FS: Ski Patrol EMT First Aid Tape Hanger
EMTs, ski patrollers and paramedics find this to be one of the handiest items around. No more searching through your bag to find your tape. This First Aid / Medical Tape Dispenser keeps your...

RENT Any Ski/Snowboard Domain Name for only $40/month
You can rent any of these Ski/Snowboard domain names for only $40 (usd) per month on a one-year contract ($480 usd total). There no hidden charges. usd = US Dollars You receive t...

Ski Comparison Tool
My friend and I have been developing a Ski comparison tool. It is still a beta version (though it already has 250+ 06-07 skis) but we would love your opinion and any suggestions on how it c...

SLC in early December?
Thinking of going to Park City or Deer Valley for a long weekend in early December if there is likely to be snow. Is it generally safe to assume there will be? Its a hell of a schlep fro...

Bumps for Boomers
Anyone familiar with this group, www.bumpsforboomers.com ? They seem to specialize in lessons for people like me, middle aged and sticking too much to groomed runs. They are shockingly ...

Colors and trails ranking on the Inssbruck trail map
If you have a look at this map you will see that there are trails marked with green but there is no mention in the legend (see the bottom of the picture) about this trails. What is the meani...

Bode Miller to retire and end of 06/07 season?
http://www.skiracing.com/news/news_display.php/3990/ALPINE Should be an interesting year. New gear, Olympics behind him, Daron retired. I'm pretty sure I'll be in Beaver Creek again ...

Tahoe Ski Lease Members Needed
All, We have openings for 2 couples in out Tahoe Ski House this year, our house is located overlooking Donner lake just outside of Truckee. We are very close to Squ...

Alta Snowbird
My 14 yo son and I are considering skiing Alta & Snowbird next Februrary, does anyone have any recommendations on lodging? Thanks

Skiing in Austria -Innsbruck need help with planning
Hi everybody I am planning a skiing trip to Austria and I need some opinion about this. Any help will be much appreciated. My plan is to fly to Munich or Vienna from Toronto...

Skiing in BC - Rossland
We've heard a lot of great things about Red Mountain and Rossland in BC Canada. Anyone have any experience ? How's the powder? noticed a site that has specials for limited amount of newly

Best Automobile made in 1970.
I'm looking for something cool, but not "too cool". It's should be totally functional, yet say "hey, I like to enjoy life". And it must be a panty dropper. I want to hear the soft susurra...

Aspen too high? I am 82

My Annual Request for Early Season Insight
Been doing this for 15 years now, and many thanks to those who have responded. A little different format this time round... Here's my plan. Give me your thoughts. Late Nove...

alt.skiing sucks and Mt. Baldy?
So alt.skiing sucks... I've been subscribed to that this whole summer and didn't realize that this newsgroup was the one with some action. ...and has anyone skied Mt. Baldy? I grew up...

Best news I have read in months
http://www.firsttracksonline.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=451 Sam "Summer is over" Seiber

re: THIS NEWS GROUP !!!!!!
do any of you people ski ?????? you should all get together and FUCK each other in the ass ! your ALL a bunch of LOW LIFE'S !!!!!!!! fuck you all <...

When does winter skiing start?
Because a bit of a lull in work comitments ATM, I am very interested when "proper" winter skiing starts. I am not sure I can justify travelling accross europe or the atlantic (I am in the U...

Anyone know the scoop on the Crossfires this year? Just wondering if they've changed from last year. Mike

OT: Music in the Eastern Sierra too
This was a great weekend for music in the Eastern Sierra. Here in Bishop we hosted the 14 annual Milpond Traditional Music festival on our ourdoor festival stage at the Milpond. We had e...

OT: great weekend for music in The ES
-- I ski, therefore I am ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- http://www.newsfeeds.com The #1 Newsgroup Serv...

OT: Guitar madness...and mastery.
Sweet lord I just saw some absolutely awesome guitar playing and I'm a little manic right now. The gf owns a coffee shop here in town, and a local guy named Loren Barrigar plays there regul...

Accommodation in Dolomiti
Hi, We (4 persons) are plannig to go to Dolomiti area in Jan -07 and will stay there for three nights. I would appreciate recommondations of good places to stay. Preferably a Bed ...

Say, isn't that a dusting of...
SNOW?!! http://www.rsn.com/cams/snowbird/full_size_image.html?image_asset_id=5058028&party_id=1138&segment_type=mtn&siteSection=RESORT

Brokeback Mountain, BC
Not that there is anything wrong with that... http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/daily_news/2006/09/whistlers_2007_gay_ski_week_sets_dates.html?cat=Events http://www.gaywhistler....

If Ullr was a girl...
She'd have wicked cold tits! http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/daily_news/2006/09/whistler_25000_for_ullr_girl.html?cat=Events -- Marty

I really like this ski...
http://www.head.com/ski/products.php?region=us&tag=park_powder&id=111 How about you? -- Marty

"There's no comparison." I agree!!! Book your vacation now!!! http://vail.snow.com/ -- Marty

Janica, "I don't feel so good..."
"You could cut off my arms and legs and I'd still dominate the WC in all events. But, I need a freakin break." Go ahead honey. Take a break. You've earned it. Give the other girls...

F*ck you Mayer!
I Dick f*cking Pound! http://www.eurosport.com/alpineskiing/torino/2005-2006/sport_sto945840.shtml -- Marty

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