Nice story - Toby Dawson reunited with father -- Marty

Rainier, third most dangerous U.S. volcano, USGS says Rainier, third most dangerous U.S. volcano, USGS says By Warren Cornwall Seattle Times staff reporter Mount Rainier looks constant and u...

What do a Tornado and Redneck Divorce have in common....
Either way, someone is going to lose a trailer.

Ski area liability goes to the Supreme Court
OK, it's the Utah Supreme Court, but it's still noteworhty: I'll withhold comment until tomorrow. Other than to say: Fuzzy Bunny...

Face shots at Winter Park
Winter Park, CO Days 6-9 My last two days at Copper were of course fun but a bit disappointing snow wise. The forecast was for 4 to 6 inches, we were hoping for a foot bu...

Any erg freaks out there?
Any of you all get on a rowing machine to stay fit for skiing? I've got cabin fever and I'm sick of sitting on that damn machine instead of skiing. Of course there is a solution for that.....

Avalanche death 2/24/07 at Crystal Mt/WA Cascades
any details forthcoming other than the short blurb on the local news media about this unfortunate accident? jim

You know if you're a redneck if.........
Your home is mobile and your truck ain't. PS: Also if you have ever been to Lubbock, Texas.

Still snowing hard, and cold. 40-50 inches in the last few days on the slopes. Windy today, so top closed (anemometer on the peak froze so don't know the actual wind velocity.) ...

new boots
Anybody have any suggestion or comments as to help break in new boots? I realize this is not related to any discussion in the last 500 hundred posts, but any insight?

TR: Fun in the Sun
Frisco, CO Days 3-5 Wednesday and Thursday were beautiful blue bird, see forever days. It must have gotten close to 40 degrees on the mountain Wednesday and was warmer tha...

Hey, Jeff Sweetie Pie.....
If you think I'm violating Hotmail's terms of service (even though I'm not posting from there), how do you rationalize Schattie's not getting tossed from Hotmail? Make a trade - you get me t...

Heading to Canada to ski..... ???
.... apparently not if you have a criminal record in the States:

Blind me with beer science
Ok, here's a sciency query for y'all. I get to my motel with plenty of beer. I've got Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Wheat and O'Dell's 5 Barrel Pale Ale. The mini fridge...

Now here's some real science
Proof positive. You're not gonna argue with science, are you? More at

The truth about Ant an dScattie
Ant loves Ozone on (get a room folks). She slighted Scattie. Scattie now hates her. Well what do expect when you are a dike?

Alpine serial killer and cannibal out there! Watch Out !!!
There is a family of weird mountain cannibals out there and Papa Cannibal is known for hunting and killing succulent tourists together with his son, Little Cannibal. At home, Mama...

this whole insanity
i buy out ! this poor prick needs " HELP " dick

Schattie loses it on E-bay
Check it out - he's gone bonkers.

Call This a Lie, Scott
>From about 3 or 4 years ago, posted by Walt. Good luck dodging this Scott, but I'll know you'll try, to everyone's amusement. -------------------...

Another old Post of Scott lobbing "Insane Whacko" names at people I see...everyone ELSE is crazy, exc...

TR Sea Level Legs
Frisco, CO Day Two Copper got six inches of new, most of it over night. I didn't get first chair but maybe in the top ten. I got first tracks on three or four bump runs th...

Dead, Deader, Deadest
Hey, just caught the stats on this moldering, rotting shithole. January 1998, 4800 posts. Pre-terrorism. A functioning, social community of skiers who could tell their stories without havi...

James Osterberg is certainly a picky individual
Nothing to do with skiing, but it's the funniest thing to cross my desk in a while: And we need a break after all ...

to ski
to ski Who doesn't want to ski to be inside the body not somewhere beside it to feel the arms and legs cold and clean in the clear chill air like on wings, as though eve...

Killington Sold!
American Skiing Announces Sale of Killington and Pico Resorts for $83.5 Million

Whoopeeee, I can still ski!
Frisco, CO Day One Wifey and I left Ann Arbor at 5:46 Sunday morning. The first one hundred miles were slick and snowy but the Subaru shod with Continental snow tir...

Oldie, but Goodie
Here's a very informative post from Dick Gozinya circa 2005, I think... Q: Who is Scott Abraham? A: Scott Abraham, also known as (and may post under the following Alias'): ...

two boowah
i've seen your posts for some time and i've always regarded you as a huge ASSHOLE ! i know that 's the feeling of the majority of rsa readers who are SO sick of you and your L...

Alpine skiing-Austria on course for team gold (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Austria took a commanding lead in Sunday's closing nations team event at the world Alpine skiing championships by dominating the super-G heats. === Just one of Today's Top 10 Consumer ...

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