delivery troubles or who knows what all? I've been a long time subscriber, and have been getting mine regularly. <...

Re: Electronic Kick and Glide
On 24/9/04 1:43 pm, "Ken Roberts" <[email protected]> wrote: > I hope it works, and I'm thinking biggest impact of electric grip technology > could be on: <...

Anyone else not getting Silent Sports?
I signed up for a new sub this winter, to show support for the mag. I've gotten 2-3 issues since then, only after emailing and asking each time. I haven't seen one in months. No, maybe...

RFC - The Nordic Skiing Project
THE NORDIC SKIING PROJECT The plan is to deliver a progressive system of Nordic skiing for release on DVD in October 1995. The product will provide a drill-based approach to all a...

Re: First Catalog of Fall '04
jw wrote: > I thought it looked awefully similar to the last one. Does anyone have their > spring issue still laying around? Compare the two. How much was changed? ...

First Catalog of Fall '04
I got my first nordic catalog for the upcoming season on 9-23-04. It was the usual piece from Eagle River Nordic. Jay Tegeder "Keep training, lycra never lies!" JT

Electronic Kick and Glide
In the September 18-24 issue of The Economist there is an article about digital/electronic enhancments of sports equipment. It details research and early apppications to tennis rackets, down...

Ankle Fracture
Has anyone fractured their ankle(lower fibula) while running? Becasue I did yesterday afternoon while on a 2 hr run; had to limp almost 3 miles back to my car. The doc down at the UofM s...

Nordic Skiing Project Portal
I put in a key word search term "xcskiing" on google and came across a new site that talks about the Nordic Skiing Project - an interesting read.

Tyler Hamilton
Please say it isn't so.... Hamilton drug test shows he had an illegal "transfusion" .... Tyler denies it all. ...

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