Oberhof Biathlon World Champ - Janne G site
Has anyone managed to download the men 20k race from > ftp://avari181.mt.luth.se/pub1/Biathlon/OberhofWorldChamp/ ??? These two files (BiathlonOberhof20kMen1.avi and Biath...

Re: Skating and bonking
> > And, I just haven't gotten the hang of warming a powerbar under my > > windbriefs, yanking it out, and sticking it in my mouth. Probably > > never will. > ...

question - cutting CF poles to length
Hi All, I have a pair of CF/Glass poles I need to cut down 4 cm. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to remove either the basket or grip? Are they hot glued on? pressure fit? epoxied?

Re: Skating and bonking
[email protected] wrote: > And, I just haven't gotten the hang of warming a powerbar under my > windbriefs, yanking it out, and sticking it in my mouth. Probably >...

Re: Keski 25k Classic. View from the back.
On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ken Roberts wrote: > 90 km from Salen > to Mora is a great concept, but for sure I'm going to choose a day when I > can _skate_ it. > <...

Re: Skating and bonking
Yes. And if I'd kept skiing much maybe I could kept it, too. Have gotten very little on-snow time in the last few years since the twins were born. They turned 3 yesterday. I don't ...

Re: stonegrind base
On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Gary Jacobson wrote: > In any event I've been told that I would benefit from some new good, well > fitting skis, and am leaning toward Fischer, especi...

Re: Skating and bonking
On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ken Roberts wrote: > I've spent the last month or two working on skating _slow_ up hills. It's > something that can be practiced, and there are some s...

skate ski purchase advice: Old ARCs or new $$
Hi All: Before I subject myself to a serious case of buyer's remorse I thought I'd appeal to the experts. I'm a fit recreational skater with an occasional race thrown it he...

it is obviously harder to learn how to skate ski correctly than classic
I went out and got some skate skis after classic skiing this year for the first time. I will tell you that it is obviously harder to learn how to skate ski correctly than classic, especially...

Re: The legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen
At 09:18 17 02 04 Tuesday, JMC wrote: >The very first waxes I used smelled of tar, came in silver >cardboard boxes in at least two flavors: Jackrabbit for dry >snow and ...

RE: Buyer's remorse
>I think the issue was the hairs on the bottom. Oddly enough, I saw an article out on the Master Skier website from the 02/03 season, by Rick Halling from Atomic. Dunno, seems to f...

Re: Skating and bonking
On 17 Feb 2004, at 8:23, Allan Butler wrote: > I found the snow conditions to be much worse on the top section of the > parkway. It felt like sandpaper I found the sam...

Italians at Birkie
I was looking at the latest Birkie press release and noticed that both Fauner and DeZolt are going to be skiing in the elite wave. As a spectator this year it'll be interesting to watch thes...

Re: stonegrind base
> Mitch Collinsworth wrote: > > On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Gary Jacobson wrote: > > > > Is this STILL true? I remember hearing and seeing this about a decade ...

Travelling with skis
Recently there had been a query asking about any problems with taking multiple pairs of skis on airlines. I just finished a roundtrip on Northwest Airlines from Los Angeles to Ott...

Re: XC Ski boots - 2 adult one kids
On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Unlock wrote: > Post to rec.skiing.marketplace! Hey, Mr. Unlock, It's pretty clear from the other messages you posted today that yo...

Re: stonegrind base
On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Gary Jacobson wrote: > Not a troll- Atomic generally have stinky bases. I have Atomics so I'm not > just badmouthing them. Even after grinding there ca...

Biathlon rifle / stuff for sale
I have a Marlin 2000l rifle with core sports carry harness, prone sling, four clips and a holder, ready for racing, $500. Real nice starter rifle with adjustable stock, well maintained. Tr...

The legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen
Here's a neat, and to me very inspiring, article on Jackrabbit Johannsen : http://canada.x-c.com/main.asp?cmd=doc&ID=2059&lan=0 Parham.

Skating and bonking
Having fared rather miserably at the Keski 50K skate race this Sunday (shortened to 42.5K because of the cold), and trying to analyze my failure, I have a burning question on my mind. I bonk...

Re: Pantani
On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, J999w wrote: > >Not true. He received a relatively major write up in the the Sunday LA >Times There was also a large write up in the Sunday NY Times...

Re: Putney Duathlon Race Report
--- Rob Bradlee <[email protected]> wrote: > Wax: glide: HF Moly & cold powder. Kick: Base Green + 2 layers of > Mint. That's HF BLUE not moly. Sorry, b...

Snow Crystals and Temperature, and Wax Choice
What happens to a snow crystal that matches green kick wax in the morning, and then later in the day extrablue, and then as night falls green wax works. How do the temperature variatio...

Putney Duathlon Race Report
I decided not to do the Keskinada race this past weekend. Instead I did a day trip to Putney VT for the Duathlon race. Weather was much better than expected. Temps were 10 F when I...

Re: Pantani
At 09:23 16 02 04 Monday, jw wrote: >Other than the pro cycling websites or rec.bicycles.racing, there has been no >mention of it here in the states. Not true. He rec...

For sale: Fischer team suit, hat, and vest.
Hi all skiers, My wife won a great prize in the raffle at Lake Placid Loppet, but is selling it because it is too large for her: A Fischer team racing suit, hat, and vest. ...

Race Report: Minn Finlandia
Well, a bit of a lull in the schedule between the big races in this neck of the woods, the Mora Vasaloppet (biggest race in Minnesota) and Birkie (biggest race in Wisconsin and US). I heade...

nordic walking?
There have been a couple of articles here and there about the sport of nordic walking.....little known here in the US it seems. I went out and bought a pair of Leki poles for nordic walkin...

Re: converting from classical to skating
On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Cameron Campbell wrote: > When you get to your club or resort you have to decide - Is this a classic > day or a skate day? That means of course two sets of ...

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