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Could we Start a new Thread
The whole 1100 + post thread thing is getting difficult to read.

Ski Wizard
I need the expertise of some real ski wizards. If you have a sports related blog or website you can now submit your site's URL or RSS Feed at There are also sports flash ...

Does this mean winter is officially over?

FT. of new snow over the weekend
Sorry I've been away. My ISP decided to do away with the server I was using without informing us. We'll see how long they keep this one. The Eastern Sierra got about another foot of...

OT: David Halberstam killed in a Car Accident
If anyone who likes to read any books on sports, besides many other topics especially Baseball, David Halberstam wrote some really good ones... He will be miss and RIP... http:/...

Unexpected find
While doing some research on cold weather, I stumbled onto this article that includes a picture of my old Sunday School teacher, Don McNally, former manager of Jay Peak ski area, "fishing" o...

20!! more inches
A toast to Ullr. May your skis run straight, may your hunts be fruitful, may Skadi treat you like a Goddess treats a God. Oh, and please send more snow? Thanks.

Another pair of new skis
I just couldn't resist. New fatties, mounted, cost me 130 bucks. I had to brag somewhere. Only reason I stopped by. Bert's happy, too: he gets a two year old pair of hand me downs, b...

Heroes of Telemark
I'm watching the movie on the tube this morning and it struck me that the skiing in the chase scene is too good for 40's era telemark gear.

Still skiing powder
Another 6-8 inches of fresh and cold temps has been provided by Ullr. Mid-winter skies and conditions are a joy to behold, and a bigger joy to ski. Ullr bless us.

Of course there is a God.
God was getting very angry at people using curse words. He told a prophet the next curse word you use I will send you a physical example to curse mankind for 3 generations. The prophet excl...

Well, that was relatively painless
I can go get my Tetanus shot, now.

Toodle, freaks
Fun is over for now. Gawd, you freaks are so predictable. So easy. So utterly devoid of any insight, any understanding of what you are and how you behave. But fucking with you makes ...

An RSA.Mod History Question
Was RS.Moderated created to discuss skiing without the pathetic, infantile attention hungry behavior of Scott "Pudge-Master" Abraham ?

Klaus Biggers' Laughable Failure: rsa.terrorist
Stopped by rsa.moderated just to see if anybody was posting there, so I could point out what an asshole they are. Sheeit. Dead as Klaus Biggers' conscience. His asshole gets more traf...

Lunch on the freaks of rsa
Thanks, freaks. I'm having lunch on a shrink friend of mine tomorrow. We were discussing the insanity of usenet and I tried to explain rsa to him. He didn't believe you freaks would be...

TR - Tremblant Apr 6-12 2007
Well, you win some and you lose some. My early season trips this year were somewhat of a bust, but last week at Tremblant was clearly a home run. When Tremblant is good, it is very very ...

Anybody else at Copper yesterday?
Sad that it was the last day. The skiing was amazing! What a way to end our season there. Maybe I'll get a few more days at Loveland. Things looked great there. -- Marty <...

What a season!!!!!
My great and good friend Bert Hoff and I decided we couldn't resist closing a wonderful season with style. Over four hundred inches of snow, midwinter conditions at Crystal today on a ...

Thanks for the advice, all!
I did end up buying yesterday, and found a sweet little package that works nicely for me. Salomon Siam 5 skis with Ellipse boots, looked and felt right in the shop, serious end-of-season cl...

Another newbie (sort of) contemplating purchase
Here's the data-- Second-year skier. Female. Cascades, mostly Timberline but probably eventually Ski Bowl and Mt. Hood Meadows as well as Bachelor. (although it'd be cool to get...

The winter that wouldn't start, the winter that wouldn't end.
The subject say it all. Yesterday AM started out at Killington with super mid-winter conditions of easy skiing eastern packed powder following a couple of powder days previou...

Why join PSIA?
I'm a long time skier but somewhat new (part time) instructor. I've been thinking about joining PSIA to learn a bit more about the art of instructing. In looking at associated PSI...

Mad River Glen shuts Down Single Chair
One of the first lifts I ever rode.

Rola Roof Racks with Ski Clips FS-Australia.

Hey Chris, You would have liked Sunday!
One foot of new snow in Winter Park. You should have been there, you would have liked it :-) Here's what Drunken Frenshman looked like: ...

Skis for a newbie
I just got off the hill, after my second time downhill skiing. First time was on a hill, second time, today, on a mountain. I enjoyed both times, and am slowly getting comfortable wit...

Ski Construction
I'm curious what opinions I will get on this subject . If I ski about 1/2 the time in moguls and the other half cruising , would I want a ski that has a mainly wood core or one with a meta...

Intrawest and Vail pass increases
Here's the Vail info: Intrawest also offers a new product this year, the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus. Unlimited Winter Park and Copper plus six

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