Ping Jeffy Doofus
Hey Jeffy, just want to know if AARP is going to send the application to your Winnebago in parking lot central when you turn 55 in a couple of years.

Cape Smokey
Took a look at Ski Cape Smokey, Nova Scotia while driving around the last few weeks - Anyone ever ski there? Comparisons?

Marble Mountain
Took a look at Marble Mountain, Newfoundland while driving around the last few weeks - Anyone ever ski there? Comparisons?

Scottie's last day on earth
RIIIIING! SH: "Suicide Hotline" SA: "My name is Scott Abraham, and I'm considering suicide." SH: Scott Abraham? You've been on Suicide Watch for months. It's ...

Internet Flame War burns House
Got this off rec.automotive.VW.aircooled and immediately thought of rsa! :Ramva has had some flame wars go on over the years, but nothing as bad :as the one at the following link. Som...

looking for old pictures pirmin zurbriggen
I am looking for some old downhill pictures (preferably hires) from Pirmin Zurbriggen. Can someone provide me some links? Preferably pictures from the 80's

The strange mind of Alan Baker
Never cease to be amused by the incredibly hypocritical standards of the stalking usenet wack job freaks of rsa. Especially Alan Baker, who is certifiably insane. Baker somehow got it i...

Dear Freaks
I suspect a bunch of you are bragging that you are tough wack jobs who have driven me off usenet, and in a way, you are right. Hate to give it to you, but fucking with you freaks makes me fe...

Steep n Cheap: Phat Luvs
There's the pink Phat Luvs on Steep N cheap right now, in useful lengths, $272. That's the model after mine, where they went to 95mm underfoot (from 90). Women and light men should grab ...

Dynastar Legend Pro Plus XXL were on Steep n Cheap today
$360. I missed em. It was the 194cm length which is what I need. 132/109 /122mm I would definitely have snagged a pair of those at that price. But I missed em. Chris

Schattie: When did you stop being my bitch?
Please reply soonest. Suzie -- Suzieflame

Ski Kirgyzstan
Advertisement: Ski Kirgyzstan Kyrgyzstan ski resorts, where to ski, heli-ski and snowboard in Kyrgyzstan. How to get to Kyrgyzstan. Ski resort and stat...

Former Sweden star Henrik Larsson honoured by Crown Princess Victoria (Slam! Sports) 07/14/2007: BORGHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Former Sweden striker Henrik Larsson received Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's annual stipend on her 30th b...

Schattie: A challenge.
Try to touch your toes. You used to be able to do it, right? <guffaw> Suzie -- Suzieflame

Schattie is still running away.
And therefore is still my bitch. Suzie -- Suzieflame OB Ski: just picked up some new Völkl AC30 Unlimited Titanium carvers to play with and on impulse also...

Where to go skiing over the next 1 - 2 months?
I could go skiing for most of the next 1 to 2 months, depending how long the UK civil service take to sort out employing someone. Where would be the best to go? From the skicl...

K2 Four
Hi all, A while back I bought a second-hand pair of K2 Four 68s for about $30. I put my old Fritschi Diamirs on them and enjoy skiing with them, but while skinning up the Gran Par...

Anyone around Logan wanna buy my truck
I've had enough of this. Trucks are for the rich.

Why does everyone here accuse each other of being a drug addict / alcoholic ?
You can't all know each other THAT well ? I mean Scotty...Of course he's a substance's obvious. But beyond that...I dunno. Just seems weird.

Get into top shape this summer with fitness
Get into top shape this summer with fitness

The same sick, dickless freaks pulling the same sick, dickless bullshit
What a pathetic bunch of freaks!!!! Twice a year or so, you try to manipulate some wack job vet into harassing me by crossposting ridiculous lies. How dickless. You can't st...

Happy birthday Mr President.
You are 61 today chief.

Virtual Cache
The kernel.

Value List Facade
You must reset the tower, nor should never get access on a LCD IDE application.

Intercepting Command
I do you either cannot turn off the control tools inside over a connection on a wordprocessor over a FPU, to upload for installing on a tool this way you neither must reset the SGRAM etherne...

Injuries Really Really Suck
I've finally done it. My fat ass is injured from work. Three bulging lumbar discs and sciatica in both legs. I've got a MRI scheduled next week. At work on Friday-an orthopedic surgeon took ...

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