Japan skiing
Anyone familiar with skiing in Japan? Specifically I was wondering how Kagura ski resort (or Naeba) compare with say Tahoe's Heavenly or Colorado's Vail or Keystone (I know all 3 of these a...

Suitability of new carving skis? Atomic C-9 -v- Rossignol Passion -v-
I've just bought a pair of skis and am having a few doubts, first as to suitability, second as to size. I guess I'm an intermediate level ( Snow & Rock's classification 5-6 ) on-p...

Keystone Lift Tickets for March
Hello all, First post be gentle! I'm taking my family of 5 (twin 8 yr old girls 11 yr old son, wife and myself) to Keystone over Spring Break. Where is the cheapest place to get lift ti...

Boot heel pieces
Most ski boot manufacturers mention "replaceable heel piece", but I have not had any luck finding anyone selling them on the internet. The heel piece is a semicircular, about two inch, p...

Technology in four-year old skis
I am thinking of buying used skis that are four years old. Although they are "parabolic" ("shaped") like most of the skis today, somebody told me that they are not of the "seond generation" ...

Stop Needling Me!
Sometimes it's possible to accomplish something important by doing nothing at all. Well, actually, I did do something. I resisted. I think that counts. Here's my story. Many of my...

Question about clothing
On TV when watching various races, you always see the competitors in helmets and in skin tight suits. At any hills/mountains I have skied at, some people wear a helmet, yet no o...

Breakaway ski pole straps
Has anybody seen these for sale in any shops ? There is a patent for this but I have yet to see them for sale anywhere. I don't use my straps anymore after having suffered a dislocation du...

Skiing's Last Frontier
"Die-hard skiers will travel far and spend big for untracked powder and near-empty runs. Now the intrepid are looking to fresh terrain, in Alaska. Alaska's winters have in abundance what t...

Brundage or Tamarack?
Heading to the wilds of Idaho soon and planning where to go. Will start off with a couple of days in Sun Valley and then head west to either Brundage or Tamarack. Anyone ever been to eithe...

The Prophet Returns to Vail
There is a God. Not only was it a lovely day. Free tickets. New skis and boots (but went old school and wore the body bag as it qualifies as holy vestments). The Prophet was remember...

WOW! Andrew Mclean on on the Colbert Report
(disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Andrew Mclean, business or otherwise. I just think this was cool.) Colbert Report 1/23/08 - RSA's own Andrew Mclean was Stephen Colbert's ...

boulder/denver ski resort suggestion
Hello All, I am going on a buisness trip in Boulder on mid-February. I will arrive at Denver, get a car, go to Boulder and then go back to Denver. I plan to take an extra day (p...

Goin' Big For Warren Miller
Another dead kid... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/more/01/22/extreme.skier.dies.ap/index.html?cnn=yes -- According to John Perry Barlow, "Jeff Davis is a truly...

Parking in Vail
I will be out in Breckenridge with the family and my father in law wants to go to Vail for one day. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I should park and how far away from parking ...

Snow in Mississippi
Looking at today's snow coverage map http://www.intellicast.com/Planners/Snow/Cover.aspx?enlarge=true I am tempted to ask if there are any ski slopes in Mississippi.

Which is harder, Horseshoe bowl or the imperial bowl? thanks, Rogue

News From Sierra Ski News
The Latest Headlines From Sierra Ski News (1/20/08) * Northstar Super Pipe Now open * Sierra-at-Tahoe Athletes Qualify for Winter X Games * Largest Winter Ski & Music Celebration ...

Attention SoCal Skiers!
Test-drive a jeep and get a Big Bear lift ticket free. Don't thank me, I'm here to help. -- Cheers, Bev ===================================================== "It's to...

US televiion schedule?
Just back to US. Any World Cup televised in US?

Sun Peaks - first visit in February
Any tips/must try/see/do places or things? We (two sisters) have a room at Delta which looks lovely. We ski easy blacks (one diamond) and will make sure we do the guided tour from the top wh...

Jackson Hole Skiing
I will be heading out to Jackson Hole in late February with my family - advanced/expert skiers but not daredevils. Can anyone shed some light on trails, activities, restaurants, and any oth...

Baheemya calls
Just a heads-up for any midwesterners: Bohemia's looking good for this weekend. If anybody's up there, I'll be skiing Sat. and Sun., and maybe Monday AM. I'll be right next to the girl wi...

freeride ski length?... sugar, snoop daddy or B100 squad?
Hi everybody! I would appreciate Your opinion on freeride ski length for me. I am 5'-9", 173 pounds(175cm/78kg). I live on East coast and currently ski on Volkl Supersport 5-stars. Look...

TR: Mt Lemmon, Arizona
I skied at Mt Lemmon Ski Valley this past Sunday. Here's the deal: Mt Lemmon Ski Valley is the southernmost resort in the US. At approximately 32.5 degrees North, it's at abou...

ski vacation
hi! Trying to wedge in a ski vacation? Powder to the people! Book a United flight deal to the slopes from $233+ round-trip, and you'll save time and money. Perfect your form with a priv...

Why are the Colorado lift tickets so expensive
I assume its because its the premier area in the US but the California tickets at the premier spots are still running a little less. Even Copper and Breckenridge are pretty high . <...

Thule User Favor
Can someone with a 4-pr flat top Thule, 724, 91724 measure the inside and outside dimensions of the carrier for me? I'm particularly interest in how long the inside space is to accommodate ...

Told You So, Dick
Pilot Error. "His first season flying in formation," too. Argue with the Navy. And go fuck yourself. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22651166/ -- According to John Perry Bar...

Tahoe trip 2/2
This will be our first trip to Lake Tahoe, with 4 days for fun. We're staying in Incline Village. I'd appreciate advice on areas to ski, eat, and good places to rent equipment for my son....

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