OT: Ale
Hey, Did anybody else get some of the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale? WoooooHooooo! Chris

Rowing and skiing europe
A rower who skis and is looking to buy a property in an area which caters for both but skiing is the more important of the two. Anyone with properties or recommendations in Italy Franc...

Mount Snow
Has any body from the group skied at Mt Snow this season? I was wondering how the conditions are from somebody who has skied it? We are heading up this friday for a week and it will be the f...

Slalom, What is my Problem?
For anyone here who has an interest in ski racing, you will know that there are many different types of it. I personally compete in Slalom and GS type courses. I am relatively proficient in ...

No waiste length ski jackets any more?
Hi all.... So, I just spent a couple days skiing for the first time in 30 years (yahoo!!!!). Couldn't even make it down the beginner slope at first but by the second day was ...

Sugaloaf/USA or Sunday River?
Anybody that has gone to both Sugarloaf and Sunday River obviously must have a favorite between the two. I myself have just gone to Sugarloaf my first time and was very dissapointed with it....

Don't Ski Utah
I would like to point out that the snow and social opportunities are far greater in Colorado than in Utah so please everybody go to Colorado. You're welcome.

My first set of Parabolics - Adjusting Technique??
Hey Yall, I just bought my first set of Parabolic skis = Monster IM70s with railflex bindings. This is my first set of parabolics, after skiing on antique straight cu...

Ski Eldora!
Yep, more snow than Alta. Eldora is going to have more snow than Wolf Creek or Silverton in another day. Who would have thought that the closest ski area to Denver International would ha...

All top travel deals at indiafaredeals
What a great site "http://www.indiafaredeals.com" these guys at indiafaredeals done a great job by showing the best air, hotel and vacations deals at one place, which really save my time.

Denver to Dillon on an icy I-70
I'm scheduled to be in Denver next Wed. the 3rd for my first trip of the season. Hopefully the airport will be open and I-70 will be fairly clear by Wed. after the latest pasting. I've bee...

Which Canadian/Yankie ski field has the hottest chics?
And like to party?

Scott Abraham, Special Forces D-Team Wanna Be...
Scott's hero: http://nikon.astropax.com/temp/team_d.jpg -Astro

old bindings?
My skis and bindings are about 15 years old. I haven't skiied in about 4 years. I took my skiis and boots in today to be tuned and was immediately told that the tech wouldn't touch my bind...

Quick Binding Adjust
My son is here for a short time and only has two days to ski. So I figured I give him my old skis to use. I have a set of 5-Stars with demo bindings but he didn't like the length, the...

Happy Christmas Everyone...av beacon practice?
I hope you're all having groovy times with friends, family and/or slippery slopes. So I'm wondering if anyone anywhere near the Detroit area has an avalanche beacon and needs prac...

Let's Explore
Scott : When and where did you train with SEALS ? Im assuming you knew one of them. Which Navy SEAL did you know ? How on earth did you "train with SEALS" ? Notice I didn't say...

Tuning Kits - new to rsa
Hello, This is my first post here after lurking for a while... Started skiing in the early 80's with a hiatus for the last 10 years or so, but back into it full bore now. Althou...

Governator Arnold's broken leg
The Governator broke his leg skiing the other day. In spite of his ag he's a tough cookie to crack. It must have been quite a crash. Here' the news article: http://www.skib...

Do I need a powder skirt?
After lots of effort and time I've found a ski jacket (White Sierra) that fits, has a great collar and hood, but it has no powder skirt. The powder skirts seem like a good idea. I liv...

Warning - Scott Abraham is unstable
Q: Who is Scott Abraham? A: Scott Abraham, also known as (and may post under the following Alias'): Schattie Buddha Two Buddha scottabe The Talking Urinal SA ...

The insane wack jobs of rsa
I gotta stop arguing with you freaks. You never cease to amaze me with your delusional ranting, your pathological lying, your vileness, your utter lack of any moral or ethical standar...

I wish you a miserable Christmas
If there were ever a group of people who deserve coal in their stockings, it's the sick freaks who hang out here. What a truly disgusting group of liars, cowards, psychopaths and wimps you ...

Skiing Re-habs Knee Joint?
I am about to give up basketball entirely, because playing in the last few months has resulted in one knee starting to give out spontaneously. All the fast twisting is what is especi...

He's gone again.
Lets hope the proverbial Valtrex of time keeps him away even longer this go' around.

Stop BOOTH CREEK development
Freealpental.org is a community, grassroots based organization of people who peaceably assemble on U.S. Forest Service land at Alpental (German for "Alpine Valley"), about a mile North of ...

Why Is A Ski Fast?
OK, maybe a dumb question. I now own three pairs of skis, one pair new two weeks ago. Soooo, same skier, same boots, same poles, same ski mountain, same runs, same snow conditions, etc. Wh...

Best skiing in the country
Damn, I was thinking of heading south, but it's gonna have to wait until they get some more snow. Best skiing in the country is right here in the NW and BC. Midwinter base, it ...

Avalanche Death at Snowmass

Troll of the year nomination
No, it has nothing to do with RSA, but it a doozy. The story: http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/9999 The communications director for Montana's lone congressman

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