I just finished scraping the storage wax off my skis. A quick inspection of the edges and the bindings says that systems are go. The storm system that's dumped a couple of inch...

Whistler Trip Report
What a start to the season!!! Mid winter base depths. Nine inches of fresh powder on the car this morning.....more on the hill. Nobody here. Freshies most of the morning. Hardly any ...

Has anyone tried Stevens Pass yet?
What are the conditions? Are there many rocks, or are they buried already? Bob

Heavenly - ski-in ski-out
I would like to go skiing at Heavenly Valley this year. Google is full of accomodations. Looking for someone who stayed at a ski-in ski-out location/resort whom will share their ...

Any schedule released for the new Breck Gondola
Has there been any official statement as to when the new Breck gondola is supposed to open. Snoig? H. R. (Bob) Hofmann

Vail Discount Lift Tickets
Does anyone know where to get discounted lift btickets for Vail? Thanks Richard

Greg Stump on
Please excuse the shameless self promotion, but I thought some of you might like to see the new video clips we've just uploaded to our website. We're featuri...

Driving in Austria and Germany
Hi I was told that for driving in Austria I will need a sticker (for autobahn) Is it the same for Germany ? I am going to drive daily form Innsbruck to the following de...

Lots of snow in Banff
Coming to Canada this season? Well we have a stack of snow, right now but very cold too (-25C). If you would like to improve your skiing you might want to check out the SKI COACH ...

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 362 ...

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

Ugly boots - paint 'em?
My 14-year old DS has found a pair of used ski boots that fit him nicely. But they are purple and green and he is not too keen on buying them. Since he's likely to need a larger size next...

Big ol' fat flakes
Here in Logan. It's about time !

It's snowing in Vancouver!
And the local mountains are getting inundated! Cypress Mountain, where I teach, is reporting 45cm in the last 24 hours. That's a foot and a half for those of you who don't grok the me...

Its snowing in the Sierras
NOW! -- I ski, therefore I am ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup ...

Best Places to Stay at Lake Tahoe
My connection to highway 80 is at Vallejo. The shortest route to snow takes me to the Northshore. All other routes add time to the drive. So, my preference is the north shore: Sugar Bow...

in the immortal words of General Anthony McAuliffe. After bragging earlier abut how the local hill had been open Thanksgiving weekend for decades straight, it isn't open yet.

February Ski Camps In Italy
[1] Serious Masters Camp International Racer has announced a racing camp for serious masters racers for February 2007 in Pozza di Fassa Italy. Dates: February 6th to Februar...

Party over for Miller and U.S. team "The U.S. team is kind of known for having a lot of fun wherever we go and I guess sometimes it's gotten out of hand," ...

Anyone feel like hittin up
Some of the Ogden Canyon spots ??

Rocks on roof in Germany?
Anyone know why there are rocks on the roofs of some German houses? JP

Learning about Atomic bindings
I have a pair of Atomic Beta Ride R11 20 190 skis. I have been learning about the meaning of these numbers and am trying to figure a pair of bindings for the ski. I figure the waist for th...

Boot fit
Hi all, I am looking to buy a new pair of ski boots after over 10 years in the same boot. I feel the boot is near it's end as they do not hold my heels down any longer and may never ...

Overheard at the ski show
"British that in *central* Canada?"

Compatibility Test
This morning I had a thought. I like my bananas "yellow, maybe just starting to get some brown spots". A girl I know likes her bananas "not quite totally yellow, just a little green around...

Do You Learn From Your Crashes?
Latest Ski Magazine had an article by Jay Cown. However, what follows below is my musing, if you want Jay's get the magazine one way or another. I was reading the recent is...

looks like a new ski instruction video from Taos
Hey, has anyone seen this video? It looks pretty interesting, but I wondered if anyone had looked at it since I can't find any reviews anywhere. Maybe someone ha...

Total skiing: ski the whole ski
Bob F wrote: > "taichiskiing" <[email protected]> wrote in message > > Anyway, flatboarding on snowboard is a lot easier than flatboarding on > > skis...

St Anton via the tunnel or over the top?
Hi All, I'm driving out to St Anton this Feb from the UK, and wondered if anyone could advise if I should take the Arlberg Tunnel and then loop back on myself or am I OK to go ove...

Top Ten Ski Getaways #10 - Denver, CO I love skiing in Denver! It should be #1. -- Marty

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