Jay T's Saturday Workout and 50K Club Report 2-7,8-04
Saturday Workout 2-7-04: Notice how I didn't say "Big" Saturday Workout... I skated for 1 hour at the famed "Comenkollen" in Saint Paul. I wanted to take it easy before the Sunday race, the ...

Ned Gillette and John Dostal's book
Hi All, I was wondering if anybody knows what the last edition of Ned Gillette's and John Dostal's "Cross Country Skiing" is. I borrowed it (the '88 edition) from the local libra...

Celebrity Nordic Skiers
Anyone know of any famous nordic skiers? The question came up in a conversation the other day and no one could think of any.

Sun Valley In March
If I go to Sun Valley at the end of March, can I expect enough snow? Good snow? Thanks!

On-line Registration now open for The Great Ski Race, March 7th in Tahoe
Registration for the 28th annual The Great Ski Race is now open: http://www.thegreatskirace.com/registration.html All the info you ever want to know is available on the we...

Pre BIrkie/Birkie trail conditions
As I always do I skied the Pre-Birkie today, instead of Mora, I like the Birkie Hills, compared to the flatter terrain at Mora. The conditions on the trail were great coverage, However, the...

Low-breathing is key! --Nice breakthru
I just had my best ski outing this year. Coulda done another jillion hills. Classic. Fresh 28F snow---Toko Yellow (old? for Zero). Perfect. I started out my first half-hour loop on th...

Re: I'm confused on GlideWaxing
My experience with my Fischer RCS wax-less is that hot waxing helps the glide a lot, just like any other ski with a quality base. Think "wax LESS", not no-wax. Erik Brooks, ...

Re: The "DARLING" post document contains a VIRUS -- don't open!!
On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Gene Goldenfeld wrote: > Until monitor Ken can get rid of it, be careful. this post never came through the e-mail list. I assume WNK has a filter. An...

The "DARLING" post document contains a VIRUS -- don't open!!
Until monitor Ken can get rid of it, be careful. Gene

Mora Trail Conditions?
Can anyone provide an update on Mora's trail conditions for tomorrow's Vasaloppet? Is there good snow cover or do I need to bring the rock skis? Thank you.

Best areas for scenic skiing
My question is which are the best areas for nordic skiing in the upper part of lower Michigan (Petosky and Cadillac areas). I only have one week to ski and find there are more places to ski...

Skiing near Sherbrooke
Howdy, I'll be visiting Univ of Sherbrooke soon and hope to do some nordic skiing in the area. Any recommendations on places to ski (track) and stay. Merci beaucoup Mark

Re: My Konig Ludwig Laufs
> While my future as a Worldloppet skier is not certain, I decided to buy > another passport. Now I have only 9 more races to go. > > Gary Jacobson > Rosendale,...

My Konig Ludwig Laufs
My wife Lisa calls the shots when it comes to where we go on our ski vacations. That way she doesn't feel fully railroaded into the ordeal, and also I can blame her if things don't work out....

hip replacement
Just curious, is anyone skating after having hip replacement surgery? If so, how's it going?

37days of classic
Ok, I ONLY classic ski when its blue extra conditions ( or colder ). We've had 37 days of powder snow here for 37 days of amazing classic skiing. THis must be a record. Each day we get ab...

Broken Swix Iron
Anyone know what to do when a Swix iron ($100 pre-2004 model) does not produce any heat. I have TWO of these irons in which the green light is on all of the time, no matter what setting the...

Graphite vs Molybdenum
In the current Master Skier (Race Season 2004, p. 12), Ian Harvey of Toko argues that that basically every wax company now uses glide waxes with Molybdenum and that Molybdenum is clearly a b...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 5 Feb 2004
I skied yesterday at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. Conditions were excellent. (I've been holding out with "very good" for a while but, after Tuesday's snow, nothing short of "excellen...

Buyer's remorse
I bought new Fischer Skatecut RCS's this year. They are the 2003's that have only the "speed tip" not the tail. I'm about 175-180 pounds and they are 182 cm long and theoretically the right...

Gel/Mora Vasaloppet
Hi all, What energy gel stays the most "gel like" in cold conditions. At the City of Lakes Loppet, the GU packets I had stapled to my bib were pretty well frozen by the time I need...

Salomon Classic Profile Flexor Pulling Out
I have Salomon Classic Profile bindings that I have been skiing on for the last year and a half. I classic mainly and race 20-30K per weekend and the flexor (yellow rubber thing) has pulled ...

Re: Pole revolution?
Well - maybe, maybe. I followed the link, and here is the text: It helps to look at the picture first, I think: http://www.marcsfishing.com/2inno/sauvasompa.html ...

I'm confused on GlideWaxing
Is there a difference in the glidewaxes you use for waxless versus waxable skis ? And does it make a difference whether the bottoms are extruded or sintered ? I have waxless ...

NYC-Westchester ski traverse 90 km
I skied from Manhattan north thru the Bronx and thru Westchester county, up to Mahopac in Putnam county, during the last week or so. Photos at http://roberts-1.com/t/xc034/n/c (that pa...

Re: JayT's Big Saturday Workout RACE 1-31-04
> Why the pantyhose? Do you ever use the Omni-Prep for the final buff For the silky feel and the way they make you look good in heels! But seriously, they are lint free (al...

HELP - identifying Fischer skis
Can anyone give me the approximate timeframe when fisher made these x-country skis ? They are Fischer Polar Crowns - the skis are white with navy blue lettering. the bottoms say crownbase 80...

Pole revolution?
Exel is introducing a "revolutionary basket" design at the "International Trada Fair for Sports Equipment and Fashion" in Munich. The press release, with all its hype, can be fou...

Re: Officials??
On the sub-thread of people/packages which do a good job of organizing/bibs/ timing/results, in southern Ontario, many of the races are done by Al White from Orangeville, along with a team o...

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