Re: A new group
--0-1698046052-1078122285=:51925 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii I've heard from several people that my posts have extra long lines. My email program (yahoo's email) sends ...

Got my face in world cup biathlon news!
What a surprise. Just got home from 3 days of watching world cup biathlon in Lake Placid. Looked on the web to see how the event was covered and I find myself looking at my 3-year-ol...

Clothing for skiing
I am not on a racing team, I ski for the personal pleasure. I have a diffuculty when skiing. I am either too cold, or too hot. I do layer, but sometimes its not working. Eg...

Garland Race Reports
Garland Report Bottom line: I had a tremendous two-race weekend. Best ever. Sat 11k CL on 3yr old Atomics w/fresh Lj03 by Zach 19F overnite, warming to a hot & sunny 5...

50K Club Report 2-29-04
The workout today was the bike swap at Saint Paul Academy in, well, Saint Paul. On hand selling and buying bike stuff were Tom and Lee Bengel, Bill Stuber, Steve Clancey, Freddy Kueffer and ...

Re: My Final Exam 24k
Good job, JP - welcome to the 'club'! > An observation: At the end of the race during the award, many 1, 2, 3 > weren't even present, and a lot of people had left, is ...

My Final Exam 24k
Hi RSNers, I just had my final exam yesterday, I did my first classic race 24k. Last season: I took my first xc ski lesson. I couldn't stand on one ski, let alone gliding on one s...

Amazing V1 uphill breakthru: on last day of skiing!
I just had a great golf course crust ski. First and last time of the year probably. 50F forecast for the next couple days. There's one bigger steeper hill out there. I went up it a few...

Re: wooden skis
> "Mike Hui" wrote: > But I need bamboo poles to go with them -- mine were all broken years back and I > need to find a 145cm pair. I found mine on eBay - th...

Re: Roller Ski Question
--0-732491505-1078034273=:23772 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi June- Serge has some very good points regarding what kinds of roller-skis to get, what to stay ...

A new group
If anyone is interested, I started this just as a way to get more = information.=20

Jay T's Big Saturday Workout 2-28-04
I skied the great trails at Hyland Park reserve on the west side of Minneapolis. I drove out with Tom and Lee Bengel. We skated and had rocket skis on frozen granular for the first 60 minute...

The Scandinavian Waterloo
I did follow the Holmenkollen 50 K, the most classic of all the x-country races, on German ZDF TV. My understanding of the German language is almost nil, but I got the following words "Mitte...

Re: Roller Ski Question
> Thanks Erik. I found that website with the CAT skis yesterday. I kind of = > shook it off as nonsense, but perhaps I was overly hasty Dale's engineering seems ...

Re: andrey Rev
LOL, Erik ----- Original Message ----- From: "Gary Jacobson" <[email protected]> To: "Multiple recipients of list NORDIC-SKI" <[email protected]

Re: Roller Ski Question
From: "Diva" > Thanks, Serge, Dave, Marsh and Gene, for the valuable information. I = > will now fess up -- I am 52 years old. Diva - I'm a 51yo male, a fairly se...

Grinding and Waxing at the Birkie
Hi All - as I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on my Birkie report. I've finally gotten it written-up and posted at my website. Check it out there if you're interested - it's ...

The cost of wax
My dear, ski-race-widow wife agreed to pick up a package of FC1 for me - and almost went into shock. I think $100 was a little more than she was expecting to spend on a packet of wax - es...

Re: wooden skis
> I suppose it's closest to the flyrod, which is dynamically used like a ski, > with flex feel being important. I'd never used a cane pole when younger. When > I finally g...

uphill skate rhythm
Watching WC and citizen skiers skate uphills (V1), it's apparent that some pick up into a high turnover rate, while others pick up their tempos but are usually more medium to relatively lumb...

US team seems to be in the 20's this year...
Any word on how the US team is doing overseas? I'm seeing Kris and Andy in the 20's but that's about it. That seems pretty good. But any news? I see Tron reporting that they gave Kris the wr...

Skiing Downhill Like Riding a Pony
for me at any rate. Not that I have ever ridden a horse faster than I could walk. However the image of riding a horse at gallop got me to a more flexed and flexible position. I actually hi...

Re: Official Toko view of Birkie
In article <[email protected]>, Eric Shmo Chandler wrote: > I had HF7 on top of LF7 on top of CH7 x 2 layers. Worked great. My > question is,...

Re: wooden skis
I'd suggest that you compare it to Craftsman style houses, and the handmade furniture movement. I'd have such a house and furniture if I could afford it, because I love the look and feel of...

Re: Best American Birkebeiner Wax Combinations
In article <[email protected]>, Trukweaz wrote: > I heard the Italians won on Solda covered by FC040. You MIGHT be right: On fasterskie...

wooden skis
What is it about wooden skis that makes them so appealing to (some) people? I'm about to have to explain this to a TV cameraman, and I'm finding it difficult to put words around it. Any ide...

Mpeg Races: Drammen and Trondheim sprint
World Cup 2004 XC-skiing, Trondheim in VBR ~450kbit quality and DivX encoding, with audio in 32kbit mono mp3, English. http://avari181...

Roller Ski Question
I am a real rank beginner nordic skiier, but I am absolutely and totally = in love with this sport. I really love the exercise, and the snow is all = but gone here, so I'm thinking about rol...

Another near death experience
This past weekend I took a brand new pair of classic racing skis out for a run on our local trails. I will spare you the details of the first day. The skis performed well and I had a good t...

OLN Coverage
Right now on OLN (9:45pm Thursday 02-26) some very dynamic (albeit truncated) coverage of the men's double pursuit in Oberstdorf. Some good coverage with mobile cameras and angles that conv...

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