Keystone opens this weekend
Just got e-mail that Keystone is opening this weekend, a week early, due to great snow conditions. H. R.(Bob) Hofmann

Schattie, were you lying when you wrote about your meetin in Jackson? Your good friend Jeffy thinks so.
Have you put your new-found chum Jeffy in an invidious position by lying about your arrangements to be in Jackson? Or is he lying about your joint arrnagements? Which is it,...

Scott are you a liar? Or is it Jeffy?
Just asking. Why are you both running away from the question? Suzie -- Suzieflame

HeliSki in Europe: where is cheaper or better?
HeliSki in Europe: where is cheaper (or better)? I'd be thankful if anyone can give advice (or better yet - can share first-hand experience) on: WHERE to heliski in Eu...

Running = Stupid
Why run? Every time I run, I tweak my lower back the following day. Skating, biking, rowing - no problem. Moguls don't do it either. Something about running messes with my back. Ahhh... ...

FIS WC starts tomorrow!!!
There is snow in S=F6lden this year. :-) -- Marty

Scott, even though yur good friend Jeffy says you lied, I believe you.
If you say you are going to Jackson with your good friends Bertie and Jeffy, end of January early February next year, then as a man of truth and honor, that must be what you are doing....

Thunderbird Set Up Help
Im behind a proxy-server here at USU. I'm trying to set up Thunderbird to access RSA and other groups...mainly so I can get at IP addresses :-) What do I type in for the address ...

eBay's new Skiing Neighborhood

How is it where you are?
The Wasatch has about 2 1/2 feet at 10,000'+, dwindling to zero at around 8000'. What's it look like in your 'hood? I'd imagine you CO folks have some. Any Targhee reports? Wolf Creek? San J...

Format of secret trip - races & prizes
So I have had some representations regardng the format. I am proposing that Saturday PM be put aside as "race day", with engraved shields and boozy prizes in the following catego...

Thanks Scott
For selecting Jackson Hole. Makes all our arrangements so much easier knowing you will be <secret no. of miles> away sliding on your ass down the bunny hills of Wyoming.

And we go through another cycle of Schattie self-emolation
Couple of things-Schattie you fuck head. 1.) More readers show up everyday and they all hate you within seconds. 2.) New invasion is under way and YOU ain't invited-this is no

Thanks, freaks
Just wanted to point out this newsgroup is fucking dead. Virtually no skiing discussion. Newcomers run in horror. Thanks, freaks. You are so easy........

Hey FF, Inquiring minds want to know.
Is Jeffy a moaner or a screamer?

Yeehaw, more goodies!!!!!!
Sometimes doing the right thing is rewarding. I've been mentoring a guy in Park City for a long time. Say hello when I'm there, maybe ski, talk on the phone. He's one of those local ski b...

News about trip to
Good news everyone: I have now secured free accomodation for 20 people for the full week option (hard to find ski in-ski out mountainside lodges by the weekend) in a single hillside lo...

Dear Bob 3
You owe me dinner. Lured out Thompson, lured out Biggers, both claiming they are manly men. Both saying I'm afraid of them. Bet you are laughing your ass off, but then again, you've be...

Scott is too good to apologize to me
Scott, I don't know how many times I can talk about the murder attempt I suffered in 2005. There is a very simple reason for this murder attempt, Scott, and you don't show enough...

FF"s Hero - Moronie from Johnny Dangerously
I saw on TV last night - If this isn't vintage FF, I don't what is: Roman Moronie: I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel. You lousy cork-suck...

Dexter talks about the freaks of rsa
Ever watch Dexter? He loathes freaks like you dipshits. Latest show, he's got this pathological liar wrapped in plastic, and the freak is lying his ass off. Dex has got the -smell...

Dear Dumbfucks
You stupid dipshits aren't even fun any more. This shithole has devolved so far that only the insane, the drug addled, and the psychopathic still hang out here, and the psychopaths are ...

Hey, Jeffy! Since when.....
is living in a trailer on a parking lot with no visible means of support "making it"? Maybe in Bangladesh but not by any measurement system used in the developed world. Inquiring minds want ...

Fatloss computer program
I have been using this computer program for a couple weeks now and i am very pleased with the results so far. its a software fatloss program, if your looking for a diet/weightloss plan i reccomend you...

Jackson Hole Challenge
I never cease to be amazed at how deranged and nutless you freaks are. You keep talking shit about me never showing up.....when we all know you freaks have never had the balls, and I've been...

HP Desktop for sale!
Hi, I have an unused HP Pavilion with the fallowing specs: # Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz, 2000MT/s System Bus) # Memory: 2048MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (2x1GB) (e...

Watch NFL Games Online
Watch NFL Games Online! For every one who wants to watch the games online because they dont live in the teams town or are at work i found a site that has basically every game covered. Its perfect...

Breckenridge on the end of Nov - snow question
Hi, I am planing a first skiing trip in this year - the opportunity would be to go to Breckenridge on Nov 21 for 5 days. But it begs the question since I have never been so...

Ski camps for kids
I am looking for a ski camp during the Chistmas break / February school recess for a 12-year old, preferrably in the Northeast. A week long live-in camp would be perfect, but I am willing to...

Loveland opens today!
They got about a foot of snow from the storm this weekend. snoig

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