Ebay Skis?
Anyone ever buy skis off of Ebay? I've been watching a pair and it looks like it could be a good deal but I'm hesitant to bid without being able to see them in person. Just wondering if pe...

Anyone for something ON topic?
Hey, some of us have been out playing on our boards. If you folks are not sick of Loveland pictures, I took some more last Saturday (after a bunch more terrain opened up). So, if you w...

inexpensive hotels in VT
Can anyone recommend inexpensive hotels around Killington, Shugarbush or Jay Peak. I am willing to drive 30 to 60 min to get to the ski areas. I have found v. few myself less than 100/nigh...

ski season dates for all countries?
Hi Can anyone point me to a resource where I can see the ski season dates for every country world-wide? What (if any) options are there for a skiing holiday mid March to mi...

Slipping turn vs. carving turn revisited
Slipping turn? Never heard about it? You're probably right. After some serious debates with some EpicSki's bears, (who advertising themselves as the "orthodox" PSIA pro/teaching/skiing,) wit...

Slimed again
Slimed again. Every time I dip my toe into this sewer, I see the worst of humanity: gutless cowards, pathological liars, insane stalkers, sick and despicable assholes, the...

The sad, sick excuses of rsa terrorists, cowards, and freaks.
Fact: over twenty meets set in ski country over the years. Fact: in eight years, no rsa poster has ever had the balls to spew his filth in person. Fact: Every time a freak agrees to...

"Feral ferrets"
LoL, at least you're creative

Slanderman and Defamation Boy
Damn, I went and forgot the URL. Remind you of anybody you know? Like everybody left in this shithole? http://www.salon.com/comics/tomo/2006/10/30/tomo/index1.html ...

Slanderman and Defamation Boy
Saw this and couldn't help thinking of you sick freaks. You even use the same lies. How pathetic. How deranged. How despicable. How RSA.

Solitude - good deal when backcountry skiing?
Me and some friends are going to SLC around 20. December for 2-3 weeks for skiing/snowboarding. As we wanna do some off-piste/backcountry skiing (is there a difference btw? Is o...

Skiing in lapland or glaciers in mid november?
With the look of the weather in europe it looks like a reasonable bet for early skiing is lapland. Accomodation at http://www.tarnabylapland.com/ is only 10 - 20 GBP per night, but fli...

Ski rentals in Boston?
Anyone know of a place to rent ski equipment for the season at a reasonable price? Thanks

Yo, freaks? Reality sucks
Eight years of stalking and terrorism on this shithole of a newsgroup. Hundreds of death threats, threats of violence, threats of real world harm. People doing drive bys and bra...

Any one know Chris Keenan
Who is this guy?

It's fun when FF's male PMS flares up.
Go Scatty, Go, Go, Go.

Never spewed their shit in person
Not a one of you. Talk all the shit you want. But everybody knows. Everybody knows what freaks you are. How gutless you are. What a perverted, deranged, despicable, vile bunch of di...

The nutless, gutless, dickless weasels of rsa.
Gawd, this is funny. All of you freaks talking shit, making empty challenges, lying your sick asses off. But you know the truth. And I know the truth. Over eight years of your ta...

The laughable cowardly freaks of rsa
I love it! Over twenty times I've set clearly defined meets, at clearly defined places, at clearly defined times. You freaks talked all kinds of shit....and none of you have ever...

New boots?
Used to ski alot back in the day, but raising a family put a lid on skiing for a decade or 2 and now I'm trying to get back into the sport, even getting the kids hooked too. It's rentals for...

Will Scott meet with Klaus?
The challenge has been thrown down by Klaus. A known public place has been offered up (Chubasco -- one of Scott's previous favorite places to "meet"). Scott knows exactly where Klaus live...

Dead and rotting
Virtually no discussion. Virtually all the old timers have left, afraid to be associated with the filth of rsa, afraid they will be once again exposed for the sick, worthless human ...

New Skiing-Related Hardcore Sports Company! Airstoke!
Hello! I'm excited to announce the arrival of a new hardcore sports company, "Airstoke!" The idea is that it is for enthusiasts and admirers of extreme sports, and particularly one...

New Skiing-Related Hardcore Sports Company! Airstoke!
Hello! I'm excited to announce the arrival of a new hardcore sports company, "Airstoke!" The idea is that it is for enthusiasts and admirers of extreme sports, and particularly one...

More midwest skiing news
Tired of living in the shadow of Bohemia's in-bounds lift-served "backcountry", the Porkies have upped the ante. Sort of... http://www.skitheporkies.com/everest.html That's ...

Big Mountain Freeskiing
The WC discussion got me thinking about a conversation I had with a friend on the Peruvian Lift at Snowbird last February. The Freeskiing Nats were in progress. As we passed the finish lin...

Just for the record
Midwest skiing season starts tomorrow. If you know anybody who cares, pass it on. http://www.skibrule.com/ //Walt

Rains, High Temperatures Cancel Soelden
Well, this sucks: http://www.usskiteam.com/public/news.php?dId=2&sN=1&aId=2362 -- Marty

help about ski
Hi, I am going to buy new skis this year. I found 4 models what are interesting for me. Please give some comments and help me about final decision. 1. Voelkl Superspor...

World Cup Skiing
DOes anyone know how to get the World Cup races this winter? It seams the US Ski Team doesn't care if we see all the races. I think they need a new marketing manager. Mike

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