108 inches
at the stake. Skiing's been good - had surface in the morning. Had the 215 DH skis out for a few runs this am while waiting for the bowls to soften - fast skis but they don't re...

Making lines
Lines/tracks of flatboarding/flatskiing 1, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcDsmw13aC4 Have fun, :) IS

In the interests of peace and harmony...
Safe for office viewing, but *loud*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncjn96dON3I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKP3kAjOi8Y&feature=related

OT: Tai Cheese
From the April 20, 2008 edition of the This Is True newsletter (http:// www.thisistrue.com/currentissue.html): GOOOOD MOOOOD: Rob Taverner, who runs a farm just outside Exeter,...

For Scottie
Hi I am posting this just to help to create some awareness for a non- profit spiritual portal BuddhaRocks.org (http://buddharocks.org/ main/) BuddhaRocks is an ...

Poor, poor freaks
I skied today. Midwinter condtions. Free ticket. You didn't. I hung out with decent, ethical, honest people. You don't, for good reason. You don't know any. How sad for you...

EOY Trip Report
First, thanks for the suggestions from folks for my kids (all boarders)spring break trip to UT two weeks ago. What a difference a year makes. Last year at the same time most all of the PC ...

Gee, it's quiet in here...
EOM -- Cheers, Bev ===================================================== "It's too bad stupidity isn't painful." - A. S. LaVey

Your Fortune for the Day!!!
Your Fortune for the Day!!! Hi, To know what it is? Visit the website below and be cool !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...

So, there I am at Chamonix with a couple of former rsa regulars and a couple of new friends and we share a lunch table with some people who turn out to be from JH. "So, do you k...

Just returned from the Alpine moonlight bonfire, marshmallow roast, BBQ, and full moon ski. Including an Alpenhorn soloist up on the hill and a bar band in the lodge. Fortunatel...


Free Gift Opportunity to Attend Chris Howards Breakthrough To Success

spring skiing today
Skied at Mount Snow , Vermont today and the temperature hit 76 degrees . WHAT A FUCKING MESS !!!!! Dick

OT: Take aspirin when you fly...
...and take good care of your health in general. I gave myself and all my friends and family a good scare over the last couple of days. The good doctors at UBC Hospital Urg...

Spring Cabin Special - Lake Placid, NY
From Now Until May 20, 2008, Stay With Us For 3 Days And Only Pay For 2 Days. This Is The Best Spring Lodging Special In All Of Lake Placid. Cobble Mountain ...

Have you done your taxes yet, Scotty?
Well, have you? The deadline's tomorrow. I just did mine. -- ant Don't try to email me! I'm using the latest spammer/scammer's email addy.

Open question
twobuddha <[email protected]> wrote: > On Apr 12, 9:57 am, Dave Cartman <[email protected]> wrote: >> >> Sabbath morning trip to synagogue. Suit, tie, and s...

This just in...
Pictures of ScottBert singing for H.H., The Dalia Lama.... http://tinyurl.com/4ggfpk Ugh... in the parking lot.... -klaus

More facts on rifle accuracy...
"It simulates a 300 meter target where you must group 6 of 6 rounds in a 4cm circle (grouping) and then after adjusting the sights (the computer does this for you automatically at the elec...

Visual acuity...
"At 12 inches, the normal visual acuity of the human eye is 0.00349 inch." <http://www.ndt-ed.org/EducationResources/CommunityCollege/PenetrantTest/ Introduction/visualacuity....

Hope for the Dickless Freaks
Oh dickless and nutless freaks, I bear thee a message of hope today. Watched the latest South Park, and we know that Troy and the boys never lie. You might recall Mr. Garrison, who cut ...

For Scottee's enlightenment
Weight 8.5 lb (3.9 kg) Length 39.5 in (1,003 mm) Barrel length 20 in (508 mm) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

They've surrendered
It looks like Dave/Richard/Vinnie and the rest of the flamers have surrendered. Got tired from all their dancing, sat down, and played tag-team to send in a new crew. Run the wh...

RSA: Enlightened
I am so delighted to see so many people enlightened about the real nature of rsa and its regular participants. So enlightened that they have fled in horror to more gentle, kinder places...

Death threats, threats of bodily harm
Well, in the last couple of days I have got a death threat and a threat of bodily harm. The death threat came from Horvath, who's a loon, so I'm not terribly worried. ...

Not-so-grand Finale
Well, Crystal Mountain closes Sunday, so Scott and I went up for a grand finale today. It wasn't all that grand. The morning was mid-winter. Barely below freezing, snowing, clou...

great skiing
Spring has sprung, corn abounds, wear your sun screen or burn your nose off. Having some wonderful days recently. Hell, wonderful days all season long. Still 135 inches at the mi...

Let's Sum Up FF.
I've provided two cases of torn crotches. 1.) Both Customers filed formal complaints 2.) Both Customers claimed that you misrepresented the product. 3.) In one case, We actually p...

Here's the feedback from another torn crotch item
Please note the description was not available but the buyer distinctly stated that the item was misrepresented. crotch is torn wide open - very obvious - not reported - unusable- sad <...

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