27 Nov 2003 08:24:52
Jay Tegeder
Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03

Today was the first day of Jay T's Thanksgiving Ski Camp '03. Unlike
last year, I didn't have to ski on man made snow. Another inch or two
of snow overnight helped the base at the famed "Comenkollen" in Saint
Paul. I classic skied for 1 hour using Toko Red for kick. I couldn't
ski long because my wife wants me to start cleaning the house for our
Thanksgiving dinner today when my family shows up. In fact, she's
yelling at me right now to stop typing and start cleaning... Anyway,
Benn Popp, Mike Brumbaugh, Dave Peterson and John O'Connell were
skating. Gotta go...

Jay Tegeder
"I faders spar for framtids segrar"