JayT's Big Saturday Workout RACE 1-31-04
Today I raced the 35K City of Lakes Skate race in Minneapolis. I didn't have the fastest skis (I should get a cold weather skate ski). However, I think my main problem was that I'm still rec...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 31 Jan 2004
I skied today at the Stowe Mountain Resort cross-country center (still popularly known as the "Mt. Mansfield" cross-country area). Conditions were very good on the groomed trails, and sup...

The hills of the Birkie
Last year right after the Birkie someone posted the elevation gain they recorded during the race. 3,000 feet of climbing rings a bell, but I don't remember. Anyone remember the post or hav...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
'A falcon looses speed every time it turns its head' Now there's an inspirational slogan for you. Story of my life I guess, mind you get to see more Sorry not to credit the author, hit ...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
On 31/1/04 1:54 am, "John Forrest Tomlinson" <[email protected]> wrote: > On 30 Jan 2004 16:33:54 -0800, [email protected] (Andrew > Bolger) wrote: ...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
Well I'm only a humble social scientist but I thought the point of Galleleo's experiment was that a pound of feathers in a leather bag fell at the same rate as a (rather smaller) pound bag o...

Re: start green
I've been finding Start green with Toko X-cold powder gliding pretty well, but haven't done a glide test against straight Start green, or against the powder with Toko blue. Best, ...

Re: start green
-- > 1) Start Green > 2) Fast Wax Extreme cold > 3) Toko blue with XCold powder on top of the moly. If you're going to use the Toko, mix blue with the mo...

1991 Vasaloppet
Anyone out there have a copy of the video of this race? I just re-read Pete Vordenberg's book again and want to see the video. Janne - would it be possible to load up a digital copy o...

start green
I know some people still think start green the best for really cold temps. we are racing the city of lakes on relatively new snow with a week of cold temps and and overnight low of -15F. ...

Re: Physics of Klister?
Almost. DOUBLE ziploc baggies. Klister is the Gollum of waxes... Rob Bradlee --- Chris Cline <[email protected]> wrote: > the answer to both: ziploc baggies! ...

Re: Physics of Klister?
--0-692294898-1075474568=:62503 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii the answer to both: ziploc baggies! Chris C SLC UT Aliant <scott#.campbell#@n...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
Yes, if a feather and a bowling ball had a ski race in a vacuum, the ball would have no advantage from gravity on the downhills. Maybe my astronaut of a recent posting and his race in the po...

On finding your wax pocket
Leafing through last year´s Vasaloppet-magazines I (re)read the article about (re)finding the wax pocket(s) on your skis. Since the procedure was new to me, it might be of interest for othe...

Dr D:s waxes?
Is there anyone that have something to say about hem? Anyone that have tested them? -- Forward in all directions Janne G

heavy downhill faster???
Previous discussion cited several instances of heavier folks going downhill faster (bikes and skis) than lighter folks. Several people seemed to agree that the physics works this way. A...

Looking for Profil heel plates
Does anyone have Salomon Profil heel plates that they can sell me? Maybe someone who works in a shop? I carelessly busted one taking the bindings off of a broken ski. They seem to be out ...

Physics of Klister?
OK. Great thread on the effect of body mass and glide. But how about the great, universal unknown: "Why will klister always leak out of the container in the least favourable location"? Or...

Skiing at -12F Classic is the Way to Go!
I skied today with the temp at minus 12 (-12F). There was a 10mph wind out of the northwest which is a killer at that temp. However, I skied a trail system on the east side of Saint Paul tha...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
Isn't there a story, supposedly true, about a smallish Columbian climber from the big European bicycle tours back in the 70/s or 80's, who could dlimb with the best. After awhile it was noti...

Re: Body weight -- does it affect glide?
On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 [email protected] wrote: > As for the > contact of ski base with packed snow underneath, I'd guess that that > might be reasonably descr...

How to get firm track with homemade setter?
I have a 30"x40"x48" homemade tracksetter. It must weigh about 60 pounds. I pull it with ski forms on the bottom for classic, or remove them and pull twice around for skating. The result loo...

Body weight -- does it affect glide?
The recent discussion of BMI made me wonder -- what are the advantages of being heavier? One that occurred to me is that a heavier skier may get better glide than a lighter skier. I men...

skiing at altitude & heart rate
Hi, Maybe you can explain this to me. I live in Wisconsin and have been xc skate ski training for the Birkie for the past 3 months. My fitness is very good, currently. I'...

Re: Ole-Einar wants to put on some weight
Sorry, it's too late at night---I got 165 lbs. = 75 kg. mixed up, and called myself 65 kg. So I guess I'm plenty chubby, as I expected! That adds 15% to the BMI, so puts me well up there ...

Re: Ole-Einar wants to put on some weight
How do you calculate the BMI? I can't remember, or maybe never knew. My weight and height are pretty close to Bjornedalen it appears, but I always thought that probably losing a few kg. woul...

FS: 2002-03 Atomic RC-8 Beta Classical Skis
For Sale 2002-03 Atomic RC-8 Beta Classical Skis 206 cm manufacturer's rec. for 160+ lb. skier with Salomon Equipe Classic bindings. Like new: purchased 1/03, skie...

Re: Snow and Politics
On 27/1/04 8:22 pm, "John Hart" <[email protected]> wrote: > "taywood" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:<[email protected]

Hut to Hut Skiing - Michigan
Does anyone know of any good hut to hut skiing in central or southern Michigan? I would love to go but can find nothing but expensive resorts and lodges and such. Any help would be great. ...

RE: pole length question
Griss and Chris: >However, I've decided that for my purposes (and those of my own and ski club kids, and most >adults), the methods using body landmarks are easiest and best...

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