Adventure Racing...Backyard Style!
OK, HighTech Mike was trying to get me to do an Adventure Race with him this spring---13 hrs of multisport action. Sounds like fun! But I got to thinking maybe I know how we could have...

Jenex NORDIXC 125 SR Rollerskis: anybody tried 'em??
Has anybody tried the NORDIXC 125 SR Rollerskis? These are the 3 wheeled rollerskis: 150mm tire in front, 2x 125mm tires in back, cuff activated brakes, no need for ski boots. They go for ...

a Cross country and rowing success story.
I've started reading Rowing News magazine, which is an _excellent_ publication - sort of like Master Skier but with fancy binding and lots of nice pictures, and a $40 per year price. Lots o...

test run

V2 Aero Shaft wanted
Does anyone have a V2 Aero 150 shaft that they might want to sell or trade? I bent one of my shafts today, and bent a pole, during a rare and memorable fall. Bending the shaft bac...

Re: What do you all want to read about?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0069_01C42DF6.7CA21BE0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Re: What's your Goal?
Hi Mark- I was "only serious" about that comment-- I really didn't solidly decide that would be a cool race to do until I saw it from the Tahoe-Donner vantage point. I'm really lo...

For Auction: Thermal Imaging Camera - One Day Left
Forward Looking Infra Red / Thermal Camera / Thermal Imager For Auction: Thermal Imaging Camera.

Re: What do you all want to read about?
--0-1155807740-1083254702=:56301 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Mr. Vordenberg, My two cents. Information related to making XC skiing better is ultimately the v...

RE: What's your Goal?
--The 05 Mora Vasaloppet 35k I've never skied more than 15k or so at a shot, never raced, and just started skating this last year. ...I think this is gonna hurt. ...

Re: What's your Goal?
Congratulations on making your 10 lb off goal, Jeff! I set the same goal for myself for the winter and issued a little challenge to you to see who got there first. Now it's time to c...

What do you all want to read about?
Dear ski friends… The Athletes of the US Cross Country Ski Team – lead by Andrew Johnson, have put together a fund raising project which includes a web site that we will be...

Re: What's your Goal?
The usual: Mount Washington Road Race in June (7.6 miles and 4800 ft of climb). Wapack Trail Race on Labor Day (18 miles and 3,000 feet of up and DOWN). Rob...

What's your Goal?
Hi All- I've been pretty quite on this NG lately-- been very busy with things, but have been lurking, lurking. One of the things I've been busy with is Training! I've set my...

Silent Sports under the new editor
This is directed to midwest US readers and any others who subscribe to Silent Sports. Looking at the May issue, is it just me or do others find the new issue stylistically unattractive, as ...

Re: Ski Walking
Hi Camilo- I agree that ski walking is a great workout, and when you get the motion, is actually a really enjoyable way to flow up a hill, too. I do a lot of trail running in the ...

Re: Off Season Stone Grinding?
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, telewhacker wrote: > Does anyone know of any off-season stone grinding deals? I have > several pairs of skis that need tuning, and I would prefer...

Re: Ski Vs. Road Bike Racing
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Jeff Potter wrote: > Eric Shmo Chandler wrote: > > > [ ] In road cycling, there are crucial points > > of extreme difficulty, w...

Aero 125s for light people
I am planning to get my fiance a pair of Aeros. So far she's been using my 150s, and now she appears to be ready for her own pair of rollerskis. I figured that since she is light - 130 lb - ... subscription service. Whats it all about...$$$
Peter Vordenberg had a great post on R.S.N. in the past about all of us pooling our resources to promote Nordic ski racing and training in the U.S. has taken it to a diff...

Re: Anyone skiing NOW ?
In article <[email protected]>, agale wrote: > Little bit of skiing up in labrador, but the rest of newfoundland has > finally bit the bullet. Not quit...

Ski Walking
Went ski walking a few days ago and had a great, low impact, controlled heart-rate, up hill work out for about 45 minutes. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Nobody showed me how ...

Off Season Stone Grinding?
Does anyone know of any off-season stone grinding deals? I have several pairs of skis that need tuning, and I would prefer to deal with it now rather than waiting until the week before the f...

Re: Freeman on Fischer Boots
--- sknyski <[email protected]> wrote: > By the way, what happened to that guy this year? Had some good early > results, and fizzled? I heard him say in March, ...

Re: 50K Club Report 4-25-04
On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Dell Todd wrote: > > choir last night but also plays the basoon in the orchestra/band. It > > I used to play bassoon in high school & college ! Th...

Freeman on Fischer Boots
Kris Freeman signs with Fischer to race on the new Centrix boots. See story later today on and

50K Club Report 4-25-04
Not much of a report today... It rained in the morning. My wife and I went shopping for new golf clubs for her. She now has golf clubs worth $499 while mine were valued at $12.50, yeah, twel...

open US Ski Team camp
Anyone know the dates for the open US Skiing summer/fall camp in park city? Trying to plan my schedule a little ahead. Thanks.

Ski Vs. Road Bike Racing
I wonder if those NG'ers who both ski race and bike race can comment on the subjective "difficulty" or pain associated with each. We have Jay T., primarily a skier heading into bike racing, ...

Check out
This is a new site run and written solely by members of the US cross-country team. Come check it out! This will be your best source for the latest in training tips, racing reports, trainin...

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