Team OYB: many days on the road...but big fun!
Well, we're finally in San Fran. Whew. Cute to see the flamers for my previous trip report. True colors, eh kids? So here's the latest trip report! We camped our...

Re: Nordic Skiing Automobile
If you look at reliability ratings from RELIABLE sources (as opposed to hearsay), I think you'll find them to be as high or higher for Subaru as for Toyota or Honda, or just about anything e...

RE: Nordic Skiing Automobile
Wow...a snow tire discussion on a ski list....for a minute there this was looking a lot like another mailing list I lurk on. ANYHOW >In all this discussion, I've been wondering how...

Jay T's Adirondack Vacation '03
The annual summer trip back to visit the wife's relatives in Upstate New York (Glens Falls and Saratoga) went something like this; Wednesday 7-23: Arrive Thursday 7-24: Golf...

Re: Nordic Skiing Automobile
So does my Jeep Cherokee with the Toyota 5-speed transmission qualify? It used to be our travel all over the country car, but now I use it to plow out 600-ft uphill driveway. Never bo...

Re: Summer Light- A Walk Across Norway
Haven't seen the book but noticed a magasine article with the same title and subject whilst browsing the other day > From: David Dermott <[email protected]> > Re...

Summer Light- A Walk Across Norway
Maybe a bit off-topic, but there are a lot of Norwegians and fans of Norwegian outdoor life on this newsgroup. Summer Light: A Walk Across Norway Author: Andrew Ste...

Re: Nordic Skiing Automobile
We had a Subaru AWD wagon (before it was rear-ended by a moron), and now have a Subaru AWD Impreza, and they have both been monsters in the snow even with mediocre tires, but even the ...

I'd like to apologise to the e-mail list for the absence of service this last week. Those of you who read this through Netnews may not have noticed any problems, but those who receive it th...

Rollerski Race
To all of those naysayers: July 26, 2003 - First Ever Boise Twilight Criterium Rollerski Sprint a Success: The first ever Rollerski Sprint Race held in Conjunction...

equipment for SUn VAlley trip?
If I manage a trip to Sun Valley for some XC this year, should I bring my own stuff for fun touring? I have a new pair of Fischer (waxless) Voyagers, and a pair of Outtabounds also waxl...

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Maine XC Ski Reconnoiter
We traveled to Maine recently for vacation. The first half of the trip was essentially "unplanned and freestyle" but thankfully it turned out that we visited some of the main Maine XC Ski ar...

who hold patents on rollerskis?
Allright, I'll try to shoot for the "most werid post" list. Many companies make rollerskis. Their products all look the same to me, in general - shafts with wheels. Some have speed red...

Modifying a Thule box
My son has 'acquired' my old Thule box for the top of his Subaru Outback. When he opens the back it lifts up and hits the back of the box and doesn't open completely. Does anyone ...

Roller Ski's For Bigger People
It may have been asked for but as I have just found this news group! I was wonder what people would recommend as RollerSki's for the larger of us? Thanks David Uzzell ...

Rollerblade Coyotes
Has anyone used Rollerblade Coyotes for summer conditioning for skiing? These are the skates that have three wheels with pneumatic tires, similar to those on the V2 Aeros. Rollerblade no lon...

Shadow Skiing
I was rollerskiing yesterday and the sun was at the perfect angle for "shadow skiing". This is the cheapest way to get video analysis of your technique. When I first learned how to classic...

Team OYB National Tour: first strike!
Well, we're on the road now. First we drove thru Chicago. What a great shoreline scene they have there! It was cool seeing all the rental pedicabs in action and the great variety of cyclists...

Seal Coating in Three Rivers
There's a note about seal coating the trails in Three Rivers Parks including Elm Creek and Hyland Lake Parke Reserve posted at IMO, this is a disaster for rollersk...

Spam about St. Pitursburg
Is anyone else on the newsgroup getting spam about St. Pitursburg? I know I received some and the Jay T. received some too. --Matt

Fwd: [XC] promo for summer ski event
Forwarded from From the Madison, WI area ski club. Subject: [XC] promo for summer ski event Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:33:22 -0500 From: "Don Fariss" <[email protected]

Jay T's Big Saturday Workout 7-19-03
Today's ride was a hammerfest led by Bob Power (brother of rsn troller Tim) and Tom and Lee Bengel. I was on my Paramount, Bob was on a 650C Paramount and Tom and Lee were on their Orbeas. W...

Technique clinic this Sunday 7/20 in Mass. with Nina Gavriluk
Hi all, We still have room in our all-day clinic at Nashoba Valley in Mass. this Sunday. Learn from Russian Gold Medalist Nina Gavriluk. (Free entry to anyone who can assi...

Rollerski in Wisc-Bike in Mich
In a couple of weeks I 'm going to be driving from St.Paul to Petoskey, Michigan. The Kalamazoo Nordic Racing Team will be holding a Training Camp there. Three days of road biking, golf, cig...

Heat limit for v2 rollerski wheels?
I have a pair of v2 roller skis, I don't remember the exact model but 900 seems to have been in the series number. In the past, wheels would have lasted me a year or more but lately, I have...

OYB national family roadtrip finally launches!
If you see a green minivan with weird stickers on the road between Michigan and California in the next month, honk or wave or something. Yeah, we're finally bustin loose and headin wes...

Rossi rollerskis
Anyone out there know where I can get replacement wheels for the old Rossi rollerskis? They are the yellow ones and had wide black wheels. I have a pair but cannot find anyo...

Performance Enhancing Drugs
For an article I'm writing, I'd be very interested in learning about any first hand experiences with performance enhancing drugs. I'm interested in both EPO type drugs as well as possible co...

Re: Victor Hugo Pena as a XC Skier
On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Serge wrote: > By the way, Armstrong was a champion swimmer in his school years too. > > It is a good cardio base and soooooo boring that if y...

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