Happy birthday you Canuckas!
>From you mates in Australia. It is cold here today with a maximum temp of 11 degrees in the nations capital. Anything special you guys are doing to celebrate this here? ...

I figured it out...
...SCOTT IS A HOMO. It's the only logical explanation for his CONSTANT talk of dicks, balls, asses, whacking, and fucking. Have all these RSA vets disappointed you, in a way not ...

Scott: Look who has changed their addy once again?
X-No-Archive: Yes http://groups.google.com.au/groups/profile?enc_user=DshRlx4AAABxkT85cgU3dq4qwhYnC5Ivps8SRvsY-sf0UXoIkX0zCw&hl=en What is it trying to hide from? ju...

Here's a little history....
Here's Felonius Fuck bragging about his new Seth Morrison skis "His Last Pair" because he had lost his position at K2. Please note the date-8/19/1999. (He subsequently sold the autogra...

At least 165 homes destroyed in Lake Tahoe wildfire
http://tinyurl.com/2du48h MEYERS, California (AP) -- A wind-driven wildfire destroyed at least 165 homes and other structures and scorched 750 acres just southwest of Lake Tahoe...

This Is Too Funny
I was having lunch today at a little Mexican place in Park City and I found something I found very odd. Some printouts with the backlash article on them mingled with tourist brochures. How t...

Fritschi Diamir Freeride binding on Steepandcheap.com right now
It's the "long" version. Good price if you're looking for these. They're about 1/3 sold so better move it if you want some. http://www.steepandcheap.com/ Chris

You've got to see this.......

Thanks, freaks
I love it. Some reasonable person asks a reasonable question about how this insane shithole devolved into the stalker's paradise it has become, and you freaks go and show him exactly ...

Why is Scatty so bitter and angry ?
If you truly live the life you say you do, you should be much more of an overtly happy person. The anger and bitterness you spew in here at every mention seems much more revealing...

Ant: What is your problem?
On several occassions you have accused me of stalking, not you as it was. You feeling left-out? What is your problem? Just because I once said: 18. ant View profile ...

American Skiing to dissolve (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Adventurous Film
"Dreams of Flying" from the HD film "One Six Right" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6Zwv6iRh5w www.onesixright.com

rsa history?
Just how did this newsgroups become one of the most dysfunctional newsgroups in the history of Usenet?

Nazis hiding in the mountains!!!
They are still there and in Austria, there are many, many secret Nazi bases and SS supersoldiers and if you are an Untermensch, they will eliminate you!!! Watch out!!!

Tight Cheek Skiing
http://tinyurl.com/2e58ot http://tinyurl.com/28ktov -- Marty

The embarassing failure of rsa.moderated and Klaus Biggers, Founder
How laughable. How pathetic. Bob Thompson posting just to get traffic, and the only responses are from his fellow stalkers, pathological liars, perverts, freaks, and terrorists. Wha...

Small ski areas still exist
Cochan's in Vermont get permission to add snowmaking: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070613/NEWS02/706130311/1007

Brand new online directory for ski stations and leisure resorts in France
http://www.weekendtv.net Brand new site (still under development) allowing tourists visiting France to discover various indoor/outdoor activities & resorts through videos/slideshows sho...

Ski South America this Summer
Hi Everyone, As the mercury on our thermometers starts to rise in the United States, the temperature is beginning to fall in the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina, where its ...

more Tai Chi skiing
I'm not sure if this would qualify as Tai Chi skiing, but I can guess what my hand motions would be like. http://www.maniacworld.com/Ski-Gliding.html

Tai Chi Skiing
Offhand comment - Let's not lose sight of the fact that taichiskiing is right, wrong, or indifferent, talking about skiing. I appreciate that somewhat rare characteristic. ...

Epic Ski/Ride Experience in South America this Summer
Hello, My name is Steve Foster, and I wanted to let you know about unique program we have created in South America. This experience allows you to enjoy the best skiing and riding...

This leaves American Skiing Company rather small...
Ski firm sells Sunday River to Boyne USA June 5, 2007 AUGUSTA, Maine --American Skiing Co. is selling the Sunday River and Sugarloaf USA ski areas in western Maine to Boyne...

Silver Surfer
Here's a link if you want to see the cover of Silver Surfer #1. http://www.comicspriceguide.com/p-issues.asp?t_ID=3317 [email protected] My...

GracefulEdge.com Launches a Washington DC Edition
GracefulEdge.com Goes Local Graceful Edge's Washington D.C. Edition to Launch, June 12, 2007 The Washington D.C. Edition shares the latest on fun activities throughout the region....

Web site for cardiac athletes (updated)
If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor/physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport "so long as you don't over do it!", th...

Monty Python is alive and well.
The Tai Chi Flea really reminds me of the "I want to buy an argument" sketch. The next thing he's going to say is that he got his skis from the lady of the lake aka the "Watery Tart". Could ...

Videos at Elan Ski Site
I was looking at some of these videos and thought that some of you might be interested-particularly the one about the ski production process (over 8 minutes long). http://tinyurl....

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