16th Winter Deaflympics in Utak - February 2007
16th Winter Deaflympics: 24 countries with 584 athletes & officials more at http://www.deaflympics.com/news/pressreleases.asp?ID=1159

Sun Valley Conditions
I skied Sun Valley a couple of days ago. The snow is rather thin. A local told me that they have not had any show for 3 weeks. The south facing slopes had no snow on them. The ...

Accomodation and boot fitter recomendations for south lake tahoe
Hi, I have a couple of months off work and a season pass for heavenly. I was going to spend most of the next couple of months in south lake tahoe (I am flying from the UK next we...

"40,000 wildly cheering fans"
http://www.usskiteam.com/public/news.php?dId=2&sN=1&aId=2660 Can you even imagine how cool it would be to be there as one of the 40,000? http://www.skiracing.com/images/sto...

Ligety, "You can't win every race"
http://tinyurl.com/36ppd8 Say what?! Well, Ted... you better get a little more serious about yer ski racing and start winning EVERY damn race you enter or else the US will dis...

Bode finished a SL!
http://livetiming.usskiteam.com/public/livetiming_calendar.php?aId=70 Holy shit! -- Marty

Possibly only 4 golds for Bode at worlds now...
Damn! http://www.eurosport.com/alpineskiing/are/2006-2007/ sport_sto1070741.shtml I wanted 5 golds from Bode, not 4. -- Marty

Friggin' ouch!
http://www.eurosport.com/skijumping/mc_vid32786.shtml -- Marty

Sking near Phoenix
Visiting Phoenix next week. I'm a european skier and worried about lift queues in Snowbowl or Sunrise. Does anyone have some suggestions? I was thinking Sunrise as it appears to have ...

time off
I've decided to do my fellow skiers a favor. Ullr apparently has it in for me personally and won't let it snow as long as I'm skiing, so I'm going to hop over to London for a week or two. ...

Yet another reason why Bob Roll is my favorite pro cyclist
http://www.nastar.com/index.jsp? pagename=results&page=comp&compid=309818 And it seems that Bob likes Atomic: http://www.thisnext.com/item/AC422060/22B842CD/Atomic-GS-11 -- <...

Single Male Looking to make-up numbers for a chalet or share room to reduce costs.
Hi, I'm male 43, intermediate skier looking to join a group or party that's going skiing in Europe in March 2007. I want to keep my costs down by joining a group or party that has o...

Mary of Mt Snow
Do you know if NASTAR has run yet at Mt Snow? There have been no results posted on NASTAR site.

Forgot about Saturday ...
Seldom skiing weekends, I forgot how congested weekend skier traffic can be. Uncomfortably close calls with erratic skiers/boarders, all going faster than their skill level supports. ...

Rossignol Ski Bindings
Just bought a pair of Rossignol Z9's 2006 model but now need some bindings. I don't know much about this subject but am thinking about Rossignol axial of axium 120's. Any one got any thoug...

pressing ski boot shells
Looking for information or websites with detailed and complete information regarding techniques and tools for pressing and punching plastic ski boot shells. I need to press the ...

Marker M1 Binding installation
Has any of you ever installed the Marker M1 bindings? I just got a pair of these for my K2 Apache Crossfire skis and I couldn't believe the instruction manual! It shows that you only ne...

Interesting article on ski resorts, global warming, and environmentalism
An article in the online magazine Salon discusses the ski industry's response to global warming and other environmental challenges. Here are two interesting excerpts: "Global warm...

Summit County Colorado Conditions
In the past 9 days we have skied six times in the Summit County area. This includes Breckenridge, Keystone, Loveland, Copper Mt. (twice), and Ski Cooper. The weather has been pret...

unwanted record
new record high 61 f (old record 55 f) in truckee today. spring is early.

Has anyone skied Kirkwood recently
Contemplating skiing while in Tahoe in early February. Their site indicates very limited snow making, but that they heavy falls of natural snow. Any idea as to what it is like so far thi...

lake Tahoe Ski rentals
Going in Feb. to Tahoe. I am bringing my boots, but am thinking of renting the skis. I have just taken the boots from New York to Alta, Winter Park and Jackson Hole. It avoids grief in tra...

Video of moguls moving
And explanations... <http://academic.regis.edu/dbahr/GeneralPages/Research/MogulResearch.htm> -- "The iPhone doesn't have a speaker phone" -- "I checked very carefull...

Bumps move uphill...I could have told you that
http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20070123/NEWS/70123007 Still doesn't explain how the bump moves between the time I plan my fourth turn and the time I'm trying to make it. ...

Flared tips? What kind of skis are these?
Hi Folks Haven't skied in years, and my 23-year-old Dynastars weren't available at the time and place, so I rented a pair where I was in Vermont. The skis were fabulous. I not...

U.S. Sends 17 to Alpine World Champs
Nice summary of the year to date along with some performance history: http://www.usskiteam.com/public/news.php?sN=1&pF=1&dId=2&aId=2624 -- Marty

Telling time on the slopes
Department of trivialities: Those of you who like to keep track of the time when you're on the slopes -- how do you do it? I can't wear a wristwatch because I wear long gloves with wrist pro...

Ski holidays in Austria (beginning of March)
Hello, We are planning to have our ski holidays in Austria (beginning of March), but we don't know what are the best and nicest places to ski for advanced skiers. We are goin...

Anybody tried the Volkl S5?
Just wondering how different they are from the 2006 Supersport Five Star. Thanks for any info.

What can we do with our old skis?
I finally took the plunge. I was thinking I was the last person on the hill with straight skis. Then a buddy set me up with a set of K2 Jerry Launchers (yes, that Jerry . . . for any dead ...

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