Weed Wacker Golf Club?
Have you seen the Big Daddy Driver? http://www.bigdaddydriver.com <A HREF=http://www.bigdaddydriver.com>Big Daddy Driver</A> The videos say it all.... ...

April - Mammoth/Tahoe?
I want to get my kids back on snow during their Spring Break the second week of April. I have to be LA for work and was considering taking them with me and then road tripping to Mammoth fo...

spring skiing

Can the boot inner be removed from Nordica W8 Easy Move ski boots?
I've got myself a pair of ski boots from ebay that are a great bargain, great condition and great fit..... ....and a great deal wiffy! (Our pet cat has taken offence and left the ...

Confederacy of Dunces
If any of you regulars haven't read this book, you should. The main character is scarily similar to the Main Character here. JP

world cups
Lindsey Vonn - standing number 1, overall Bode Miller - standing number 1, overall

Well, I finally jumped off a chairlift today
Was at Cannon Mt. in NH, at the char (forget the name) that goes to the top along Profile. It's a fixed-grip quad. I was with somebody else, and were going to go up as a pair. As we lef...

Protective gear
Helmet: me yes. Back armor: me no.

How often to Hot Wax?
Every couple a times out for Cold Snow? What about spring conditions?

NOAA on the job
forecasting 41-60 inches of new snow on the slopes Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, and sunny Monday. Now if I can just get there from here. Need the town plow to come by ...

U.S Ski Team on Shaklee Products : "For a stressful, exciting event like the 2006 Games, our athletes will be taking Shaklee NutriFeron to boost their immune systems and keep them...

Is Bubble Wrap necessary for skis in ski bag?
When flying?

Fwd: Announcement from Mt. Waterman
Hello to all Mount Waterman ski/snowboarders!! We would like to thank everyone who came up last weekend and made our grand opening so successful. Thanks to all the Ski Patro...

packing boots with skis
I just bought a double, padded snowboard bag to carry my skis/ clothing. There is a ton of room inside and I was thinking of packing my boots in with skis since I don't yet have a boot bag....

Perfect Snow Conditions In Lake Placid, NY
The Snow Is Perfect For: Cross Country Skiing Alpine Skiing Snow Boarding Snow Shoeing Ice Skating Hiking The Mountain Trails Sitting Around Our Campfire...

weather improves
NOAA forecast calls for snow day and night through Sunday night. Could be a beautiful week.

Yo, SoCalians!
Waterman is open Monday at 8:00. Newcomb's and Sport Chalet both say the road is open. WOO-HOO! -- Cheers, Bev ------------------------------------------------ ...

Revenge of the Snurfer!
It's BAAAACK!!!! http://travel.nytimes.com/2008/02/15/travel/escapes/15noboard.html?8dpc //Walt

Waterman open this weekend!
Providing the road is open, of course. Caltrans lies quite a bit of the time. http://www.skiwaterman.com/index-1.php -- Cheers, Bev -------------------------------------...

Baheemya again
Once again, anybody happens to be at Bohemia this weekend, say hello (I'll be on the bright orange 190 cm Volkls) If anybody's curious about real-time conditions, check here (daylight ...

Snowboard rescue
Other thread reminded me of this event: Couple of days ago found a snowboarder on the backside of the High Traverse; the backside traverse is steep and icy - the wind really sco...

Forgive me, Ullr, for I have Slid
A week ago this past Saturday....Chestnut Mt., IL. After two runs on the groomers, knowing that only challenging aspects of the day would be crash-avoidance and, as the day wore on, dealin...

Any Tahoe Reports
Now that spring has sprung

Any signs of Sam Seiber
No responses to my post last week about where is Sam Seiber, anyone actually know him?

Trolling is now legally protected. Praise Jah!
From Slashdot: http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/08/0243242 "A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal of the State of California (PDF) in Krinsky v. Doe H03...

Bad news from Mt Trashmore
12 year old novice skier run over by a groomer, dragged 200 feet before the driver noticed. <http://www.mlive.com/news/annarbornews/index.ssf?/base/news-26/1202024419205030.x...

EBay changes that could spell problems for the CrapShack!
Got this info off originally of Morgan Webb, so you can watch her delivering it - don't know if that's a plus or a minus for you (for me, it's always a little of both ;) ). http:/...

Avalance Airbag
http://www.avalanchebackpack.com/ Opinions ?

sunny weather

Avalanche! Article in Popular Mechanics
Flipping through the March 2008 Popular Mechanics and saw an article on avalanches. I was surprised that none of the experts here on RSA were consulted - the only guy they quoted was some d...

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