I'd like to think these were skiers and not snowboarders
Search and rescue responds to rescue beacon - at hotel http://dailychronicle.com/articles/2007/12/30/news/30rescue.txt

Bode wins DH
Canadian Jan Hudec third. local Marco Sullivan 12 <http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/604/610.html?sector=AL&raceid=51798>

...did you by any chance have a meet arranged with someone and forgot to turn up? http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/angry-customer-opens-fire-in-us-restaurant/2007/12/30/1198949664745....

Saalbach-Hinterglemm, any reports?
I'll be in Hinterglemm from 8th Jan for a week. Any reports from there? I see they haven't had any fresh snow for a while now.

New Facebook-like site for skiers and snowboarders
Hi All, I just launched StrayRocket.com a online social network kind of like MySpace or Facebook but just for skiers, snowboarders and people who enjoy a variety of other "extreme...

1. Is it EVER sunny in Seattle ? 2. Seattle traffic is AWFUL.

looking for apartement in Zermatt from the 12th to the 19th January?
Hello everybody I have rent an appartemen in Zermatt in September for the week begining the 12th January 08. Past week I was skiing and I had fallen. Not very goog news, the neck ...

LOOKING for a good mountain for snowboarding with fresh powder in
I live in south Florida and I am planning a snowboarding trip in the early spring... I am looking for a trip around February 28th to March 4th or 5th. It is not a long trip so I don't want ...

Merry Christmas all!
Yes, even you, Scotty. :-) -- Alan Baker Vancouver, British Columbia "If you raise the ceiling four feet, move the fireplace from that wall to that wall, you...

Scottie's last day on Earth
RIIIIING! SH: "Suicide Hotline" SA: "My name is Scott Abraham, and I'm considering suicide." SH: Scott Abraham? You've been on Suicide Watch for months. It's ...

Jesus Loves You.....
But everyone else thinks you are an asshole. Giving that bumper sticker to a spiritual leader buddy of mine, who confessed to having sent that sentiment on a card to his spiritual leade...

Merry Solstice, everyone.
Merry solstice, everyone. Hope your Ullr approved arboreal worship enhances all your lives. If the boreal gentleman with the carabou team showers you with its-the-thought type gifts, may y...

Same old, same old chickenshit whining from the usenet stalkers of
Same laughable, pathetic bullshit, different day. Some truly insane ramblings from Suzie, but that's nothing new. Dickless Dave running and hiding and making excuses. Biggers and Lee a...

This is weird
I just got two emails from the resident loon that appeared to be (a) to someone else; (b) definitely not current, although the date is proper; and (c) the usual spew. Am I th...

Making Hejira
The Prophet is making a pilgrimage to Vail, the sacred center of the skiing world, the Vatican of the Snow, the Mecca of Mountains, the Taj Majal of Winter Sports. It has been so long s...

Santa, Please Bring These Freaks Some Balls
Yo, Santa: Nine years of stalking and threats and lies and defamation from these nutless freaks. Death threats. Felonies. Real life harassment. Incredibly vile lies. Scores of...

What are the conditions at Gore & Whiteface?
I will be going to both Gore and Whiteface after Christmas to ski. Has anyone skied at either place this season and if so what are the skiing condition like. I have never skied at either...

Getting from Geneva to Val Thorens
My family (3 of us) want to get from Geneva airport to Val Thorens on March 15th 2008.(one way). Don't want to pay too much if possible. Is Altibus the cheapest (efficient) way? A...

Borders, Pitt St., Sydney.
Sports Section (LG); Skiing / Winter Sports section; second shelf from top; sticking out between 10 copies of "Touching the Void" by Joe Simpson is a book by UPE & DERBY called the SNO...

Boy, 8, sued in ski crash
http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2007/dec/20/8-year-old-boy-sued-ove r-vail-ski-collision/ I know pigo's take, but WTF?

Dick Barrymore film
Does anyone know where I can get hold of the Dick Barrymore film 'A Bit of Madness' ? It's the one that starts with the insane backflip over the train.

Oh, No, I've been Cursed Again!!!!!!!!
Got the first voodoo curse in years tonight. Geez, freaks, I thought you'd gotten over that particular laughable, ridiculous, utterly stupid bullshit. Same old, same old. A dickless wi...

News From Sierra Ski News
The Latest Headlines From Sierra Ski News (12/18/07) Here are the latest headlines at Sierra Ski News * U.S. SKI TEAM ANNOUNCES 2008 FREESTYLE SQUAD * LADIES CAN LEARN WITH...

A challenge
I remember one year, I'm pretty sure it was the Olympics in 98 or 2002 when there was a skier, possibly African, who was taking part in one of the slalom competitions. It was shown on the B...

Job Search Made Easier
This site really was a surprise.Check out http://www.2getemployment.com that features over 7000 retailers and services.It also has a large employment search section as well which really hel...

Whistler Discount Lift Tickets?
Several years ago when I last skiied Whistler, the best place to buy tickets was at the 7-11 in Squamish, where tickets ran about $8-10 a day less than at the mountain(s). Can anyone ...

need equipment help
Is this the correct place to ask for equipment help? I've got a very high arch and most boots are very uncomfortable. If I tighten them up, the top of my foot gets crushed and is very painfu...

taos changes
I'm surprised there hasn't been much usenet buzz about this. Email from the Taos Ski Valley managers: > Dear Friend , > > After much contemplation Taos Ski Va...

recommendations for new all-mountain skis/bindings
Hi all, I am for new all-mountain skis and bindings. Requirements for skis: 1) Will use them in around 50/50 off/on-pist (deep powder, ice, anything, but will avoid bumps) 2) ...

Final word on Global Whatever
I will respect the environment when it respects me. Until then it can go to hell. Suzie -- Suzieflame alt.horror Spanks so far:- Andy ReVulse SPAN...

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