Re: Rec.skiing. ROLLER! ---Let the season begin!
On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Jeff Potter wrote: > I declare summer season open and a newsgroup name change until September > of from RSN to REC.SKIING.ROLLER! You ...

How does race rollerskiing differ from inline with poles?
OK, I have fast racing inline skates, 5 wheelers, with low leather boots. I've gone out using these with poles, doing V2 and such. I've never used racing rollerskis before. But I see t...

Rec.skiing. ROLLER! ---Let the season begin!
I declare summer season open and a newsgroup name change until September of from RSN to REC.SKIING.ROLLER! -- Jeff Potter **** *Out Your Backdoor * http://www.ou...

50K Club Report 3-7-04
While I skied yesterday, today I took out the cyclocross bike and rode with Tom Bengel. We were only out a little over 1 hour. Tom wanted to get back to watch the Paris-Niece Prolouge on OLN...

50 km Club Workout 3/7/04
Since I lost out to Jay T on the Gunde awards, I figure I ought to post more about myself. I went out to Trollhaugen for a 3 hr skate on Sunday. Those who showed up for the workou...

Black Mt Mayhem! --30k classic race report
Well, we had the one of last big races of the season for Michigan yesterday. The inaugural Black Mt Classic 30k: New race, new course, new challenge. The event, which is located i...

Women's ski events: separate but equal?
OK, in the late 70's there were big ski event fields, with about, what, a third ladies entered. Then came skating and complex waxing and field sizes went down by half and women's ...

Re: Best skis to use; Sun Valley XC ; end of march?
--0-27162450-1078672953=:96066 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi Gary- Take the best "track-style" skis from your quiver. i.e., narrower, straighter, longer. <...

Vasaloppet '04 Damm Lies and Statistics - Joy in Mudville!
Some great analogies can be made between The Swedish Vasaloppet and American Baseball. We in the U.S. have a saying; "There's joy in Mudville!" This saying is used after the hometown team wi...

Re: Other Interests
--0-1258732533-1078670167=:30919 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi Terje- Yes, Timp (Timpanogos, so you were close) is one of the nicer, longer hikes. I did it wi...

Re: Skis on planes?
--0-672806238-1078670517=:31678 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi Gary- Sun Valley should be great at that time-- bring your sunscreen. Also, plan on probably s...

Norway takes 1st and 3rd in Swedish Vasaloppet!
1 Anders Aukland 177 Norway Vasaloppet 03:48:42 2 Raul Olle 6 Estonia Vasaloppet 03:48:54 3 Jörgen Aukland 2 Norway Vasaloppet 03:50:43 4 ...

YES!!! Vasaloppet: 1 Anders, 2 Olle, 3 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F8rgen_?=
For the first time ever NRK followed Vasaloppet directly from 0730 this morning. Anders Aukland and his brothers had planned that the other norwegians should pull up the tempo b...

Re: Other Interests
--0-1174427192-1078624317=:47846 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi All- I've been out of town, and so I missed the "Gunde Awards"-- elections thru selection. So (...

Jay T's Big Saturday Workout 3-6-04
Well, the workout wasn't so big today... I took the waxless Visu Magnums and went to the famed "Comenkollen" in Saint Paul. The skiing was actually pretty good with temps in the low 30sF and...

Best skis to use; Sun Valley XC ; end of march?
Which skis should I take to Sun Valley for their XC trails (and Galena Lodge)(for around March 26): 1) Fisher Cruiser no wax (short skis) 2) Fischer Outabounds nowax (metal edge , wide...

Re: Other Interests
Punk karaoke? Competitive punk karaoke? Sound fun! FWW Rock climbing and general mountaineering t***marking fell running ( very slowly0 canoeing and kayaking (canoeing has a s...

Re: lillehammer 94 video?
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Davide Tosi wrote: > Most old VCR are mono-standards, i.e. they translate what they read for > just one system. But nowadays almost all the new VCR that...

Fwd: Show Reminder
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Re: !Vasaloppet!
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, 32 degrees wrote: > Worsnop is there ? Wow, how cool. Lucky guy and elite wave too... > Fun. > > I hope we will get an update on finishers A...

Vasaloppet ski prep
Been looking at video of Vasaloppet '03 from Janne's server. Very interesting. The lead pack is double-poling most of the course, but does kick a bit now and then, so they're not goi...

Re: lillehammer 94 video?
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, 32 degrees wrote: > I think the data encryption AND the physical tape cartridge are BOTH > incompatable. > I have a PAL tape and it does NOT loo...

Re: !Vasaloppet!
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Terje Mathisen wrote: > > The book also makes the claim that the 1949 Olympic Conference in Rome > > gave Ski-O "Olympic Status"! >

Roller skiing introduce bad kick habit?
Yesterday I was out with an instructor watching me stride. I wish I can charge that kind of money :). I had all the wrong thing right. My butt was so far back he had to tie rope around my bu...

Re: lillehammer 94 video?
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, beorn wrote: > >Also, VHS is not compatible with European I think.... > > I'm afraid it isn't, that's one of the reasons why I was looking fo...

Re: !Vasaloppet!
On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, David Dermott wrote: > According to the book "Orienteering" (Hans Bengtsson,1977) the first > civilian Ski-O competition was held in Sweden Mar 4, 190...

Stan Rezic
One year at the birkie sprints, Stan became our sentimental favorite to root for. He stood out as the only unaffiliated skier to make the later rounds. In the final, his pole shaft pulle...

lillehammer 94 video?
hi to everybody, I never posted on this group but I've been reading for a couple of months lately, more or less since I decided to come back *seriously* to xc sky. I'm an italian guy, e...

XC Videos on DVD
A friend in europe sends me XC videos of Euro coverage. I think they're some of the same that Janne offers, (but don't require 8rs to download @56k or a $$$ broadband connection). ...

Royal Gorge perimeter - route details
Building on Bob and Mark's earlier posts, below is the route I took for my Royal Gorge Perimeter tour -- as best as I can remember. I'm just a short-time visitor: hopefully the local exper...

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