Bertay Bertay Bertay
ROTHFLOL Are your incoherent ramblings and accusations, your shyster attempts at presenting an "alternative theory". :) You certainly are an obtuse mofo aren't you but let's pull ...

Must stop fucking with insane freaks
Just not fun fucking with Walker, Baker, Yabahoobs, and the certifiably looney tunes crowd. Horvath is always fun to lampoon, but he gets old. Lots of good spiritual work coming up. Da...

Scottay, Scottay, Scottay
How come no one else has seen your documentaries. After all, it is public television right? Why don't you provide air times. Oh lemme guess, due to your omnipresent power, PBS will air them ...

Revelstoke is a Monster!
Since my ticket was a gift from a buddy at another mountain and I blew into and out of town without even talking to anybody at the mountain, I gotta post. You can't screw me there, nobody k...

Schatties trip
Scatt before his trip to the Hole with Bertjeff --- (_._) Schattie after the trip with Bertjeff --- (__O__) I here there has been a mysterious shortage of mayo in Wyoming in t...

Looks like Scooter is no longer a "registered counselor"

Thread for Ethan
Hi Ethan. I started a thread for you to let some of us here narrow down your search for the real SA. If you do show up let us know and I am sure that everyone will chip in <...

Bluff called, dumbfuck
>> My name is Horvath, I've told you that a thousand times. I've given >> you an 800 number to verify that. You said you called and whoever you >> talked to said t...

Good Boot Fitter in Denver/Littleton
Looking for recommendations on a good shop or person working in a shop to fit my boots. I have been wearing them a few times skiing here in CO, but never had them adjusted for cant and ot...

Would you like to play a game?
Type your name into google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky." See what comes up.

Hey Bert, You were right.
I showed my wife this stuff and she's pissed as hell. She said she sooner tap dance on a fire ant mound than talk to you or Schattie. She said and I quote, "If you want to play with shit li...

Save the pixels!
Any chance people can trim what they're replying to? My wheelmouse is wearing out! -- Cheers, Bev oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo If it ...

Lake Placid, NY Still Has Snow !
Milder Weather Is Now Perfect For: Cross Country Skiing Alpine Skiing Snow Boarding Snow Shoeing Sitting Around Our Campfire View Our Pages Below To See...

Getting ready is so much fun.
Decisions, decisions. Starting to get ready for the second to last trip of the year. New skis or rockers? Plenty of base where I'm heading, no need to take the older skis, but damn, I...

Get a Load of This - Schattie says he's been on PBS like Andrew
Schattie wrote >He told me to get lost? Not to my face. Ain't seen the lying freak >since he committed felonies over this stupid newsgroup. >Clue time, Vinnie. I...

Happy Easter
Happy Easter 2008 VtSkier

Dear FF - Thanks for the continuing entertainment
You just seem to keep going to be humiliated again and again. Too bad all of all of this info is public (for you, that is). This latest episode with the police record reminds of a toddler

hey barf
Have you heard from robert thompson of park city utah lately? One more thing: Do not answer this post.

The trunkyjeff we all know

BBB loses it
Imagine a pervert like this calls others sick His family must be soooooo proud.

Vincent Walker, Usenet Stalker
Just about the time Vinnie stops taking his meds and starts foaming at the mouth, spewing his delusions on the net and blaming me for every miserable failure in his life, these weird voodoo ...

All-mountain free skiing
Twobuddha is a boring person, at least as a persona on the 'net goes, and you guys (you know who you are) keep him entertained for all these years? You guys must be boring as hell as he does...

Killfile heaven
It's amazing how quiet it gets when you killfile just a few people. Curiously enough, the last 30 or so posts have been entirely invisible to me. Are they possibly talking only to one ano...

FAQ of Scott Abraham
Q: Who is Scott Abraham? A: Scott Abraham, also known as "Schattie," "Buddha," "The Talking Urinal," "SA," and some names so foul as to prohibit mentioning them to newcomers, is...

Scottee's last day on Earth
RIIIIING! SH: "Suicide Hotline" SA: "My name is Scott Abraham, and I'm considering suicide." SH: Scott Abraham? You've been on Suicide Watch for months. It's ...

Hey barf and trunkyjeff
First for barf: I would like you to slink away and comment no further on your boneheaded misinterpretation of my post. As is you history. Do not continue with your arguments or post an...

It just is killing Barf and Scoot that they have no ability to harass
Just a couple of impotent slobs reaching the pinnacle of their success.

Is there no snow anywhere?
I guess not, huh? We are still getting a little here and there as one last hurrah before we succumb entirely to spring skiing. Not exactly epic but it beats some other pastimes. <...

Mike Saemisch Photo
Saw another of Mike Saemisch's photos in the Summit County (Colorado) Daily News a couple of days ago. Snow here in CO has been great. Anyone have any idea what happened to Sam - I lo...

The Dishonor Roll of Liars
In a thread about Jeff Davis' credentials as a mountain guide, Robert Thompson ("Pigo") - [email protected] - posted this about Jeff ("trunkyjeff"): pigo wrote: > On M...

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