Skiing the week of 11/25
I have a vacation 11/25, who will have snow that week, that it is worth traveling to??????

Fire in Ketchum
I wonder if Scott's fictional celebrity friend's fictional mansion is okay...Oh wait...that's right...

FA History of Ski Jumping
The History of Ski Jumping by Tim Ashburner ,in as new condition, large format 120 pages. Superb and very thorough history of the sport with some lovely period pics. http://c...

Surgery Time
Well, the Orthopedic Surgeon has spoken. My L5 disk is displaced about 1cm. Surgery is the only real option. He's going to pull it back into alignment and fix it in place with a couple of sc...

Favorite time for Aspen?
My wife and I are taking a few nieces and nephews snowboarding this winter. They are in their early 20s and my wife likes Aspen for it's skier friendly amenities like the shuttle buses an...

Utah The Canyons
Now looking for a possible trip to the Canyons in Utah. A friend at work says the best way to stay is at Salt Lake City and rent a car. What is the drive like to the Canyons from ...

Snow on the 10 mile range this morning
The first snow of the season. A bit more than just a dusting. Here are a couple of pics:

The Childish Transparent Lies of FF
1. I have a PhD 2. I have another PhD 3. I have celebrity friends 4. My celebrity friends know that I earn ''an income'' by selling used smelly rags on eBay 5. I may not BE '...

FF Power Hour
Announcer: In the tradition of other famous men of spirituality such as Khomeini, Manson, Himmler,Jones, Bush, Falwell and Swaggert we're bringing you the Schattay Hour of Power. ...

Controlling Schattie's Destiny
Schattie, I have decided to control your destiny. These are the rules you will be living by from now on:- 1. For each day you post to this group, I have granted you permiss...

Me and my wife are planning a ski vacation to Telluride during President's weel (Feb 16 - Feb 23) and would like to save money. So far I found a place in Ridgway which the inn keeper says ...

Google does it again!
Google maps allowsme not only to search for roads but I can see my block.

Lets all help up and Coming Pro (and Madman) Justus Meyer
Come check out Justus Meyers videos he's out of his Gord and from Boston none the less had to always drive to the snow, come vote on his vids and give him some good comments. http...

Check out the new teaser for TGR's lost and Found on the new online action sports community for helping people share videos, photos with friends is also helping to get people to get sponsored. come check it out Fill out your Profile...

Who are these M15 idiots?
They are even worse than reading Scotty's ravings H. R. (Bob) Hofmann
I just found this sick new site for action sports video of all kinds, they have some good trailers and videos of comps.

Sex stories by instant download
Huge selection of sex and erotic novels by instant download. From milder erotic to harder, bondage and spanking, domination and humiliation including slave.

Since Scott "Will be Spending Most of the season in Ketchum"...
Let THIS be the post where I point out Ketchum's proximity to Utah, especially Logan. C'mon Scott...I KNOW you're going to drive down to Deer Valley. Stop by and say Hi. We can grab a ''B...

Couple more days, and I gotta stop fucking with you freaks
High Holidays coming up, my annual spiritual retreat to Orcas, and my job is done here. No skiing conversation, any newcomers have fled, and I've vented my spleen. I especially wanna t...

The Breath of Winter
Winter's exhalation is being felt throughout the state of Wisconsin this weekend. Winter is still far away, we have more than one full season until astronomical winter, but there ...

Hi everyone, I am looking for statistics related to skiing for mostly every country. This includes local/national stats as well as international tournaments/leagues statistics. ...

The first sign of winter
At the risk of making an OT first ski mag of the year just showed up. Not that I'm particularily fond of Skiing, as they market it to drunken young punks looking for a place to ...

Historical snow reports?
I usually go skiing in the alps at Christmas (as I teach, I can't choose my holidays). Easter is early next year and I am thinking of going then as the snow might be better. I am...

One insane whack job sitting in a tree S-C-H-A-T-T-I-E Selling clothes on Ebay to people he can't see S-C-H-A-T-T-I-E Travelling on a moped to the places where th...

Schattie and his moped captured on camera
Hey, looks like someone got a picture of you on your way to Ketchum Schattie: Suzie -- Suzieflame

FF's Dog Food Commercial
Name: Skanky Chunks Slogan The high fat dog food that makes your "Duke" want to puke. Like the "Chuck Wagon" commercials - we see a minature FF in his technicolor ski suit r...

I wonder...
...What do all FF's hordes of celebrity friends think of him when they discover he earns his ''income'' by selling used , smelly rags on eBay ?

Any support for creating such a group purely for mudslinging? The current traffic in this group has very low entertainment value.

Only the rsa freaks don't see how vile they are
Greetings from Ketchum, Omaha. (Where in hell did Kerrison ever come up with THAT whopper? Never been there.) You freaks really ought to try this town in the summer. Incredibly gorge...

Bless you, freaks
Just a look at the headers was enough. No need to read the insane lies, the gross defamations, the sick hatred of anything good and decent and honorable. Had a lovely discussion last ni...

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