Go Buckeyes!
Bo Buckeyes!!!!! [email protected] My T-shirt says, "This shirt is the ultimate power in the universe."

Skiing on Lawn Guyland!
Indoors to boot: http://www.newsday.com/news/printedition/longisland/ny-liriv205382442sep20,0,110542.story?track=rss

Finest Bear Creek Lodge of Telluride
Hey Guys, If you have some plans of getting to Colorado for some vacations? here's the best place to stay at Bear Creek Lodge - play hard, rest easy! On the apron of the Lizard He...

Big snow this year? La Niņa could bring it
http://tinyurl.com/ysren4 Big snow this year? La Niņa could bring it By Christina Siderius Seattle Times staff reporter Skiers dreaming of carving fresh tracks will be...

Psych 101
Instead of focusing on all the plethora of insults and labels out there (virtually all of which are well earned, and likely true)... It seems to me, that Scott "I am Important" Abraham...

Comments on K2 3.5 skis?
Hi guys. I am an crazed nordic touring skier, but when there is no natural snow, I get jealous and do a bit of downhill. I read an old book that got me on the idea of super short skis, so...

Fishing with grenades
You freaks are so easy. Like fishing with grenades. Toss one in, watch the dead fish rise belly up. Jeff and I were chatting about what pathetic sick freaks you are over dinner in Jac...

Lovemaking starts at Snowland
It's just a more interesting headline. Suzie -- Suzieflame

The Aftermath of the Carnage
Well it's been a week since the surgery. I've got a 8-10 inch incision line going up the back held together with a shitload of staples. It's supposed to be another week before they can be re...

PING:Sam Seiber
Loveland Ski Area Begins Snowmaking Resort Wants To Be First Ski Area To Open For Season September 24, 2007 LOVELAND, Colo. -- It's just the first full day of fall but ski...

Snowmaking starts at Loveland
I hate to interrupt the flame fest but I figured some folks here (like Sam) might like to hear the news that Loveland fired up the snow guns last night. It won't be long now. sno...

What a Surprise
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gets beat up in here once again, and he runs away to lick his wounds. See you in a few days Flabby.

It just occurred to me.
Schattie went on holiday to meet his buddy-boy Jeffy ALONE. A repressed, Republican, bible-thumping, big, fat ugly guy on a moped, cruising the streets of America in nothing but ...

We like having you and Jeffy around, Schat.
The entertainment factor is outstanding. You, frothing at the mouth, trying to extricate himself from his own lies and dismal existence. Panhandling at churches - Geez - that's great. Do you...

Does Schattie have some kind of tax skeleton lurking in his finance closet? He seems pretty spooked.
Let's just say this: if Schattie files his 1040X with the same degree of accuracy and diplomacy as he posts, the audit (when it comes, and they do come) should be a whole bundle of fun...

More stalking, more felonies, more real world harassment from the Friends of Andrew McLean
I want to point out that Suzieflame has encouraged the deranged freaks of rsa to commit felonies today, and continues to urge them to rat me out to the IRS. Putting aside the obvious re...

The friends of Andrew McLean
I want to thank all the friends of Andrew McLean who have leapt to his defense. Proves my point beyond any doubt to any reasonable human being. In the coming months, methinks I will ind...

Trying to guess the age of Schattie's home computer.
ATARI? Suzie -- Suzieflame

Why does Schattie run away after soiling RSA?
He is like a child who wets the bed and then hides from the adults... is there something in him that needs this? Suzie -- Suzieflame

Schattie frothing like a just-made latte...
Schattie, let's play a game: I will say a word and I will reply with the first word that comes into your head. Ready? Me: ski Schattie: My darling Ant Me: tree Sch...

Tell Us Schattie
How much money did Jeffy's mama have to withdraw to put you up for the night? Did you kiddies have fun in your Winnebago sleep over?

Uhh...Hi it snowed ! That's good, right ?
We do like snow....right ?

A major Usenet no no...
Never ever rip on somebody's misspelling of a word while committing the same offence within the post in which you are pointing out his or her misspelling. Never, ever, ever go bac...

Have you calculated Schattie's hourly rate from the amount of filthy rags he sells on Ebay?
Over the last 30 days, Schattie has earned a miserable US$1350 from Ebay sales. Thats about $4.50 an hour, for an average day, before tax*. McDonald's literally pays...

Does Schattie's Rabbi know he is a fluffer?
I mean, do you think that is compatible with living your life by the priciples of the Old Testament? Time for an intervention? Suzie -- Suzieflame

Did you know Ebay has an anonymous fraud denouncement page?
Fact. Suzie -- Suzieflame

Why does Schattie hate everybody normal?
Just because we have lives, money, friends, jobs etc, doesn't mean we won't drop a coin or two in his outstretched coffee cup from time to time, if he asks real pretty and does the flu...

What's Open early November?
I want to take my kids for a early start ski weekend on November 9-12. Anyone know of any mountains that are open that early? East or West, either works. Whistler and Vail ...

What ever happened to Andrew McLean?
Damned if I wasn't leafing through a ski mag the other day, and there was my former buddy Andweeb posing and preening and acting like a true mountain hero. No wonder he won't have anyth...

Dead and stinking
Thanks, freaks. Couldn't keep this shithole dead without you. Now go fuck yourselves.

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