Can somone PLEASE translate this?
I'm getting e-mails from the good folks at the Norway Birkie, who don't seem to realize that some people outside of Norway may not speak Norweigan. Pathetic pleas to them for assistance hav...

Fischer SCS ws. Rossignol Delta?
Does anyone here have direct experience with both of these skis? Actually I'll take any of the current Fischer double sidecuts vs. any of the current Rossignol skate line. I'm thinking a...

Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03 Day 4
It was back to the famed "Comenkollen" in Saint Paul for 1 1/2 hours of classic skiing. Como Park is getting pretty soft and the predicted warm temps for this week could trash the course. Ho...

Camrose Alberta ski club (FRAM)
That' CAMROSE, not to be confused with Canmore (1988 Olympics) Lat 53 N Long 113 W, about 80 km SE of Edmonton I just found this site: "

Lake Placid 10" of Snow. Van Ho is rolled!
Van Hoevenberg received 10" with more expected. They are not open, but they groomed for skiers if that makes sense.

Re: Skiing with prescription glasses
"JMC" <[email protected] (nospam)> wrote: > > My daughter cannot use contact lenses and cannot x-c ski without her > prescription glasses. Regular glasses tend to fog easily; ...

Wretched situation: I catch a cold after most hard workouts
It seems like I go from cold to cold the past couple years. After I get over one cold I gradually build back up to an eager hard workout...then I catch another cold! It just...

Gatineau Park Conditions
There are 11 cm of snow in the park & P8 & P10 are recommended starting points. Of course I'll be there with a grin from ear to ear. Another November start to x-c skiing

Skiing with Tommy
Hi all, I had a pretty exciting time in West Yellowstone, and now I'm back in windy, snowless, Reading MA. I wrote up an article about my experiences. I've included the LONG ver...

Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03 Day 3
Today's Big Saturday Workout/Thanksgiving Camp Day 3 was held at William O'Brien State Park north of Stillwater, Minnesota or 40 minutes northeast of Saint Paul. Situated in the famed Saint ...

Re: Widowed ski looking for mate
I have a pair of old Fischer RCS -excellent skis, but a they are horribly mismatched. So better they divorce and remarry. Can you tell us your bodyweight and what sort of stiffness you are...

Widowed ski looking for mate
I'm looking for a mate for my single Madshus Hypersonic classic 210. Its former partner was unceremoniously crushed by UNITED AIRLINES on a summer trip a couple of years ago. I don't care ...

Kristina Smigun is Ridiculous!
Man...! Who can beat this girl? I just watched the duathalon from Kuusamo where she just left everybody in the dust on the skate portion. Evi Sachenbacher, Gabriella Paruzzi, Claudia Kin...

Re: Why don't more skiers use RSN?
O.K I confess! I haven't a clue what the difference is between a news group and the various other forum available on line. So you aboriginals may be an elite but you are mixing posts with at...

Ski Trab
F.Y.I. What's a ski Trab?.........Ski Trab is Short for Trabucchi the family owned and operated ski company from Bormio Italy. Regarding the podium at last years Birkie it was thi...

Re: Why don't more skiers use RSN?
On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Kenneth Salzberg wrote: > On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Bob wrote: > > > My guess is that of US computer users, less than 1% even know that use...

Re: Why don't more skiers use RSN?
Jeff, if your ISP's usenet feed is unreliable and you don't like the alternative free feeds, don't forget there is always the e-mail version. I almost never read rsn via usenet. I ge...

Re: Any news about VANDEL skis? Hey...their site hops to Fischer!
On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Laurent Duparchy wrote: > If they have any utility, why don't we have skis with 3, 4, 5 small > grooves at the tail, zero at the top, or the reverse ? ...

Re: Why don't more skiers use RSN?
On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Bob wrote: > My guess is that of US computer users, less than 1% even know that usenet > exists. Of those that know of usenet, many are reppeled by the ng no...

Re: Visu Pro Race Cap skis
On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Dell Todd wrote: > My own comparison is bad. For example; I am sure I could find a > fischer ski that makes the visu magnums seem like great skis. I wo...

NRK - Video -
Did anyone else get the video from NRK working? I logged on with my new userid/pw and all seems good. Connects ok. Player says "Ready". But no video. Flashes the text "opening media"....

Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03 Day 2
Another day at the famed "Comenkollen" in Saint Paul. It's great to be on snow locally during Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully the snow will survive the predicted warm temps for next week. To...

Skiing with prescription glasses
My daughter cannot use contact lenses and cannot x-c ski without her prescription glasses. Regular glasses tend to fog easily; it gets worse on sunny days when she adds the clip-on sunglasse...

Pro Ski C2 Roller Skiis For Sale. Like new.
Like new, Pro Ski C2's (classic model) used once. With brand new Salomon Classic Equipe bindings. $175 includes shipping.

Used Tackle Shops near Gloucester U.K.
Just heard from my folks that my brother surprised them late last night, after flying in from Zurich to spend the holiday with us. Obviously he's the successful one in the family. Anyway, si...

Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03
Today was the first day of Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03. Unlike last year, I didn't have to ski on man made snow. Another inch or two of snow overnight helped the base at the famed "Com...

skitouring trip in Finland- need advice :)
I and my boyfriend are going to spend winter holidays in Finland. The plan is to take touring ski, a tent, all other staff and try some backcountry skiing. The question is: where we can go? ...

Any news about VANDEL skis? Hey...their site hops to Fischer!
Hey, Vandel fan! How is Vandel doing this year? I'm still interested in these unusual skis and would like news about them. I tried the link I had from last season: kaput. OK, OK.....

Why don't more skiers use RSN?
My ISP is a HUGE local ISP and oddly they say that I'm almost the only user of their newsreader service (which they buy from I find it very odd that Usenet is used so little by t...

Test: can you see this post? seems WAY lame
Can someone reply to this post if you can see it. Thanks. I presume you all can. However, I notice that the posts I make via the newsreader at don't appear at Googl...

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