kyoto update
Have you heard that Japan, Italy and Spain face $33 billion in fines for NOT meeting their kyoto goals to reduce CO2? Do you suppose that their populations will support the tax increase to p...

Anybody ever been to Aleyska? Worth the trip? Worth a few days? I am taking my nephew on a trip for graduating college and he has been to CO/UT/Tahoe quite a bit and was looking for someth...

Shakespeare was a skier?
Undoubtedly. He must have been - where else than rec.skiing.alpine would he have learned about "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Just a cast...

Guidelines To Follow When Buying Hybrid Cars
One of the major problems that we are facing nowadays when it comes to environmental concern is global warming and if we continue to become negligent of all the things that are contributing ...

Credit Card Tour
Somewhere near Alta... This is our first run out the gate, only 2 sets of knuckledragger tracks:

"Powder" magazine.
This used to be a great magazine. Beautiful pictures, interesting articles about the culture of people who give up a more traditional life for skiing... ...Now it's just a ski ve...

Intuition Heat Molding Liners for Sale - Size 11
I'm selling my Intuition liners from last season. I bought them mid-season as my boots loosened up and this was an attempted fix. They have approximately 5 ski days on them and are in pe...

why it is illegal in USA
Hi, I saw this in Warren Miller's "Higher Ground". they say it is illegal in USA - any idea why? thx, A.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
No snow here, but it's the coldest day we've seen in Texas for months. But I can dream ... I wonder if waxing my 15-year-old Volants would help. Jim in Texas

Mount Bohemia season pass sale, again
$99, Sat 12/8 only. They keep this shit up, they might have liftlines some day... bw

Scott seems to direct his real frothy rage-foam at ANT.
Did she hurt your feelings Scott ? Did she laugh at you, your words ? Actions ? Figure ?

I skied today, and you didn't
Packed powder, sunshine, no crowds. Ten buck ticket. Life is good. Fuck yourselves, freaks.

FA History of Ski Jumping
The History of Ski Jumping by Tim Ashburner ,in as new condition, large format 120 pages. Superb and very thorough history of the sport with some lovely period pics. http://c...

CAn Breck and Keystone stay open?
Snoig: Do you think Keystone and Breck can make snow fast enough to stay open for the next couple of weeks till winter really arrives (hopefully)? Things look pretty barren ...

News From Sierra Ski News
The Latest Headlines From Sierra Ski News (11/19/07) * On-Mountain Improvements at Northstar * Squaw Offers Free Tickets To Military * Join Our Yahoo Message Group at: ...

Boarding season is almost here! ;)

Bumpersticker seen today
Living in Ann Arbor, I see a lot of political bumperstickers. I thought I'd seen them all, but today I encountered a new one: Cheney skis in jeans. Pretty vicious, eh? ...

Good, Decent Ethical Man? Read for yourself
Would you do business with this creep?

Must stop. Must stop. Must stop fucking with freaks.....
Pleasant afternoon. Watched the Dawgs while I tuned five pairs for Bert and a couple new ones for me, set the binders on another pair I'll probably give away. I love the smell of hot w...

Barry Bonds and you freaks
Watching Bonds lie his ass off, play victim, blame everybody else, etc. The arrogance of his pathological lying, the fat smug superiority, the psychopathic attitude that he is entitled to c...

Holy shit, you freaks are so easy. When I'm not here, you lie about me. When I stop in, you lie about me. Anything to stop the voice in your heads that tells you what a pathetic p...

Killington today.
In spite of all indications to the contrary, we had the best opening day ever. They made tons of snow, It snowed all day (the real stuff) and they had signs and warnings all ...

Vail and Steamboat push back opening day
They were supposed to open today but Vail pushed it back to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Steamboat now says November 2nd. I like Breck's report from the other day. There was ma...

Someone's fighting...
...with his customers again. Should we lay bets on when he's back here to yell at us? <

Sudden end to "life" at Killington

Binding mounting location on twin tip park skiis for skiing powder
Looking for some advice on the mounting location for my bindings. I recently bought some Volkl Ledge skis. They are designed more for park and pipe skiing as they are twin-tipped but I will ...

Hey 2" new at Loveland
.....Since they opened. I was going over my snow report e-mails from Loveland this morning. They had 1" new on 10/31, and 1" new this morning. That is it since they opened (10/16...

OT: McDonald's update
If you haven't tried the "Fudge Sunday" at McDonald's you're missing a real treat. And it's a dollar. Toss in a Double Cheeseburger and maybe a Double Whopper with Cheese Meal (Supersized)...

Ullr said "Let there be snow"
Ullr said "Let there be snow" And there was snow. And the Snow was formless and drifted on the aether. And that evening Ullr and Skadi retired and expressed their affection....

Any women skiers that are size 8 or medium
Hi! I sell Nils skiwear and sportswear season introductory samples for Women. They are all size 8 and mediums (except for the hats and scarves). I am looking for some buyers for my eb...

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