And you think you're a gear-freak!
I hung out this past weekend with a buncha guys who make my XC buddies look like tame gear-freaks in comparison. One guy has maybe 30-50 pairs of outdoor-tech footwear, kicking my butt...

Inline (skeelers) and ice-skates with XC ski boots
I don't inline skate or roller ski myself (prefer cycling) but these inline skates (or skeelers as they are called in Dutch) which are used with a normal XC ski boot might be of interest ...

Re: nordic-ski
On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Mitch Collinsworth wrote: > > Hmm... checking Cornell's news server I see about 9 posts there > that haven't come through the mail list yet. But at...

Re: nordic-ski
Hmm... checking Cornell's news server I see about 9 posts there that haven't come through the mail list yet. But at least rsn is still there. Most recent is from Ken Roberts posted ...


Munger Day 3-The reckoning
Flattened by a cold and sore throat. Luckily have skied the carlton to Duluth section before, so I can say I've rollerskied the whole thing just not at once. Bummer. Eric "Shmo" Chandle...

Munger Madness Day Two
The family helped me drop a car again on a nice sunny day in Carlton and then dropped me in Moose Lake where I finished last night. I rolled from Moose Lake the 23 miles to Carlton in 2 and ...

Madshus go soft?
Went riding with a friend yesterday and we got on the subject of Madshus skis. He had been sponsered by Madshus for several years and said given the choice he would go with Fischer becaus...

Munger Madness Day One
My family helped me drop a car at Moose Lake and then dropped me off at the Southern terminus of the Munger Trail in Hinckley. I headed North for about 32 miles and 3:15:00 on my ProSki S2's...

Jay T's Big Saturday Workout 9-27-03
It was another big, classic Saturday for me in the famed Afton Hills east of Saint Paul. The temp was in the 40s and there was a stiff wind out of the northwest. It seems like winter should ...

Re: Classic poles for "New Skate" technique?
> This is so much better! > I can sit low and my hands are passing just at the knee while poling. You don't really want your hand going past your knee anymore.

Wisconsin average snowfall map ...
... from NOAA Sullivan web page. I find that spot of 50" on the west end of Sheboygan county interesting ... that's where...

Sesilami - results
The results from 1976 to 2003 of the 52 km "Sesilami" is now updated. Visit We will update the page with English text before X-mas. Regards ...

Brian May Was Paged & Responded
Thanks Brian

Re: Work and traning
I' love to be able to train without work getting in the way, but that's not going to happen for years, either for me or for my competitors( I hope). We fit in what we can, and jus...

Re: Wanted to Buy or Build: roto brush handle and brushes
Huh? Trade in the nylon brush for metal? I've never heard this before. Somewhere I have an old bronze brush, probably from Reliable Racing and probably 10-15 years old, but I t...

Roller Ski companies belong to a small industry. Good news for Jenex.
My friends wanted to know why I hammer on Jenex. I've purchased 6 pairs of roller skis from Jenex over the years and put up with the Black Mamba and urethane wheels blowing apart, 910 shafts...

30th Congress-Internations Ski Federation-FIS Pin Badges On eBay
I have listed an International Ski Federation XXX Congress FIS pin badge for the SAN FRANCISCO 1973 meeting on eBay. You may see it at:

Traslation Swedish/English (regarding Per Elofsson)
Can anyone help me in translating this? Many thanks. Per Elofsson valde att avstå lägret i Ramsau. Men nu blir han med till Le Diablerets. Hejsan Per Elofsson hur står det ti...

Work and traning
Hi, After putting in a great off season of training, I have been struck by the reality that work can eat into my training time. Over the last weeks, with trips out of the country ...

"Momentum" at discount for group orders!
I'm going to shortly be offering "Momentum" at my website at a substantial discount for folks who order multiple copies. I figure friends could get together or clubs and place an order. ...

History of boots
I tried on some Fischer boots the other night, and found them to have a higher heel than Salomon boots. The heel is about 1 cm (3/8 inch) higher, and since I'm used to Salomon boots, this fe...

Birkie Condo
I don't know if it is too soon, but I have for sale an Efficiency Condo on the Telemark property. Walk to the Birkie start. Unit has a queen bed, full bath, small kitchen with two bur...

NYC 47K report - my first skate race
I got a great workout and learning experience, skating in the New York City Skate Marathon on Saturday. Friday evening I was searching the web and disc...

World Masters
Hi - what plans are people making for lodging in Lillehammer during World Masters? Anyone found anything on the cheap?

aero 125's...what's the deal.
Help What's the deal with Aero 125's.... I bought a pair and had wheel problems..received new wheels (not the split rim but older versions that were tested)..I only have 10 km (af...

Re: Flying (domestic) with skis
On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Mike wrote: > Then they smiled. > > I checked in and watched them taken away by hand. Sitting on the plane > I watched the truck arrive...

Re: What skis for 4 year old?
> > At age 4 to 5 she will be ready for real skis and > > boots. > > What are we talking about here, how long, etc? (BTW, > I know very little >...

Re: Sking in Denmark and Southern Sweden
My Danish friend seems to think that Danish skiers are a stock joke in Norway. Perhaps they don't joke about Danish skiers just think that Danish skiers are a joke. God knows what they think...

O.T. hjelp! with translation??
Can't find this info anywhere else - I've tried! Can someone please translate these two folk songs for me? (You can mail me directly in order to not offend the purists in the group...)

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