21 Mar 2007 00:27:02
[email protected]
Semi OT: LT measuring and improvements

Hi All,

This year has been such a miserable ski season in terms of usable snow
that I have not made a specific effort to train in any particular way.
I have just been happy to get out and ski when I could. Winter is long
gone, so now it is all about cycling. My questions are not cycling
specific, and since the most even-keeled physiology folks I know of
hang around here on rec.skiing.nordic, here goes:

I am 36, active (again) now for 2.5 years after a long lay-off. Last
year I did a LT and VO2max test on a stationary bike. My lactic acid
concentration was 4.4 at 163 HR.

Is 4 a "safe" concentration to go by? Is there any reason to beleive
that my accumulation point is any different?

This 4 level is of interest because I may get another test done, and
this will effect where I get it done. (a place that used 4, vs a place
that finds the actual accumulation point)

My max HR (as observed last year in hill sprints and other attempts at
reaching max HR) is 184. This year I haven't seen more than 181.

All fall and spring I have ridden 90% of my rides long semi-easy
distance on a fixed gear bike, particularly after an illness that
resulted in dramatic (temporary) weight loss.

I now notice it is hard to get my HR over 177 or so, while last year I
could relatively easily get it to 180+. I also notice that efforts
over 140 seem "hard" and I have to consciously hold up the effort

But what puzzles me the most is that my LT seems to have dramatically
improved. Steady state time-trial efforts can be maintained at 175 HR.
Weather conditions and on-going construction make it impossible for me
to ride my regular test time trial, so I have no objective data to
judge by as far as speed/power go.

Is it possible for somebody like me to have bumped up my LT to 90+% of
max HR? Is there some other expaination? I was on a club ride
yesterday and I was one of the fastest guys (unusual) but not
dramatically so. So I don't know that this seemingly high LT has
translated into more speed.

What is going on?