Veikko Hakulinen hit by car.
From of all places: • Veikko Hakulinen, a Finnish cross-country skier who won three Olympic gold medals, died after being hit by a car in Helsinki, Finland, police...

The Daily Camera
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Re: So ... anyone skiing yet ???
[email protected] asked: > > Snow in the Dakotas and Manitoba. Anybody sliding yet? We got 9cm of wet snow on Monday, plus .5cm on every other day this week. The low...

Re: many virus - spam - file attachments (was Re: aging stats)
I have been using this same address for the last 15+ years, and get very few spams on it - not nearly as many as on the "ksalzberg" address. I assume that is because our UNIX administrator ...

Re: Thanksgiving Camps?
> Of course, if I COULD make it Yellowstone, boy I'd do it. That sounds > like the ticket. Several GRNST'ers are headed there again this year. > Free demo gear - they don't ev...

Installing 75 mm, 3-pin, NN bindings ?
Our trusty old Karhu Kodiak skis bit the dust last spring. It was pretty strange, 3 out of 4 of the skis lost the rear part of the mutigrade laminate in the span of about 3 hours of back c...

WTB Used or Discount Ski Tuning Equipment
Hi all Let me know if you have anything for sale. Need brushes, files, rotorbush system, iron, waxes and overlays, etc. Please specifiy make, model, model year, condition and pric...

aging stats
Just read (and heard on the radio, simultaneously, through an odd coincidence) about Economist Ray Fair's formulas to calculate effects of age on marathon times. Article is at http://w...

Thanksgiving Camps?
I know that Crested Butte and Boulder both have nordic training camps over Thanksgiving weekend. And of course there is West Yellowstone. But... Are there any other camps being co...

So ... anyone skiing yet ???
Snow in the Dakotas and Manitoba. Anybody sliding yet? jw milwaukee (hiking in shorts today ! )

Just go
This morning I had one of those confirmatory experences that our coaches tell us about. The advice is, of course, "just do it". The experence: Got up this morning to light drizzle and ove...

XC near NH, MA coastline?
Hello All, I am considering moving to be closer to my family. I am thinking about somewhere along the coast between Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH. Also maybe somewhere south of ...

Re: doesn't like Jenex Aero's.
> and coaches are in love with the Aeros. Further, if you look at the > technique video by Zach Caldwell, I don't think he has picked up any > bad habits from the Aeros. Bad...

xc skiing vs. snowmobiling
This survey tells me what I like to hear. Download it for the full story. Greg Fangel ============================== Press Release For Immediate Release Cont...

F/S Swix Alu Lite Roller Skiing Poles 2 pairs $50.00 shipped
For Sale: 2 pair of Swix Alu Lite Roller skiing poles 145 cm with SR 94 straps, carbide ferrules 155 cm with standard strap, carbide ferrules Extra pair of standard straps included.

FS: X-C Books and Videos
X-C Books Endless Winter Luke Bodensteiner Momentum Pete Vordenberg Long Distance Bill McKibben Kickland Kevin Hayes Optimal X-C Training Lee Borowski Fit...

Ski Reccomendation
I tried Nordic a few (three times) last year, and got hooked. Now it's time for skis, poles and boots. I'm looking at the Fischer and Rossignol touring skis that are suitable for 50/50 track...

Trip to the store
In the interest of full disclosure, my connections are: Fischer Skis and Boots Exel Poles Joe's Ski Shop Last night, I went to Joe's to get my new skis checked for fit....

Ski Challenge of my Life
On 13 March 2004 I will be taking up the challenge of my life. I am going to Austria to take part in the White Peaks Challenge for Scope. Joining 80 other people gathered from all walks of l...

New Issue of Cross Country Skier
Got the first issue of the season today. Nice job as usual. It was interesting to see that Bill McKibben, author of "The End of Nature" and"Long Distance: ... a Year of Living Strenously", i...

heat box
I've just finished to build my own heatbox and I'm looking for advices. (Other than "don't use that stuff".. ;-) Zachary posted (or was it on his site ?) his procedures a while ago,

Training Week Oct 20-26th
Greeting r.s.ners! Please tell us about your training week (and your goals)! MON 0:00 TUE 2:00 Nordic walking WED 1:00 Running, incl. 20x 30s+30s (vVO2...

MPEG Races: Dusseldorf sprint
Are you ready for this? Dusseldorf sprint on snow? World Cup 2003 sprint in Dusseldorf in VBR ~400kbit quality in DivX encoding, with audio in 32kbit mono mpeg3 (mp3), Norwegian commentators...

Drooling at Night
Years ago there was something about drifting off to sleep in a puddle of drool after a long hard work out. Happened often when I was younger. Rarely happens these days, but it did last night...

Re: A Boy and His Skipping
Great post but don't be too disappointed if he doesn't get into skiing; kids generally take after their parents but not always in the ways their paretns expect. Andy b On 26/10/03 ...

50K Club Report 10-26-03 - Training Wrong!
Twenty people showed up for the 50K Club Rollerski Workout on Sunday, October 26th! It was 30F and didn't warm up much. Those who skated 3 hours with meJay Tegeder, included Bills Quinn, Stu...

ZERO rollerskiing
I am coaching our high school cross country running team this fall - wow, what a time consuming job. You may have noticed my lack of posting in the last 3 months ! Every saturday is consum...

Fleet Maintenance Pro v9.0.19 Enterprise 100 users, STRACfast
Fleet Maintenance Pro v9.0.19 Enterprise 100 users, STRACfast Maintenance 2.5c, Auto Maintenance Pro v9.0 Professional Incl Keygen, various other AUTO and BOAT Maintenance progs ... wee...

A Boy and His Skipping
My 5 year old boy hasn't been much interested in pushing many physical limits so far. He really likes running around and being chased, but has no real interest in gliding or sliding. He'd ra...

google sometimes drives me nuts
Off topic, but... it really drives me nuts when I spend ~5 min typing something in the google form, press the submit button, and see a 500 error message. I learned copying my messages into t...

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