It is almost the fierst of August, how are those summer goals coming along? Earlier I posted: Goals? Let's see.... 1) Top 3 Age Group at World 24 Hour Solo MTB Champion...

FS: Women's M The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket $79

PS: Back from week of Minnesota workouts...
PS: The best thing about the workouts was that they were HILLY. Man, I miss the hills. Oh, I also got into a mightly fine V2 rollerski groove on the last workout. Something clicke...

Back from a Big Week of XC training in Minnesota
I just got back from a whild wirlwind two wheeks of fast-tempo 'vacationing.' One of the weeks was a Seminar in Integrative Studies that I try to attend each summer. It's up at Si...

PS: doping and competence
PS: Another thing I wonder about: do any other major Tour contenders focus only on the Tour like USPS does? Sure, they cover their bases and try for the Classics and such, but they're known ...

Do drugs ever go with competence?
I figure RSN is a fairly calm and cool place to discuss drugs and sports. OK, the nutty French have kept up the noise that Lance is tainted. OK, and Greg even supposedly joined in...

Re: Warm-ups - how fast / how long?
I don't think that there's any ski rule of thumb, but there are endurance racing rules of thumb that apply to skiing, biking, and other endurance sports. Generally, the length of ...

Re: Freeman's forward foot thrust during double poling.
I think forward thrust of the foot could add a little power to double-poling, if it's timed right. Douglas Diehl wrote: > While entering the stadium it is apparent Kris Freeman...

Re: Banff Area XC
On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, hubbardston wrote: > It's looking like a Thanksgiving visit to the Banff area this year. Anyone > know if there is generally groomed XC skiing in the ...

Re: Osama Found Hanged [Beware the Trojan Horse]
On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, MoonMan wrote: > Alex Heney wrote: > > On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:11:36 +0100, BrritSki <[email protected]> > > wrote: > > ...

Banff Area XC
It's looking like a Thanksgiving visit to the Banff area this year. Anyone know if there is generally groomed XC skiing in the Canadian Rockies for Tday? Anyone know which are the best gro...

Re: vasaloppet 2006
On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Terje Mathisen wrote: > Gary Jacobson wrote: > > Probably best to fly into Stockholm and train up to Mora. Maybe stop off > > along the w...

Warm-ups - how fast / how long?
During the Tour de France, I noticed that Lance Armstrong warmed at what seemed to be a very high pace for a very long time. Is there a rule of thumb for warming up for a ski event?

Great Skating Technique Article on www.teamtoday.org
A great article, written by the US Ski Team's Justin Freeman, has just been posted on www.teamtoday.org. The article dicusses, in fine detail, all the recent evolution in skating technique ...

rollerski website
Check out www.rollerskishop.com. They import Eagle Sport rollerskis which are very popular in the world cup races and also have training models. Their rollerskis are less then $200 making ...

Exel Evolution race straps?
I just noticed that one of my Exel revolution straps on my roller ski poles is about shot. I have ordered new in the past from Akers Ski, but they do not have any available until next year (...

vasaloppet 2006
Just decided to do the big one - Vasaloppet 2006 to celebrate my 40th birthday... anyone help me out here.... 1. Can I actually enter the vasaloppet or do I have to do the ...

Re: Classic Skiing Doomed At The World Cup Level?
On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Andrew Bolger wrote: > Perhaps classic's future lies with events like ski -o Certainly not at the world cup level. World Cup/World Champs in ski-O ...

Midwest USST/Gear West Ski Camp
Dear Ski Friends, Andrew Johnson and I are putting on a ski camp in Minneapolis this September. We will be covering all the technique and training ideas that the US Ski Team is w...

heel brakes for 120 mm wheels (was : Heel brakes for 100 mm skate wheels)
Thanks ken for the info on Heel brakes. I've adapted it on my (homemade) rollerskis and it fits perfectly with my 120 mm wheels, as you can see at http://lo.dup.chez.tiscali.fr/i...

Re: Finally covered skis for the summer
On 21/7/04 6:40 pm, "gr" <[email protected]> wrote: > Anybody else as late as me, in putting a nice protective coat of wax on > my better skis for summer storag...

Finally covered skis for the summer
Anybody else as late as me, in putting a nice protective coat of wax on my better skis for summer storage? Have the week off from work, so I can get to these chores now! gr

Re: Classic Skiing Doomed At The World Cup Level?
> gr wrote >> I don't think you can beat classic for going >> out into the woods/hiking trails and moving >> along unprepped snow! >I'm like gr, that's the ...

Classic Skiing Doomed At The World Cup Level?
Just prior to Thomas Alsgard's retirement he was asked about the future of classic skiing for WC racing. He felt it would unfortunately be phased out. His reasons were the need for more equi...

Another Cross Contry Ski Reasort For Sale
First of all, congratulations and best wishes to Hans Karlsen, the new owner of Salmon Hills. Hans is a real knowledgeable guy when it comes to recreation, and if anyone can make a go o...

Country Superstar? Star Wars Kid ? or the next William Hung?v
Country Superstar? Star Wars Kid ? or the next William Hung? check out Rick Bass and decide for yourself www.rickbass.com

Salmon Hills update
Letter from Hans Karlsen: Salmon Hills Resort News: - New York (I will keep you posted via list serve of any news I receive....Clara - Tug Hill Tourathon) As of 14 July, 20...

GET CASH & AIRMILES to go to your skiing resort with JET99
Join for FREE! Just watch them climb aboard after you Join at http://www.jet99.com/swift Jet99 has been on Alexa's top 10 Movers and Shakers for the past 2 of its first 3 weeks of exis...

Re: Skiwalking.
--- Terje Henriksen <[email protected]> wrote: > Anyone skiwalking up downhill hills? I do it a lot starting in September. An excellent workout and mentally refreshing...

Anyone skiwalking up downhill hills? -- Terje Henriksen Kirkenes

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